How to Perform Ecobank Cardless Witdhrawal & withdraw money without ATM card

Ecobank Nigeria


In this banking guide, I will show you the simple and straightforward steps to perform a cardless withdrawal on Ecobank bank ATM,  without having to use your ATM card, this guide will come in handy if at any point in time, you leave your wallet home or lost and you’re near stranded and needed to get instant cash support, Yes! you can withdraw money from any ATM nationwide, it’s not superficial, it’s due to recent advancement in Fintech

Cardless and cashless policies and way of banking is disruptive in the banking sector, customers are having more convenience for banking, gone are the days you had to stay on a long queue just to withdraw small cash.

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With Cardless Banking users are given handful access to access to cash service facilitated by dedicated USSD codes, or mobile banking applications on a valid bank account to start the process.

On the other hand, he is usually a bank user of the same or different bank.

Although the introduction of cashless infrastructure and technology does not still stop people from requiring more cash daily, however, reports have it that the policy worked in diving down the rate at which cash is expended compared to when the policy has not yet been upheld.

To those who also don’t want to use cards getting Money in hand still offers financial security and personal gratification and the phenomenon is becoming even more common in Nigeria.

Ecobank Code to Withdraw without ATM card

Ecobank’s requirement includes the Ecobank app for the action to be successful. Here are the steps to follow to withdraw without ATM card from Ecobank.

  1. Get the Ecobank mobile banking app installed from Play Store or Apple Store depending on your device
  2. Create an account if it’s your first time using the app, if you have been using the app before, all you need do is use your current login credentials to login to your personal banking area
  3. Locate the Xpress Cash menu and click on it
  4. Select ATM.
  5. Select the very bank account you want to perform the transaction, this is ideal for those who have more than  one Ecobank account number
  6. You will be generated for by Ecobank an 8 digit token
  7. Visit the closest Ecobank to you
  8. Click on ExpressCash
  9. Supply the given reference code (8 digits)
  10. Key in the amount in naira that you want to withdraw and boom! you have cash!
  11. Please note that the maximum amount for cashless withdrawal is set at NGN20,000 to NGN40,000 depending on the policy of your banker.


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