Exploding Topics Review: Can it Ditch Out GoogleTrends

exploding topics

Have you ever wondered!

If you can be the first person to discover new untapped keywords first, before they go viral and become too competitive to rank.

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In this article review, you are going to learn how to find trending keywords with the help of a new tool called Exploding Topics before they take off and become too competitive for you to rank for. 

Here is what Brian Dean of Backlinko (The SEO Genius, according to Entreprenuer.com) said about this.  It is no secret that trending topics and keywords are awesome for SEO. Why? Well, new keywords don’t trend to be super competitive. And when you get in early, you can “ride the wave” as more people start to search for them.

So, you should be on the lookout to find new trending keywords before they become too popular and competitive to rank for.

But how do you find new trending keywords?

Well, you don’t need to continue with the old traditional way of typing random keywords into Google trends anymore or scan Reddit threads to see what people are talking about. 


Because it is super time consuming, and thus both approaches are not really an efficient way to search for trending keywords. The overall process alone constitutes a great pain.

Have you ever thought of these?          

  • What if there was a way to find emerging keywords trends automatically?
  • What if a tool can scrape the web for trending topics? 
  • What if you could find all of these emerging topics in one place!

Well, with the help of Exploding Topics, these thoughts are now brought to reality, you can now grab new trending keywords before the big boys start going for them. 

So let look at what you can do with Explodingtopics.com 

What is Exploding Topics

exploding topics

Exploding topics is a new free tool that helps you analyzes millions of data points around the web from sources like:

  • Search
  • Shopping
  • Online communities
  • Tech news

And it identifies new topics that are starting to explode. 

With the help of Exploding Topics, you can create content around these topics and rank for them before they get super competitive. 

What do Exploding Topics help you do?

It is harder than ever to get your blog content to stand out. That’s because there’s more content coming out now than ever before.

And even if your content is mind-blowingly amazing, it’s probably going to get lost in the noise. 

That is unless you are the first (or one of the first) to write about that topic. 

Well, with the help of Exploding Topics advanced technology, you can now analyze millions of searches, conversations, and mentions across the internet. 

Then Exploding Topics algorithm can identify the ton emerging content ideas and low-competition keywords. 

This way, you can grab new trending untouched topics and create content around them first before others. 

How Exploding Topics did come about?

Exploding Topics first started as a small project named Trennd, and it was built by Josh Howarth to spot a big market trend to ride. 

It rapidly gained a life of its own, went from zero to thousands of email subscribers in just a few months, and received shout-outs from huge industry names. 

At which point, Brain Dean of Backlinko, spotted this massive initial traction and acquired Trennd to enable you to take it to full potential. 

To help professional bloggers discover exploding, untapped topics to write content around. 

What are others saying about Exploding Topics

Other great marketers /bloggers/businesses have shared their views and thought about Exploding Topics. And here are what they said.

A recommendation from Vicent Denis (Product Hunt)

I followed Trend since the beginning, and I appreciate your new brand name “Exploding Topics

I think emerging trends are one of the more interesting aspects of the internet, and have a tool to monitor them easily is a good way to get the job done for writers and curators. 

Also, it can create a new generation of digital gold prospectors like Product Hunt did with the aggregation of fresh tech products.

A recommendation from Scott Dobos on (Product Hunt)

Playing around on the website, amazing at how specific you can be to test keywords/phrases that are increasing in popularity or already reached what looks like a peak. 

A recommendation by Alex Reibman ( Product Hunt )

I loved reading the story. Great execution and launch! This is probably the best trend finder I have seen so far.

Pros :

  • Great UI
  • Category searches
  • Very interesting trends


  • High variance trends show deceptive growth metrics
  • You have to google the trends to find out what it actually is. 

I am also subscribed to Glimpse ( competing service), and despite the fact they don’t reveal tons of trends, they do a good job describing what they are.

This project is awesome, and good luck.

A recommendation by Alex Birkett (Product Hunt )

Wow, this is awesome! Great way to blend data-driven decision making with forward-facing initiatives in content.

Typically you either pick a tried and true (competitive keyword) or operate in the dark with new topics, but this seems like a great way to split the difference. 

A recommendation by Lilach Bullock (Product Hunt)

This is truly an amazing resource for content creators/bloggers /marketers/businesses. 

I have actually been looking for something like this, so thanks so much for sharing!

There might be a lot of tools out there that catch trends, but this is the only one I have seen that literally gives it all away on a silver platter.

I am looking forward to future updates (and, as another commenter said, would be very curious to see what shorter timelines would look like, too ).

Other Downside thoughts to Consider

In as much as Exploding Topics is acquiring more votes and shout –out not every marketer seems to be satisfied with its current features. 

Here is a Suggestion made by Nicolas D’Andrade (Product Hunt)

I wouldn’t recommend it just because I can’t see any country or region differences. I need more filters.

What Rank math said about Exploding Topics ( Facebook)

The data isn’t that accurate.

So bad

Explodingtopics.com vs Google Trends

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Who is behind Exploding Topics

Wondering who is the brain behind explodingtopics.com

Hey, it’s Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko.com, and Josh Howarth

Is Exploding Topics a paid tool?

Exploring Topics is a new FREE release tool that helps you discover untapped topics to write content around.

So, as of now, it is a free tool, the roadmap has not been released, but we don’t know how long it will be free. 

If you ask me of my own opinion, I will suggest that in the future, to come exploding topics is going to be a paid tool.

Why do I say so?

Well, they will eventually have a cost for it. They are going to have monetized it in one way or the other. 

It could be either monetize with ads, paid subscriptions, or something else.

 Is Exploding Topics worth it?

Yes, with Exploding Topics, you can jump to untapped keywords and be the first to write about the hottest topics, before the competition gets too crowed.

Is Explodingtopics accurate?

Well, no tool is 100% accurate, so I can’t really conclude that data-driven by Exploding Topics is not accurate.

Whilst Exploding topics will help you get inspirations for blog posts, startup projects, content creation, and SEO keyword research.

My final thoughts about Exploding Topics

Well, I would love to say that Exploding Topics is one tool every blogger/marketer/business would like to get in their arsenal.

Because It helps you get in touch with untapped keywords and phrases.

On the contrary, I see Exploding Topics as a competitor of Google Trends.

I think Brian Dean and Josh Howarth are trying to come up with something that is better than Google Trends.

Have you ever used Google Trends, I suggest you use it, and you will discover the comparison between it and Exploding Topics.

In later years I see the competition between Exploding Topics and Google Trends to be like those of Rank math and Yoast

However, I think this is a handy tool, and you should try out and let me know what you think about it in the comment session.


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