4 Ways Ethernum Million Money May Crash in the Future


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Well, in today’s article I want to share with you the 4 ways ethernum million money-smart contract business will crash in the future.

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Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not literally saying that Ethernum million money project is scam Or legit. If you really want to know if Ethernum million money project is a scam or legit then check this my Honest review about Ethernum million money.

Right there I have vividly explained every fact whether million money project is a scam or legit. So far so good check it out to clear your doubts.

In today’s article, I want to share with you my further analysis of the future of Ethernum million money project. So should in case you are new to million money business or you are already an investor like me then you should take heed to what I am about to reveal to you here about Ethernum million money project.

Just like every other business million money has its pros and cons and of which the Creator of million money project failed to outline, and that what I want to open your eyes to see.

So I will assume that everyone reading this article right now

  • Knows how million money project came about
  • Knows if million money is a scam or legit and
  • Knows how Ethernum million money project works.

Should in case you don’t know these yet then read more about Ethernum million money project (Do check it out).

Without wasting much ado let look out the 4 ways Ethernum million money project will crash in future terms.

4 ways Ethernum million money project will crash

From my recent analysis, I present to you the 4 ways Ethernum million money projects will crash in the future.

  1. Ethernum price is volatile
  2. Greedy investors of million money
  3. Fault from NO Marketing people
  4. The Government

1. Ethernum Price is Volatile

Now, what I mean by this is that the price of Ethernum is volatile. I.e the price of Ethernum inflates and deflates haphazardly with time. Remember that it is a cryptocurrency.

So, what I was thinking is that following the recent price updates of ethernum on coinmarketcap.com and the peak at which Ethernum is becoming so popular.

Ethernum million money

There would be a time where these two of my assumptions may occur.

  • Assumption 1

Ethernum will become so popular and more costly just like Bitcoin that people may not be able to afford the startup fund to register on ethernum million money project.

  • Assumption 2

Ethernum may fall so low in value and a lot of million money investors who have already invested a lot may lose their money as a result of the fall.


Moreover, should in case any of these two of my assumptions occurs a lot of people will lose interest in joining the Ethernum million money project and that will result in it crashing.

2. Greedy Investors of Million Money

From my own point of view, the selfishness and greed of Ethernum million money project investors can lead to the crashing of the business system in future terms.

But how?

For instance. Let say David registered on ethernum million money project normally with the sum of 0.035 ETH reg fee. And he got is two direct downlines Mark and Jenny, and that means he has gotten the registration fee of Mark and Jenny. So let do the mathematics.
0.03 ETH + 0.03 ETH = 0.06 ETH.

Now, instead of David tp upgrade to level 2 paying the sum of 0.04 ETH. David decided to back down and trying to play smart by re-registering a new account with the sum of 0.03 ETH. So he could keep the little profit to his selfish interest, and he plans to rinse and repeat his strategy

This will affect David’s first two direct downlines (Mark and Jenny) who may decide to complete the whole million money cycle because David has broken the chain.

And should in case David two direct downlines Mark and Jenny become so selfish to do just what David had done (register get two direct downlines and back down to re-registering a new account) the Ethernum million money project will crash as a result of selfish interest because that was not how million money Ethernum has been designed to work.

So thereby the selfishness and greed of Ethernum million money investors may lead to the crashing of the entire million money project.

3. Fault from No Marketing People

As humans as our faces, races are different so are our abilities and skillsets. If you agree with me some people may register on million money Ethernum project today and find it quite difficult to get downlines (referrals).

These are the category of people I am referring to as the NO MARKETING PEOPLE. And for instance, let say you find yourself in this category (No Marketing People) what would your intentions about Ethernum million money project be?
I know, these are exactly what it will be:

  • Ethernum million money project is a scam
  • Million money is not a good business
  • It is just full of bullshit.

Now, with this frustration of you not getting downlines as a result of your poor marketing orientation you start spreading false information’s about Ethernum million money project. You can even go as far as tagging it a scam. Thereby creating a discouraging atmosphere to people who may be interested to participate because of what you have envisioned for yourself.

So without me saying it, you know that this may lead to the crash of Ethernum million money project. Because as people stop joining the business stops moving.

4. The Government

This is quite self-explanatory. Recall that on my million money honest review I made mention that the system is not legalized by the Government. So if the government decides to stand up against it no that means it is going down for sure.

How to Keep Ethernum Million Money Project Running

However, don’t be blown away with how Ethernum million money-smart contract will crash in the future. If your attitude and mindset towards million money projects can lead to the crashing of the whole system.
On the other hand, it means if we wear the right attitude and mindset regarding Ethernum million money we can save it from crashing so soon.

But the question now is HOW.

That I have answered before on my article review, check the screenshot below.

The short answer is keep referring even if you have gotten your 2 downline. It is your task to help your downline get theirs so you can upgrade to the next level.

Introduction to Ethernum Million Money One Link Registration Strategy

Many people or per se marketers of million money projects do adopt the one link registration strategy believing that this will create a good atmosphere for others to join the Ethernum million money project without having to do much tedious work referring and having to fear not of falling out.

Let me give you an example so you understand what the one link registration strategy is all about.

For instance. David registered on million money and got his two direct downlines. Now, instead of David two direct downlines to register their downlines through their affiliate referral link. Instead, they will all use David’s referral link to register any new member and the Ethernum million money-smart contract is now allowed to do the matrix arrangement and fixing of new individuals in accordance.

This is so because David can have only two direct downlines, but if David keeps on referring through is own referral link the ethernum million money-smart contracts will be the one to assign the newbies to David downlines and that’s how it continues whenever a new member is registered with that one link thereby creating a one link chain network so even those who are under David team are unable to get downlines they will still get tp upgrade because it will be arranged simultaneously.

I hope you get it now. But then this approach doesn’t really work in all teams due to misunderstandings or thereabout. So let take a look at the limitation to the one link registration strategy

Limitations to Million Money Ethernum One Link registration Strategy

Whatever that goes up must surely come down, that the law of Gravity right. So whatever has an advantage surely does have a disadvantage. So here the factor that’s limiting the one link registration strategy.

  • Team members will become so impatient
  • Active members who got more leads (referrals) may feel cheated because those NO MARKETING PEOPLE in the team will benefit the most (monkey they work bamboo they chop).
  • Active Team members who would have moved up million money with ease will be a force to move with slowly.
  • The strategy is hard to use.


Well, I must say that for the time being Ethernum million money business Is an ideal one for fast action takers and active marketers.

But then, we all know that NOTHING LAST FOREVER because the world is changing with time, and so are the things of the world. What used to work in the 1990s doesn’t apply this day’s and that’s there would be a time when million money Ethernum will not work.

Tada make money while you still can with Ethernum million money. Cheers.


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  1. One thing u guys fail to say is why all this Multi-level marketing? is it not the same as MMM but with crypto? the more people I bring in via my downline, the more levels I can purchase with my coin.
    Can u diff it well?
    What is the goal of these platforms?
    Why did these platforms exist?

    • The goal is to generate Ethernum instead of using lot of cash to buy and invest, then wait for it to rise in value before selling.

      The short game of it all is that if you are not into cryptocurrency investing, trading and others you might find it confusing.

  2. How much money does it take to start up ethereum and the million money DAPP, starting from the trust wallet?

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