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Eworkpay Review | Let Know if it Scam or Legit

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Have you been looking for a way to make money online by performing micro task. You may have tried other micro jobs websites that fails. But have you tried Eworkpay.com. Some says it is like NNU, while others says it another ponzi scheme.

Well, it is obvious that there will always be critics, but in this eworkpay review I will tell you everything you need to know about eworkpay, how It works and how you can successfully earn money through performing some micro tasks (like sharing a website link on you facebook timeline).

So without wasting much ado, let look at the following in the order below.

  • what is EworkPay?
  • How does Eworkpay works?
  • 3 ways to earn from eworkpay
  • FAQs ( frequently asked questions) about eworkpay

what is EworkPay?

Eworkpay Review

Eworkpay is a Nigeria new launch micro job website, it’s an online platform were you perform some online tasks and get paid for it. You earn commission carrying out small activities on daily basis. Activities includes

  • visiting other people site and getting paid,
  • downloading or testing an app and getting paid,
  • sharing adverts to your WhatsApp and Facebook timelines,
  • reading and writing relevant information and getting paid for doing it, etc.

Now, that you have fully known what eworkpay is, you can now distinguish eworkpay from other ponzi scheme and you are now cleared that is not another NNU. Therefore let look at how eworkpay works and how you can earn from it.

How does eworkpay works?

Even a no brainer can join eworkpay and make legit money online through eworkpay by simply performing little tasks. We all know the fact that our popular social media platform (like Facebook) don’t pay it users mostly in African countries.

Why? Africans are mostly restricted from reaping the labor they spent online.

But with the help of eworkpay, you can now monetize your social media account (like Facebook, Twitter) by simply sharing sponsored or advertisers links without spamming facebook. So i will just say eworkpay works in 3 steps and there are:

  • Join
  • Complete tasks and
  • Earn
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3 ways to earn from eworkpay

Well below is the 3 step by step process to join and make money from eworkpay.

  1. Sign up and purchase ework package
  2. Complete a task and earn
  3. Earn from ework affiliate program

Sign Up and purchase eworkpay income package plan

Eworkpay Review

Sign up for an eworkpay account by following this external link eworkpay registration. Once signed up, you will be prompted to provide your domestic bank account information (so you can withdraw your earnings), after which you can subscribe to the eworkpay package and start sharing companies links to your social media account timeline. Just visualize it as your renting spaces on your timeline to earn money.

Complete a task and earn

Once you’ve subscribed and completed your profile, you will be able to access your account dashboard where you can begin sharing. On your dashboard, you can then choose a social platform where you will share a business link to earn. It is important to note, however, that to discourage spammy behaviour, eworkpay do not pay you for sharing directly. Your shared link has to be clicked at least once. As soon as your link is clicked, you earn (the amount you are paid is determined by your membership plan). You can only share once a day, and you can begin sharing from the very moment you complete your subscription.

Earn from eworkpay affiliate program

You can also decide to make quick cash from eworkpay affiliate program. Eworkpay pays you a N500 for anyone you refer who registered and purchase the eworkpay package. With this you can make up to N10,000 or more weekly If you have a large fans, family and friend base. Are you pondering How this is possible? I will explain.

Let assume you have fully registeted for eworkpay and you have gotten you affiliate link to track referals. And you have 20 people you know that trust and know you personally. You can introduce eworkpay to them and get them to register through your affiliate link.

Now let’s do the mathematic let say out of the 20 of your friends you talked to 15 registered through your link, that will then be

15 people X N500 = N7,500

You have got such huge money without even performing a task on eworkpay, so assuming you completed some task that will be additional money for you. And am believing right now you know more than 20 people.

So, now it the best time to register on eworkpay and start advertiing it before it becomes too popular.

FAQs about Eworkpay

How do I withdraw my earnings from eworkpay?

When signing up, you will be asked to provide your bank account details. On the day before your subscription ends, you can withdraw all your earnings to this bank account. Usually, you’ll receive your funds within minutes, or at most, a few hours. You’ve worked for your money, and you can be sure eworkpay will send your payment. No. Matter.

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Do Eworkpay service pay or provide a good source of secondary income source?

