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CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC LIVE UPDATES-China Reports No New Local Coronavirus Infections
China has recently reported no new local coronavirus infections.House owners have been spotted discussing how they can wave house rents for all citizens due this coronavirus pandemic that has plagued the world country.

  • UK closing all schools due to coronavirus pandemic
  • According to statistics, global coronavirus impact has risen to 240,000  across the country with Italy,US and China  receiving the highest IMPACT
  • Italy coronavirus death rises by record 475 in one day….According to reports from CNN.
  • ITALY & FRANCE Reports younger people more affected by the coronavirus
  • Federal Tax deadline in USA has been delayed till July 15.

According to the way this virus is spreading, China reported no new  Local cases of coronavirus transmitted locally for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, marking a major turning point in the global battle to contain Covid-19. Earlier we reported that President trump tested negative for the coronavirus and such news was commendable.
At a news conference, Thursday morning, officials of the National Health Commission of China announced that there were only 34 new cases in the last 24 hours – all imported from abroad – and eight new death, all in Hubei, the province where the virus was first identified. There was there no new cases in Hubei at all on Wednesday.
 China Reports No New Local Coronavirus Infections
The stage will probably be presented as evidence of the continued success of sweeping China, top down efforts to control the virus, despite persistent allegations that local authorities mishandled the initial outbreak. Last month, the Chinese mainland reported thousands of new cases every day, and was considered the most infected area  and is likely to top the world.
In the weeks following the start of the spread of the virus, the government passed draconian quarantine measures and strict travel restrictions affecting hundreds of millions of citizens. In some hard-hit cities, residents were unable to leave their apartments for more than a month, while transportation between major population centers was limited or stopped altogether.
The unprecedented nature of the measures has made steep havoc, but both on the millions of ordinary Chinese forced to endure life in solitary confinement and the economy, which experienced a strong decline in the past weeks.
Furthermore, the coronavirus cases has soar in US, Hospitals are also struggling to keep up with the influx of patience. Trump has already sign emergency aid package to help combat this global coronavirus case.
Additionally, the immigration services in the US,UK and even China has currently been suspended due to this coronavirus  global threat. The current threat is approximately 45% and mostly infected are young children’s, youths and the aged.
Currently, there is severe shortage of hospital equipments and more proactive measures are in place to help fight this pandemic.
According to live reports from CNN, Nearly 1 in 4 Californians  residents are been infected and also, many hospitals in the US. been infected are younger adults.
Here are some tips to stay healthy and be free of coronavirus infection

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  1. Stay in door or at homes
  2. Engage your mind and body in positive feelings
  3. watch movies and try to stay away from news channels 24 hours in a day
  4. Avoid unnecessary contacts friends and family members.
  5. Maintain proper hygiene
  6. Regularly check your body temperature
  7. Use hand sanitizers and alcoholic base hand cleaners
  8. Maintain proper home hygiene and wash your hands after defecation
  9. Avoid large gatherings, and maintain at least 1-5  to limit the spread and distribution rate.
  10. Should you notice any slight symptoms of pneumonia, headache, cough and unnecessary fever, contact your personal doctor or any nearby physician.
  11. Ensure border closures. Try to keep distances and close your home doors at all time.

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