Does GOTV Uses smart Card | IUC, Startimes, DSTV HD decoder Number


Are you wondering if GOTV uses smart card?

Did you just bought your GOTV decoder and don’t know where to find your smart card number for GOTV this guide is for you. Or maybe you just exhausted your free plan on the GOTV and needed to subscribe again but don’t know where to find your GOTV decoder Smart card then this article is for you.

Now that you have exhausted your free data plan and needed to renew your subscription, you will need your Smart card number for DSTV and Startime users to be able to renew your subscription, because both of these services use a smart card. But for GOTV the case is different.

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You don’t need a smart card to renew your subscription for GOTV, in fact as far as I Know GOTV don’t use smart Cards, it only uses IUC Numbers.

GOTV is a cable service also from Multichoice Group, the mother company of DSTV cable service. GOTV was made available in African homes for low-income earners, the Cable service has since grown to be the most popular in Africa, you will 1 GOTV in every 3 house in Africa.

What is GOTV IUC number?

Just like every other Pay TV services, GOTV as well uses a decoder and antenna in order to be able to send broadcast signals in the form of digital channels to users simultaneously. GOtv Decoders don’t use smart cards but have IUC number.

IUC Number is a unique identifier that is peculiar to each decoder, it is made up of 10-digit numbers usually located on a red taping at the downside of the decoder.

GOTV services use the IUC Number to identify each and every user and their decoder,  so it is unlikely that GOTV decoders will share same IUC number with any other decoder on GOTV.

Your GOTV IUC number is your Serial or customer number as a GOTV subscriber if you have any issue whatsoever related to your GOTV service the company’s service representatives will use your GOTV IUC number to help resolve your issues.

As a new user who just subscribe to the GOTV service, you will also need your IUC number to be to activate your GOTV for their first time, the IUC number will help them identify that a new user is on board the service.

You will also need your GOTV IUC number to be able to subscribe for from time to time for your GOTV service.

How to Find your DSTV Smart Card Number

If you are looking for way to find your DSTV Smart card number, then this simple guide is for you, many DSTV users don’t know that they can get their DSTV Smart card number by:

  • Simply press the OK button on the DStv remote,
  • Then select the Information Central menu using the OK Button.
  • The 10 digit number located on the far right on the smart card row is your DSTV Smart Card Number.

Whenever you are trying to make payment for your DSTV subscription it is important that you ensure that your smart card is well inserted in your DSTV decoder and it is powered on.

Another simple way to find your DStv smart card number is to look right on the card that comes with your decoder, your Smart card is always right on the card, so you need not look too far for it.

How to Find your Startimes Smart Card Number

Startimes Decoder also uses Smart Card Number, Finding your Startimes smart card number is just a jiffy away, all you need to do is to check your Startimes Smart Card and look on it to find your smart card number.

You will need the Startimes Smart Card Number to make subscription renewals for your startimes decoder.

In conclusion

GOTV does not use Smart card and therefore has no smart card number, it is only DSTV and Startimes Decoder that uses smart Card numbers and Smart Cards.

If you need any further help or assistance, be sure to use the comment section below to get help.


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