7 Best Copywriting Skills Hacks to Increase Sales in 2020


Copywriting skills is not a fairy tale, it quite so boring when you put up your content or product/services online, and you got not even a single sale. Yo decided to try again hoping you could make a sale this time around, but at last it still end with no sales.

What you need is copywriting skills?

Oh, you may be wondering “what is copywriting skills”. Well, it has existed, and if you have not yet included copywriting skills into your marketing strategy then you have actually missed a lot of sales.

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Well, I won’t blame you because you may not know what copywriting skills are, or maybe you don’t know how converting it is.

copywriting skills

I remember when I have not acquired my copywriting skills, I use to struggle with making sales online, I write long and short form marketing content, but they are not so converting.

It was hard for me to twist people’s attentions towards my content, so that was when I decided that I would definitely learn copywriting skills, and so I engaged myself in daily copywriting exercises to boost sales, and presence online.

And guess what, I went straight to Youtube and I breeze through various top copywriters guides, and I succumb myself on practicing day in day out, and today making online sales is like a piece of cake to me through the help of my copywriting skills.

The screenshots below shows how I got people requesting for my services through my sites contact form, by combining copywriting and SEO.

copywriting skills
how to improve copywriting skills

So, that what copywriting skills is able to do. And today I am going to show you how to improve your copywriting skills so you could come up with creative copy’s that will make sales online.

But, first of let know what copywriting skills is.

What is Copywriting Skills

Copywriting skills are those skills  that are not actually acquired in school, it doesn’t matter if you know how to use English language or not.

Copywriting skills is based on your creative ability to be able to write content that are user captivating, content that create an illusion in the heart of a user who come across the content to make a purchase or become a prospective customer.

Who is a copywriter


A copywriter is someone who has copywriting skills. Someone who is able to craft content (copy) in a manner that will create people interests towards a particular product or services through the use of copy.

Pros and Cons of Copywriting Skills.


  • Copywriting skills are flexible and they create a stream of income
  • It boost value for a product/services
  • Copywriting skills doubles the sales (ROI)
  • It a reachable goal for anyone who work hard enough
  • It increases portfolio


  • Sometimes copywriting jobs are tedious to do
  • It takes time to craft a good copy

The most important aspect of copywriting skills is that, it is a learnable skill. According to Danlok ( the king of high ticket sales), he said copywriting skills are learn-able skills because he learnt it when he first migrated to Canada, he was not so good in English, because English was not is first language.

He gave an illustration that skills for copywriting is very much like a muscle, that you can go to the gym, you can bench press, you can do push up, you can do curves, to build your muscles.

How to improve copywriting skills

Here are the 7 best copywriting skills hack to 10x sales, and innovate your business.

  1. Sign up for a “learning” E-mail address
  2. Go to www.swiped.co
  3. Talk to your customers
  4. Seek feedback from people
  5. Read your copy out loud
  6. Write out successful copy      
  7. Devote sometime everyday to write

Sign up for a “learning” E-mail address

In this section you are required to create a new learning email address (not your primary email address) like Gmail, yahoo, outlook and use to email address to subscribe to everyone’s list.

I mean everyone who got a learning page or some kind of offer, subscribe to their stuff. And when you get this email inboxes you can then filter them and sort them into different folders, so you are collecting different emails from different people landing pages so you will see other people’s work.

Go to www.swiped.co

Go to www.swiped.co and you will see a lot of different swiped files and sales letter. What you want to look for is, look for those, what they called “CONTROL”.

Meaning that it is a marketing piece that has been proven to convert sales, proven to generate revenue. Look at those control pieces, and then analyze them appreciating the headlines, the body, and the call to actions.

Talk to your customers

This number 3 copywriting skills exercise is actually Danlok copywriting secret, and it a simple task.

What Danlok does for his client who hires him to write a copy.

The first thing he does is asking his client to give him access to talk to some of their existing customers.

A lot of copywriters don’t do this. Danlok set a time and get on a phone with his client’s customers and ask them friendly questions like

  • Why do you do business with this company
  • What motivates you to buy from them,
  • Why do you buy from anybody else

And most of the time you will find out that they will tell you everything.

Oh I love their customer services that why I buy from them always, I love the brand, I love has this product works, I love this and I love that.

After getting all this metrics from customers Danlok then goes back and talks to his client asking them,

Do you know why this customers buy from you?

And they will say they buy from us because of A, B, C and D and he will say that not true. Let me share with you why exactly they buy from you, and he will show them X, Y and Z.

This is what every copywriter should do, get metric from customers before crafting your sales letter.

This metrics would guide you on how to write a perfect sales letter that will get more conversion rate, because if you know why 3,4 and 5 people buy from a company, then you could predict the reason why others buy from them.

Copywriting isn’t about writing, it’s majorly on market research.

Seek feedback from people

I learnt this copywriting skills exercise from Danlok, and he actually learnt his this same skills for copywriting from his mentor Allen.

Allen was the one who taught Danlok copywriting, and Allen learnt copywriting from Great Gary Harboard.

This special copywriting skills exercise is carried out after you have finished writing your marketing piece.

Now, this is what you want to do, you want to go to a bar or somewhere public and you show people what you wrote, about the offer, about the sales letter, about the campaign and you ask them What do you think about this?

And if they say to you, oh this is really good, yea this is amazing, then it means this is shit, your stuff is not good because that not the reaction you want.

But if they say to you ( after reading your letter, or your offer), Where can I buy?, I want to buy some of this! Then you know you have got something.

So show your work to people who may not even be your ideal customers because they will give you feedback you wouldn’t think of.

Read your copy out loud

After you have finished your sales letter, message, offer, or your  marketing campaign, you want to read it out loud.

And when you are reading out loud, you take note of the spot that you feel like doesn’t flow, if it doesn’t flow when you are reading out loud, it doesn’t flow for the reader who his reading it mentally.

So, you might want to change some kind sentences, may be words that you feel are too complicated, you want to substitute them with simple and user friendly tenses for easy understanding so it flows when one is reading it.

Write out successful copy  

The number six exercise is very important if you want to write a winning sales letter, offer or a marketing piece.

his is how it done, you take winning proven pieces, letters, marketing message, and you copy them word for word in your own hand writing.

This is the very first copywriting exercise Allen taught Danlok

So you take the marketing letters and you copy word for words into a paper with your own handwriting not using laptops, not computers, not typing just paper and pen and when you do this your building up your copywriting muscles, though it may look dump, but just keep doing it.

It not like different letters the same letter, you keep on writing it word for word so it stick to your memory where you can write it without looking at the original copy, and at this stage you will get the picture of what the writer was imaging when crafting the letter, it will be like you are downloading the writing style of the author to your brain.

It going to take a while before you get this experience , so be consistent with this exercise, do it long enough and something will click..

Devote sometime everyday to write

The last but not the least is devoting sometime to write everyday, to build up your writing skills if you are going to be a professional copywriter.

This is because you are not going to be a better writer if you are not writing everyday. Just like in Golfing a professional golfer gulfs every while an Amateur gulfs when  he/she feels (like hobby).

You can make  a deal and devote sometime everyday to write like 20 – 30 minutes everyday and with time you will be able to do it fast and faster.


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