You may have conceived of CubeBit as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. However, you shouldn’t think that upon joining the company, you’ll be required to market certain services or products to people.

In simple terms, CubeBit doesn’t offer any product or service. Rather than helping CubeBit to market a retail product/service, you’ll instead become an affiliate and promote your (affiliate) membership by bringing new people to the company.

As you read this article further, you’ll find out more honest information about CubeBit. You’ll also get to know whether CubeBit is worth investing in or is probably another scam in disguise.

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CubeBit Compensation Plan

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CubeBit adopts a compensation plan that enables members to earn commissions through recruitment and alternative schemes. As regards the recruitment option, members get commissions for recruiting CubeBit affiliates via Lite and Elite (affiliate) membership options.

Essentially, the Elite affiliate membership option offers more earning potential than Lite. Elite and Lite affiliate membership plans cost 299 euros and 49 euros respectively. More essentially, you’ll get a direct commission worth 30 euros for recruiting Elite affiliates. However in the case of recruiting Lite affiliates, you’re only entitled to a relatively meagre direct commission of 5 euros. This clearly indicates that Elite is a better affiliate membership plan than Lite.

Concerning CubeBit alternative schemes, the two available options are AdCube and CubeBot.

CubeBit Membership Fees

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CubeBit affiliate membership can be gained through any of the company’s four entry points. While these entry points have varying costs, they further guarantee varying earning potentials. Below is a breakdown of CubeBit four membership plans and their corresponding fees:

  1. Prestige (1299 euros)
  2. Premiere (799 euros)
  3. Elite (299 euros)
  4. Lite (49 euros)

CubeBit Incentive Bonus

CubeBit has stipulated criteria for its cycle rotations and the company rewards its members for catching up with these criteria. While there are two cycles (for incentive bonuses) in each of CubeBit’s two daily phases (AM and PM), below is a breakdown of the incentives you’ll earn after having completed cycle rotations.

  • A reward of “smart phones” for completing 12 cycle rotations
  • A reward of “tablet” for completing 30 cycle rotations
  • A reward of “MacBook Air” laptop for completing 50 cycle rotations

Note that the rewards highlighted above are specifically for Lite (tier) affiliates. While Elite (and higher tier) affiliates are entitled to greater incentive bonuses, here is a breakdown of such mouthwatering goodies:

  • A reward of fully funded “tuition fee in London Academy of Trading with diploma” which you earn after completing 10 cycle rotations
  • A reward of 2500 euro (travel allowance) that you earn after completing 40 cycle rotations
  • “Fully paid 2020 Honda Civic Type R” and/or a sum of 4000 euros as “car assistance” which you earn after completing 50 cycle rotations
  • “Fully paid 2020 Camaro” and/or a sum of 8000 euros as “car assistance” which you earn after completing 100 cycle rotations
  • “Fully paid 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S” or a sum of 20,000 euros as “car assistance” which you earn after completing 200 cycle rotations
  • A reward of “2020 Lamborghini Aventador” OR “fully paid 2020 Rolls Royce Phantom” which you earn after completing 500 cycle rotations


Hopefully, this review article has helped you gain considerable insight into how CubeBit works.

Concerning the legit status of CubeBit, there are convincing indications that CubeBit is just another pyramid scheme. Factually, there are a number of red flags with the most notable of them being the fact that CubeBit ownership is dubious.

The company isn’t straightforward about who its real owner is. Also, a particular video of CubeBit interview, featuring the purported CEO of the company, has been found deceptive.

Therefore, our final verdict is that CubeBit looks very much like another scam of pyramid scheme and as such, you should avoid throwing your hard-earned bucks into it.


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