Easy And Fast Loan In Nigeria

Getting loans from financial institutions use to be cumbersome for individuals and small business owners. However, there are places where you can get easy and fast loans in Nigeria.

Loans are financial instruments (mostly money) which a person borrows from an individual, group or financial institution with the condition to pay back at a future date (most times with interest).

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Many people are fond of not repaying their loans, this attitude has the financial institutions to use stricter and stringent policies before giving out loans. Most times, you will be told to do lots of paperwork, submit collateral, bring guarantors, etc before your application will be considered.

Best Fast Loans facilities

In no particular order, here are the financial institutions in Nigeria to get fast loans. Right now, you don’t need to go through all that process to acquire a loan for your personal upkeep or business.

There are institutions that are known for giving quick loans, they approve loan applications in less than 24 hours and disburse loans instantly. We will list out the top 10 financial institutions in Nigeria to get loans easily.


Individuals and small business owners can be able to get access to fast loans from Kiakia. This financial institution utilizes digital forensics, machine-learning, big-data and psychometry for its proprietary credit scoring and creditworthiness algorithm in giving out loans to businesses and individuals.

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With this algorithm in place, KiaKia can give out loans to people without credit information. It is an easy means to get a loan in Nigeria.


Just like Kiakia, Quickcheck uses mobile technology to give loans to individuals and small business enterprises. Quickcheck allows you to get access to financial credit at any point in time.

Regardless of the loan purpose; whether for medical reasons, tuition and school fees, food & clothing etc, Quickcheck has got you covered.


Carbon is an online loan platform that offers short-term loans to people to cover unseen and unexpected expenses. You can borrow a loan from them to meet urgent needs and get it quickly.

You can get up to N1 million loan without collateral. You have to get their mobile app to get their loans.


FairMoney gives soft loans to people who are in need of funds to solve urgent needs. If you need a fast loan to pay bills, personal upkeep, or for any purpose, you can consider applying for the FairMoney loan.

It takes just about five minutes to put up an application for the loan. If your application is approved, you should get your loan in less than 30 minutes. FairMoney loans can be used for personal, business, and educational purposes.


Kwikmoney, formerly known as kwikcash is an online lending platform that gives quick loans to people. You can get instant loans for business purposes or to solve an urgent family need.

They give loans of up to N500,000 with an interest rate of 5 – 15%. Luckily for you, they do not request you to present ant form of collateral to get their loans. Also, you don’t need to go through the long process of doing paperwork or submitting lots of documents to get the loan.

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AellaCredit makes it easy for you to get quick loans in Nigeria. Individuals, employees and salary earners can get access to cash for their financial and personal needs. They give out loans in a fast and quick manner without paperwork or collateral.


Branch is a credit facility that gives you loans 24/7 without paperwork or collateral. Currently, Nigerians can use this service to get fast loans.

You have to download the mobile app and provide them with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) for them to evaluate your credit score and review your loan request.


Creditville gives you access to loans for your personal and business needs. If you are a self-employed individual, salary earner, employee or SME business owner, you can consider Creditville to get instant loans. They give up to N250,000 and the maximum loan tenor is 12 months.

ALAT by Wema Bank

ALAT is a digital bank where you can apply for fast loans online. It was established by Wema Bank to ensure easy and convenient banking system for Nigerians.

You can open a bank account with ALAT from your phone without going to any bank or physical location to get loans. Also, you can borrow loans as high as N200,000 from the bank. All you need to do get started to is download the ALAT mobile app.


C24 is a micro-lending institution that gives loans to people in need of finance. Their loans are processed quickly, thereby making it easier for you to access it.

Currently, they operate in Lagos state but may expand its services to other states in the federation.

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In case you are looking to get loans quickly without stress, you can consider applying through any of the financial institutions listed above.

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