s, why on Earth would you pay for Syscom’s service? Syscom themselves offer a free subscription tier.

With respect to the “enterprise features”, as a website owner myself, I can tell you nobody who is serious about web hosting is putting anything of value on a random service.

And considering Syscom divulge absolutely nothing about the technical specs of the offered web services, that’s exactly what it is; a random service run by person(s) unknown.

Analysis of Syscom subscriptions reveals DaBank Economy’s business model; sign up (pay fees?), buy a Syscom subscription and recruit others who do the same.

At a pure retail level Syscom subscriptions are not viable – the free web hosting tier might be viable doesn’t generate any revenue.

Technical specs for the two paid tiers are not available, let alone the fact you can’t sign up for them outside of DaBank Economy anyway.

On its website, DaBank Economy claims to be

a rising conglomerate in the sector of data collection for Market Research, Product Promotion and Advertisement activities.

Yet after four years, all DaBank Economy seems to have are two dead websites.

DaBank Economy is a convoluted pyramid scheme. As with all MLM pyramid schemes, once recruitment dries up DaBank Economy will collapse.

The math behind pyramid schemes guarantees that the majority of participants will lose money.