Coronavirus is a class of variable viruses that are much smaller than most influenza viruses. Humans have no immunity to it.

It is highly contagious and can survive up to 25 days on objects. It is spread through touch, coughing, sneezing, and tactile contact through mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Coronavirus death cases are increasing in china, and the spread of this disease is become more rapid than usual. But, it seems that professionals are unable to predict the future of the Wuhan-Coronavirus, whereas commoners don’t really know what the heck is Coronavirus and how it came about.

So that will lead us to the subject matter.

What is Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the world most dangerous pathogen. Coronavirus are zoonotic, that literally means they can be transmitted between animals and humans. There are family of viruses known for housing strains that are capable of causing deadly diseases. And in humans they are typically transmitted via airborne droplets of fluids by infected individuals.

How did wuhan coronavirus come about

coronavirus oubreak

I am leaning towards the virus been leaked, accidentally from the Lab in Wuhan granted with access to dangerous pathogens. In this lab there were working to create a vaccine for SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), in order to do so you must work with Coronavirus. This lab was shared by France, the first country in Europe with their own cases of CoronaVirus

Common signs & symptoms of corona virus

  • Fever
  • Hard coughing
  • Suffocation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sudden death

Mode of contamination of Coronavirus

  • Faecal
  • Air
  • Touch
  • Food
  • Water
  • Droplets fluid from infected person

What do you think is the future of  wuhan coronavirus?

Shana Buckler

There are no defiant answers to this question. Not even professionals can predict what’s going to happen, with that said in my opinion, because that’s all we can give right now, is that the world outside of China probably won’t have as bad of outbreak of it. Chinese people didn’t get a heads up like we all have. We can prepare better than they got to.

Lee Cobb

I think its real unknown. Because it is quite possibly a biological weapon that escaped from the Wuhan lab, it could possibly be a major global problem. The next few days will tell a lot, based on the spreading of the virus from all the symptomless travellers from China.

Izayah Jeffrey

First off we don’t know how long the virus lives on surfaces outside of the body. Second we don’t know if it mutates. We just don’t know yet, but what we do know is we will know a lot more within the next 2 weeks so stock up on gloves, masks, foods, water, cleaning supplies, bleach wipes, thermometer, pedialyte, germ x.

Sharon Greaves

Nobody can give you a “knowledgeable answer”. The experts don’t seem to understand what this is yet and nobody can say where it’s gonna end up. It’s a waiting game. All anybody can do is to wait, watch and take precautions in the meantime.

Cassidy Clutch

It’s going to tamper down. Media just loves going hysterical but there hasn’t been any major outbreak other than China.

Could Wuhan Coronavirus become pamdemic?

Mich Lane

Not at this stage.. I am still seeing this as fear-mongering by the mainstream media and the alternative media.

Yan Beeharry

It’s already a pandemic

Hayley  Victoria

It’s a global medical emergency one step below a pandemic, not been declared pandemic yet!.

Najibullah Azimi

When I think about this wuhan corona virus the waking Dead serial is coming on my mind maybe after long time if no vaccine possible for this virus the world will happen like the waking Dead serial just I guess.

Castillo Arturo

Whatever God wants, stop worrying if it happens to us and we die. Nothing happens we all go pa where nacir die.

Juan Rf

The media are lying to people by saying that the lethality rate is 2%, since they are calculating this amount by applying the formula:

Number of deaths/Number of infected

But, it makes no mathematical sense to include those infected in the denominator of the formula because doing this we are considering  that 100% of those infected will be cured, which we do not know.

Shana Buckler

I think this will be more of fear pandemic than anything. Yes, more people most likely die unfortunately but I don’t think it will get too out of hand outside of China.

What I Have to say

During my study time

So, here is something that I came to realize is that coronavirus is a fatal infected disease. It is also airborne disease, this virus hits human’s lungs that why all symptoms show like pneumonia.

It can also be spread by poop too. That means if an infected someone uses a public bathroom before you, there is a chance you can be infected. And people use the toilet, don’t wash their hands, and anything they touch can become contaminated.

The average human touches their face 1000 times a day. Anyway, if that isn’t bad enough, though not fact as yet, it may be possible for it to be spread by air, food, water and anything that other people touch. It is recommended to stay 15 fretboard away from other people to protect yourself.

Wash your hands and face a lot, and don’t let your pride stop you from wearing a mask, gloves, eye covers presently the confirmed cases in China is growing fast. It is already spread to most countries and coronavirus has 14 days incubation period and you can be sick with the virus and be asymptotic.


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