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Crowd1 has been causing this much noise so I decided to talk about it and that inspired this article Crowd1 review.

Most people don’t get the crowd1 ( impossible is anything) investment logic.

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Well, that was me too not until I met Sir Amakiri who explained vividly to me what crowd1 is all about.

I buy into what he has to say about crowd1 because he is a long time partaker and one of the top guys hitting crowd1 like mad.

So let take a moment to hear what he has to say about crowd1 before I bring in my analysis.

Crowd1 Review 2020 by Amikiri- Intro


Crowd1 is a European based company with its head-office in Spain-Madrid.

Crowd1 concept of crowdfunding started years before it registered its online multilevel network company on 25 January 2019 to introduce online educational products and services for real estate and self-development.

Currently, the future is focused on Crowd1 to be listed as ICT(Crowd1 Impact Technologies-SL).

The Founder of crowd1 is Jonas Eric Werner from Sweden.

Jonas Eric Werner
Jonas Eric Werner

The CEO of Crowd1 is Johan Staël von Holstein from Sweden.

Johan Staël von Holstein
Johan Staël von Holstein

The Continental Pioneers Of Crowd1 are:

  • Smile Masilo from Soth Africa -Africa Pioneer Africa and India.
  • George van Wijk from Spain-Pioneer Europe and South America. Renze Deelstra from Holland– Pioneer Philippines.
  • Björn Arnstedt from Cyprus: 1st Pioneer Intercontinental.

Crowd1 (now You and Me) leverage from the e-gaming and online entertainment industries as affiliates partners.

Crowd1 is not a gaming company nor forex. But an online education company.

For lack of a better word, we use the word “recruit” but rightfully we are not recruiters but we are educators. We recommend and refer members to a one-off payment of a single educational package to anyone above 18 years.

However, people are in it for financial freedom and friendship and impacting communities because of Crowd1 exciting bonuses and its awesome affiliate marketing program.

Additionally, there are two companies partnered with Crowd1:

Affilgo & Miggster who negotiate online gaming and entertainment deals as affiliates partners.

These two companies go out and source gaming partners and sign to contracts and eventually share profits generated from gaming revenues as they also leveraging on Crowd1 members. After all, network marketing is a numbers game.

Crowd1 revenue strength is enhanced by online mobile devices contract relationship Crowd1 has affiliated with iOS(Apple/iPhone company) & several Android company’s)

In a nutshell, as networkers, we can hilariously share with people that we turn our smartphone into an ATM📲. We are turning smartphones into casinos.

My putting short is that we should refer to as many leaders as possible to grow teams on a binary tree and make crazy money.

Crowd1 is a game-changer. It’s a shame changer.

I encourage you to rank up, upgrade packages, and build teams worldwide so that you reach the Director level and meet the travel requirement for 10 million members celebration in Dubai.See you at the top because the bottom is crowded.

Do you understand what sir Amakiri has just said?

For instance, crowd1 function like

  • Uber: Largest transportation company that doesn’t own its vehicles


  • Airbnb: Largest accommodation and housing company, that doesn’t own a room

Well said, now let me break it down to the lowest so you know whether crowd1 is a scam or legit or a program that will change your life.

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is an online networking company that is associated with the gaming and entertainment industries such that we the ordinary game players and we that are being entertained would also make a lot of money from this industry

Mind you this industry we are talking about is worth billions, but we have never seen what can make us benefit when people for example are playing candy crush or mortal Kombat Or PES, or play online betting games, etc.

Thus, crowd1 is here to help solve that problem Crowd1 as a company, provides what we call OWNER’S RIGHT to enable we the users partake from this multi-billion dollar industry


These are share like figures worth a certain amount of money, that gives each member of crowd1 part ownership of the games provided by all the companies partnered with crowd1 and in turn enables us to partake from the profits of these companies.

Example of an Owner’s right….the figure in green is the owner’s right, whereas the blue is it’s worth in euros

Crowd1 partners with these gaming Companies in such a way that, the companies give them 50% of their daily income.

From the accumulated 50% from the respective Companies…..80% is paid out to the members of the crowd1 while 20% is taken by the company for maintenance n running of the company.

Upon being a member of crowd1, your start-up capital is used to automatically purchase owner’s right for you…..However, a host of other bonuses are attached.

With this, I’ll pause to take any questions (use the comment box at the end of this post).

What is long term residual income?

This is the payment for the level you attain on the network. If you have been networking you would be climbing up the network levels. The following are the network levels;

  • Team Leader
  • Coordinator
  • Manager
  • Director
  • President
  • Senior president
  • Ambassador

Is it compulsory to refer on Crowd1

No it’s not compulsory. If you are networking you are an Active Affiliate.

But if you decide not to network, you will be a passive affiliate. Your dividends will be based on your crowd1 rewards every 3 months.

So make sure you don’t miss claiming Rewards every Wednesdays.

