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The world continues to experience an economic meltdown that is affecting all countries in the world. For the past 4 months and counting most activities have been put on hold, a lot of businesses shut down, schools closed until further notice. Most people are being laid off from their place of work as well. 
The period is indeed challenging to the general public, and some people are at risk of running into depression, due to the lack of resources and lockdown in many countries. There are some bright sides to the lockdown imposed on the world, although it doesn’t compare to the downsides involved, it is still a good start. Rather than dwell on the negative impacts of the Covid-19 virus, we should see it as an opportunity to improve and grow in all aspects of our lives. 
In this post, I’ll share some helpful tips for workers and business owners on how to make the most of the lockdown in order to ensure their services are not rendered obsolete after the pandemic. Truth is a lot of jobs will be lost, a lot of businesses will also shut down due to the Lockdown and economic crisis. 

Covid-19: How to Make the Most of the Lockdown

Workers / Students

This is more like a general category for employed, unemployed, and students in general. As stated above, many jobs will be lost while new jobs will emerge as well. The best way to leverage the lockdown as a worker is to pick up a new skill that is relevant to the new world order. By the new world, I simply mean tech-related skills such as programming, digital marketing, Design, product manager, software testing among others. The demand for such skillsets will continue to be on the rise regardless of the pandemic and lockdown. Have a learning plan, commit to some hours of learning. The best part is that most of these skills can be learned from the comfort of your home. While you stay at home, enroll for an online course, and commit to some hours a day for fast completion. While choosing a program to enroll, ensure it is in line with your interest or something you’re practicing currently. And Also pick courses that are remote-friendly.Covid-19: How to Make the Most of the Lockdown

Entrepreneurs /  Business Owners

If you run a small business, no doubt this lockdown has negatively impacted your business in one way or the other. If you’re still operating your business offline, this is the perfect time to leverage technology and grow your brand online. You might want to ask, what are the ways to leverage technology for my small business? 
The easiest way is to build a social media presence. You can hire a professional to help you run campaigns for your business and drive sales through social media. Of course, you will need to set up an eCommerce store to accept payment and maybe handle delivery as well in the long run. Focus on building your social media and ensure you have good online support to handle customer’s support tickets. You can manually handle the support tickets or hire a professional to help you build a Chatbot that will be able to automatically respond to users’ queries on your website or social media handle. To fully leverage on the lockdown , checkout this post on how shop owners can grow their business.
Covid-19: How to Make the Most of the Lockdown


There are a lot of ways to leverage on the lockdown and positively impact our lives that are not covered in this post. Rather than focus on what’s lost, try to change the narratives by being positive-minded and working towards developing yourself. The new world order is being reborn and I bet we can all be ready to embrace the new world. But there’s a lot of preparations to ensure you’re also carried along. 

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