Exxonmobil Recruitment Process –Everything You Should Know About Exxonmobil Recruitment


Greetings guys, this post is about Exxonmobil Rcruitment and Everything You Should Know About Exxonmobil Recruitment. Previously I did publish a post about NNPC Job Recruitment Process  and the most important things You Should Know About NNPC Recruitment,kindly go through and drop your comments or experiences.

Working with any oil company is a dream come through….Over the years, oil and gas companies in Nigeria have played key roles in the economic growth of the country, owing to the endless exploration and production of oil commodities.

With Nigeria being a major dependent on its oil and gas sector, there will always be a cause for the oil and gas companies in the country to continually make waves.

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ExxonMobil is one of Nigeria’s notable players in the oil and gas sector. Riding on its strength as one of the high-profile oil companies contributing to employment in Nigeria, ExxonMobil maintains a responsive career website and massively recruits Nigerians into its labour system.

In this article, you’ll find out virtually everything you should know about ExxonMobil recruitment process. Essentially, this article was created in the hope that it would enlighten you extensively about ExxonMobil recruitment.

ExxonMobil Assessments

ExxonMobil Recruitment 2020/2021 Latest Application Updates Portal : Current School News

It’s noteworthy that a form of preliminary assessment is applicable for recruitment into certain ExxonMobil job positions. While ExxonMobil pre-informs selected candidates of any preliminary assessment through email, the assessment will likely incorporate technical, mechanical, language and analytical aptitude tests. If a selected applicant’s chosen job position requires a preliminary assessment, the applicant will be sent an email message containing the details and subsequent steps for the assessment completion.

Structuring Your ExxonMobil Resume

As part of the crucial steps towards a successful job application, the structuring of your ExxonMobil resume should be handled with utmost priority. In fact, ExxonMobil offers a number of suggestions on how to create a resume that should give you an edge over fellow applicants. Some of the suggestions are:

  1. Ensuring that you outline your research, experience and requisite skills in the job description section
  2. Laying emphasis on the impact you made as regards the relevant projects you participated in
  3. Making specific statements about your project, the scope of the project, the number of people you managed and the significance of your research
  4. Stating the university/college projects or coursework that substantiate your qualifications (provided you’re a new graduate or a student about to complete their degree)
  5. Ensuring that your resume is concise enough with special emphasis on notable qualifications and accomplishments

What Does the ExxonMobil Job Interview Look Like?

After receiving applicants’ resumes, ExxonMobil reviews the resumes within a period of 2-8 weeks before sending emails to selected candidates. While the review period may be longer for certain ExxonMobil programs, selected applicants for the ExxonMobil job interview might be asked to supply more information via the company’s career website.

Therefore, applicants will have to keep themselves abreast of their email updates to know if ExxonMobil has shortlisted them for a job interview.

Importantly, the ExxonMobil job interview is intended to familiarize job applicants with the recruiting teams and make them know more about the oil company. According to the information on ExxonMobil’s site, selected applicants will be contacted via phone or email and will be informed about their interview specifics. Similarly, the site claims that the details the selected candidates will get (ahead of their interviews) include the expected mode of dressing, the interview format, how to access ExxonMobil’s secured sites and the interview location.

Additional information on ExxonMobil job interviews details that selected applicants and interested persons may have to partake in several interviews as this forms a part of the recruitment process. Below is a list of some common ExxonMobil interviews:

  1. On-campus interview
  2. Collaboration and leadership interview
  3. Research interview
  4. Preliminary phone or Skype interview
  5. Technical interview

What Does an ExxonMobil Career Seem Like?

According to ExxonMobil, a career at the oil company has the chance of extending over a considerable length of years. Likewise, ExxonMobil boasts of providing its staff with the benefits that support their personal and professional growth.


We believe this comprehensive post on ExxonMobil recruitment process has served you enough. However if you aren’t satisfied yet or feel skeptical about any aspect of this post, you may visit ExxonMobil career site for more information.


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