What are the membership packages and costs?
To join you need to get one of the following educational packages.

  • White
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Titanium

How much does Crowd1 Educational Packages Cost?

  • White Package €99 (50,000 Naira)
  • Black Package €299 (150,000 Naira)
  • Gold Package €799 (400,000 Naira)
  • Titanium €2 499.00 (1,250,000 Naira)
  • Titanium Pro (Limited Pack) €3,992 (2,000,000 Naira)

How does Crowd1 Networking work?

This is called the binary bonus. For every package your downline purchase or activate you get points.

  • White gives 90
  • Black gives 270
  • Gold gives 720
  • And titanium gives 2250 binary points.

How does Crowd1 Binary Payouts Works?

The system uses a payment ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3. Every affiliate on the crowd1 network has a left and right leg.

Consider this like a team A and team B.

You need a minimum of two affiliates or downlines to unlock your binary bonus.

One affiliate in your left leg and another affiliate on your right leg.

If both affiliates comes in with white packages you would have 90 binary points on both legs.

This is ratio 1:1 and calculated as 90+90=180×10%=18.

You will have 18 euros in your account ready for instant cashing out.

You can also say each binary point is worth 0.10 euros as 10% of your balanced points in any of the ratios 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3 is actually paid as real money.

If you have 2 whites on a leg and 1 white on another leg.

This is ratio 1:2 as the calculation will be 180+90=270×10%=27

You will have 27 euros sitting in your account balance.

If you have 3 whites on a leg and 1 white on another leg.

This is ratio 1:3 as the calculation will be 270+90=360×10%=36

You will have 36 euros sitting in your account balance.

Please note that if you have just two downlines and they are very active networkers, you won’t need to network again because as the affiliates comes, you keep getting binary points.

You can also earn binary points from your upline on a leg. This means in this networking aspect you earn from both uplines and downlines.

If your upline registers anyone on a leg where you are placed, you get points but only on that leg. You will have to focus on the other.

How to make money from Crowd1

Alright so what are the ways one can benefit from this Crowd1 business

Streamline bonus

This is the first kind of bonus you get when u join crowd1, this involves your owner’s right to increase weekly without you having to work for it.

It depends on the number of persons that joins worldwide n the number of persons you can introduce to the business.

Your streamline bonus, can increase up to 400k weekly, That is 400k worth of owner’s right can be added to your owners for free every week and the resulting amount after 3 months would be paid out to all members.

Fear of loss bonus

This is a catch me if you can kind of bonus, it only exist within the 1st 2 weeks of joining, where if you can introduce the company to your friends you get to keep between €125 to €3000 euros, depending on the membership package they choose to activate with the company.

That is from 50k to 1.2 Million naira

Binary bonus

Now for the Binary bonus, this is the bonus that has made so many of us millionaires, so don’t joke with it.

I also call it the referral bonus. In this bonus, you get 15-365k, per person u sign up, beginning from d second person you refer……..also if someone you referred, brings in someone, you still get 15-365k depending on the package the person activates.

Also if the person upgrades his or her package you get a lot of cash and so the chain continues, thus if any of you refers anyone, I get nothing less than 15-365k. No matter how long The chain.

Matching bonus

This is the bonus you get whenever any of your downlines activates his or her binary bonus or any of their downlines activate their binary bonus. It goes 5 generations down.

And you must have at least, 4 personally sponsored downlines for you to activate this bonus.

That is if your downline gets €36 euros you get 10% of it…..any money your downline gets you also get 10% of it. The last but not least bonus is the gaming residual income.

Gaming Residual Income

This is the payment you receive every month You qualify for this when you earn €50 from the binary bonus,

The higher your binary bonus goes, the higher your gaming residual income every month.

How to Register on Crowd1

To register on crowd1 you have to sign up through a link. Crowd1 is a closed millionaires group so someone must invite you.

After you sign up you must now pay to activate your package.
Packages available are

  • White 50k
  • Black 135k
  • Gold 327k
  • Titanium 1m

Is Crowd1 a scam or legit

From the insight, I get from already partakers and the way they continue to shower praises and testimonies for Crowd1 I am lowering to say Crowd1 is a not a scam. It is a legitimate program.

If it is not, then for sure people would have bad mouthed it so let sail our ship…

6 reasons why crowd1 is not a scam

  • They don’t sell shares
  • They are not a gambling company
  • They are not a cryptocurrency company
  • Crowd1 doesn’t develop games.
  • Crowd1 is a marketing company
  • Crowd1 generates a real customer base.


Crowd1 is a network marketing company that generates and trains real people for real businesses and shares real profits and rewards!!!

I call it a goldmine combined with an oil mine🤑

After reading through I hope you have known whether crowd1 is a scam or legit. It is time to decide whether or not to partake or stay behind.

Remember the worst form of ignorances is rejecting something you do not know about.

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  1. Can you please elaborate more on the passive affiliate? And please can one still earn without referring?

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