20 Degree Courses In Nigeria With Best Employment Opportunities

Do you need the list of degree courses in Nigeria with the best employment opportunities? If yes, endeavor to keep reading as this article will succinctly enumerate the best among the equals.

It’s without a doubt that Nigeria has the highest level of literacy in the whole of Africa and at the same time low employment opportunity.

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Hence, it’s very sacrosanct for every admission seeker to know which is the best course to study in the University in other not to join the queue of the unemployed graduates after graduation.

While many people believe that the course of study in the University does not count in Nigeria. These people are the advocate of “who do you know” in the labour market.

Well, it is not always true. Trust me, course of study matters a lot has they are not equal in pecking order, in marketability, salary payment and even social stratification.

Best Degree Courses in Nigeria to get Good Job

However, with the adequate knowledge and information on which degree courses in Nigeria has the best employment opportunities ratio, you should be able to decide on which course to study on your own.

  1. Aviation

Talking about degree courses in Nigeria with best employment opportunities, I’ll say a degree in Aviation is the real deal. This course is so sure that you don’t graduate from Aviation school and be jobless.

So if you are on the verge of choosing a course of study that is very lucrative in the competitive labour market, don’t hesitate to go for Aviation.

  1. Petroleum Engineering

The aim of every tertiary institution student in Nigeria is to get a degree certificate capable of securing a job with a mouthwatering salary.

Hence, a degree in Petroleum Engineering is one of the very few courses in Nigeria that can make you a millionaire in five months after your graduation.

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That is to say, Nigeria’s major economics lies in oil and gas sector and as a result of this, Petroleum engineers are usually in high demand.

  1. Medicine

Every Nigerian parent aspires to see their ward grow up to become a medical doctor. But the truth is that everyone cannot become a medical practitioner.

It is very difficult to secure admission to study Medicine and Surgery in any Nigeria University; the course is a thug of war. But if you do, you get an automatic employment opportunity after graduation. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Law

The problem of studying Law is not all about securing employment opportunities after graduation. Just like Medicine and Surgery, to get admission into a Nigeria University to study law as a course is tiring.

As a legal practitioner, you have the opportunity to either work for the Ministry of Justice or work as a private legal practitioner where you can have your own chamber.

But all in all, the course is very rich, lucrative and profitable with lots of job opportunities. Most especially, for smart and intelligent ones.

  1. Agriculture Science

Forget about class and passion, when it comes to the available degree courses in Nigeria with best employment opportunities, a Bachelor in Agriculture can not be overemphasized.

Any course of study under Agricultural Science are generally lucrative. You don’t study them and still be haunting for a job. Unless if you are lazy and lack entrepreneurial zeal.

  1. Aeronautic Engineer

Aeronautics engineers are responsible for maintaining aircraft. People run away from studying this course because it involves strength, time and effort. However, the market is not yet saturated compare to other Engineering courses.

  1. Nursing

This is another medical course with high chance of employment opportunity in the labour market. If you don’t want to join the long queue of unemployment in Nigeria, don’t hesitate to apply for Nursing now.

  1. Pharmacy

You can’t study pharmacy and still be going around with your CV looking for employment opportunities after graduation. Having a degree in this course alone is a sure means of securing immediate employment.

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  1. Architecture

We can’t place heavy reliance on the government to provide employment opportunities for everyone. Sometimes, one need to stand on his own to make a living.

Such is the life of an Architect. If you study this course in any higher institution of learning, your ability to secure job opportunity after graduation is very high.

  1. Electrical Engineering

Engineering courses generally are lucrative and highly sought after. So if you have a degree in Electrical Engineering, you have high tendencies of getting employed ahead of others with different disciplines.

  1. Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science is lucrative and highly sought after too. Apart from working in a hospital, as a Scientist you can empower yourself by establishing your own laboratory.

  1. Mass Communication

One of the reliable degree courses in Nigeria with best employment opportunities is Mass Communication.

This course housed so many disciplines and this make it easier (at the saturated labour market) for anyone with B.Sc in Mass Communication certificate.

Having a degree in this course alone makes you fit to work as a Journalist, Public Relation Officer, Advertiser, Newscaster, Company’s press officer and host of others.

  1. Economics

Having a degree in Economics means you’re fit to serve as a manager. With new company and business ventures sprouting up everyday, there’ll always be need for a manager.

  1. Information Communication and Technology

It’s natural for Information Communication and Technology to make the list of top 20 degree courses in Nigeria with best employment opportunities.

This is so because only few people have a degree certificate in ICT in Nigeria compare to other courses. Hence, there will always be room for job opportunities in this field too.

  1. French

Are you surprised to see French on this list? Well, don’t be. There are countless numbers of top private schools (who are ready to pay handsomely) across the country looking for a French teacher.

People don’t study this course that much in the University and as such, there is available job opportunities for French (certificate) degree holders.

  1. Community Health

Studying this course in the University means you’ll become a sanitary officer in the future. So just like any other top health courses, Community Health is another degree course you can study in Nigeria with high rates of being employed after school.

  1. Accounting

Also, an Accountant is always needed in any legal and legitimate establishment. Be it Financial Institutions like Banks, Companies, Schools, etc. as such, having a B.Sc Accounting certificate is not that bad, too.

  1. Computer Engineering

In the same vein, there are many degree courses in Nigeria with best employment opportunities that people don’t notice, and one of them is Computer Engineering.

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We’re now in the digital era, and everything is going technological. Programmers will always be wanted in the labour market.

  1. Criminology and Security Study

The Nigeria Universities that are offering Criminology and Security Study as a degree course are not up to five (5) at the moment. This means the market is not near to be saturated; the employment opportunity is still there.

  1. Education Courses

The rate at which private schools (both primary and secondary) are being established these days is jaw-dropping. Thus, there is an availability of employment opportunities for teachers in the educational sector. By studying any degree courses in education means employment opportunity awaits you.

End Note!

Be enlightened that there’s no harm or prejudice to other courses that are not on this list. Circumstances just demand that we discussed only 20-degree courses in Nigeria with best employment opportunities.

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