Ran Out Of Content Ideas? Here’s My Tip On How To Get Content Ideas


As a blogger at some point we run out of content ideas. That’s absolutely normal.

All bloggers do experience that, but the big question is, what effort are you putting to work towards thinking out content topics?. Not just topics, but topics with high search rates on search engines which will satisfy your users intent.

In you’re one of those bloggers out there who normally run out of content ideas(which is normal), then worry no more for the solution to your problem is solved. In this very content I’ll explain my technique on how i get content ideas, write on them and also drive massive traffic to my blog.

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Whatever niche you blog on, there are thousands of users searching for topics to satisfy their curiosity, which makes it an advantage to you as a blogger to write on those topics, get them satisfied and also gain more traffic to your site. It’s a win win🙂.

Like we all know, “content is king” but a content will be more useful to a user when he/she is satisfied after reading it. That been said, as a blogger while you write your content, ensure you hit the nail on head to satisfy users intent and whatever you do abstain from Blackhat SEO techniques.

Without much ado, let’s dive in to what this article is all about.
If you’re a blogger and you always run out of content ideas, here’s a simple tip to overcome that.

Tip On How To Get Content Ideas.

When it all seems difficult for me to think of a content idea. Below is what i do.

I simply search for a keyword on Google, related to my niche.
When the keywords contents comes up, I simply scroll down to “PEOPLE ALSO ASK” or “RELATED SEARCHES”. There I’ll get to see questions people also asks or searches on Google related to my niche

For example: I blog on SEO niche, I search for “WhiteHat SEO & BlackHat SEO” on Google. Scrolling down to “PEOPLE ALSO ASK” you’ll see search queries, just like the image below.

Content Ideas

Here’s is another example: I go with another keyword search “Is Blogging Still Relevant” then I goto “PEOPLE ALSO ASK” I get to see other keywords people search on my niche just as shown in the image below.

Content Ideas

You can as well type in the keyword on your search bar, other keywords ideas will show up. For example: I typed in “Rank a blog” on my Google chrome search bar and get to see other related keywords just as shown in the image below.

Content Ideas

These keywords will give you ideas on new topics to write on. Isn’t that great?. Thousands of users ask questions regarding these keywords and when you write on them (applying proper SEO techniques) you’re not only doing your users a favour by answering their most burning questions but also doing yourself a great favour by driving huge traffic into your blog which in turn will generate more revenue and sales.

Wrapping it up

With this tip of mine, I hope you find it useful towards getting more content ideas. Like I always say your success today as a blogger determines how you use the internet towards achieving your goals.


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