Yes , Eworkpay services does pay and you can rely on it as your secondary income source.

Is eworkpay legit?

The short answer is Yes it is. I know some of you will be like, how will such a company or site pay such amount, how does the company generate money used to be paying their members steadily. The simple truth is that the money you are been paid is a small fraction from what the advertisers of the links you are sharing/advertising is paying to eworkpay.

How Do Ework Service Website Or Companies Get Money To Pay Their Eworkers?

Its very simple, eworkpay gets quality clients known as Advertisers, who come to the company for a business service. This advertisers might be a site owner or business owner, he or she might need people to test a particular site and drop a short review there after their visiting. Some advertisers are affiliate marketer and they might need members to subscribe to an affiliate program with their Email address, etc. So, all this requests come into the site and the advertisers are charge for the service order. The order when approved is now shared to Eworkers to do and a commission is shared to all who participated on the task.

What will I be working on eworkpay

Like I have stated above that all that is required from you is to perform availble task and you earn.The task are activities such as

  • Visit other people website & blogs
  • download and test apps
  • write review about a game
  • sign up for CPA and affiliates
  • watch videos
  • click Ads
  • Dropping your (emails and phone numbers)
  • Sharing a website link on ypur Facebook timeline
  • Commenting on a blog post
  • invite referrals…(etc)
  • Will I have to pay another registr

How do I join eworkpay

To get started, you have to register and purchase the eworkpay package which attracts a onetime fee of N1200 as your registration fee and you’re in. So therefore you are not required to pay any other fees.

A great man once said “if you take all the money in the world and distribute them equally among poor people after a while all the money will go back to the original owners”. Why?

The POOR are mainly CONSUMERS & the RICH are mainly INVESTORS .

Show me a POOR man and I will show you a man who

  • P – Passes
  • O – Over
  • O – Opportunities
  • R – Repeatedly.

A man who sees challenges in every opportunity instead of seeing opportunity in every challenge. You must take great Action to receive greater rewards.

You must plan and strategize, you must value profit not wages, you must be focused and you must be determined if you want good success.

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“The worst people on earth to serve are the POOR PEOPLE”

POOR : meaning “Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”

See the reasons below:

1) Give them for free, they will think it is a trap.

2) Tell them it is a small investment, they will say you can not earn much.

3) Tell them to come in BIG , they will say “I don’t have any money”.

4) Tell them to try new things, they will say “no experience; has it been proven to work? Who has gained from it before?”.

5) Tell them it is a traditional business, they will say “it is too HARD to do”.

6) Tell them it is a new business model, they will say “I don’t do network marketing and how many years has this business model been existing?”.

7) Tell them to run a shop, they will say “I will be tied down, I will have no freedom”.

8) Tell them to follow a 1-year business plan, they will say “it is too long. Please, I can not wait for so long”.

9) Ask them what can they do? They will say “I can do ANYTHING”.

10)They like to ask friends who are as hopeless as themselves to get their opinions.

11) They think more than a University Professor and do less than a blind man. Penny wise, Pound foolish.

One major challenge POOR people have is “LACK OF ACTION!” They enjoy their comfort zone, dwelling and swimming in their “own type of knowledge”.

Anything beyond their reason “can not work, and therefore it is fraudulent”

Remember: It is RISKY to take a RISK , but it is even RISKIER not to take any risk at all. Learn to try out new things

The world is not ruled only by prayer warriors but by mental warriors. Thinking is the highest paying job in every field.

My final thought

Eworkpay is a great investment you should make in 2020, a N1,200 is not too much, not even up to what you spend on a daily basics. So, investing your N1,200 to get started on eworkpay is not a big deal that you should start finding excuses not to.

Lastly, I must say that eworkpay isn’t a get-rich-quick website. Sure, you can make some serious money if you take action, but if you want instant results with no effort, you’have come to the wrong place, and you’d better get a move on – au revoir, monsieur! It isn’t like sharing is a lot of work; it’ll only take 5 minutes daily. If you can’t handle that, then you probably can’t handle anything else.

So, I hope to see you working along side me on eworkpay. And if you have registered I would love if you drop a comment on how you enjoying eworkpay.


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