It is quite refreshing to be able to watch your favourite movies and series anytime on the go with nothing other than your android phone. But some times a small screen might just not be enough to complement the full details. So how do you connect your android phone to your television, a much bigger screen, without hassles?

There are three very simple ways to connect your android device to your television and they are:

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  1. A HDMI/USB cable,
  2. An MHL cable, or
  3. A wireless connection.

How to connect Your Android Phone to Your TV using HDMI or USB Cable

An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is a technology so modern that it ensures connection between just about any video source and a television. Interestingly, every TV produced after the year 2002, possess this feature, making HDMI the best method to connect your android phone to your television.

In keeping up with their name, HDMI cables ensure that the video and sound quality being transmitted are in the highest definitions (HD). This discards and allays any concern of losing the visual or audio quality, further embellishing the needs for speakers, as the TV is more than capable of maintaining this quality.

As a further advantage, and in detriment to its apple counterpart, the majority of Android devices have an HDMI output with three sizes the most prevalent:

Type A, Type C and Type D

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How to connect your android phone to your television
USB Type A

Found mainly on large devices such as televisions, computers or game consoles is the Type A, making it the standard cable output.

How to connect your android phone to your television
USB Type C

The Type C is also known as the Mini HDMI, while the Type D is also called the micro HDMI.

How to connect your android phone to your television
USB Type D

You might discover that the standard HDMI cable will not fit into your android device, a difficulty that is quite easy to overcome, especially if your android uses the common USB-C port.

To work around this obstacle, simply buy an HDMI cable with a USB-C connection ending and it will seamlessly slot into your Android device.

How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV Using MHL Cable

However, the process becomes les straightforward if your android phone utilises the Micro-USB connection.

In this case, an MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) adapter should be employed along with a standard HDMI cable. The most common obstacle faced in this situation is that majority of Android devices do not support MHL and also the adapter requires USB-generated power.

An alternate technology similar to MHL to connect your android device to a television is the SlimPort. It is advantageous in the sense that it does not warrant a secondary power source as it actively converts power from USB to HDMI.

It is not uncommon to find devices with micro-HDMI or mini-HDMI connections and this is a plus, as it simplifies the whole ordeal. If you find your device compatible with either of the two, go ahead, but make sure you are purchasing the right cable suitable to your device by checking your android manual.

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You might be faced with the problem where all of your television’s HDMI ports are under use. In cases like this, you can use an HDMI switch to add more options which will free at least a port for your android device.

How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV Wirelessly

As stated at the beginning of this video, it is quite satisfying to able to watch videos on your device, and HDMI intensifies that feeling. But nothing beats the ease of transferring videos directly from your android device to your television in a stressfree wireless connection.

This option has been made possible with modern technological advancements provided by companies such as Miracast, Smartshare or Wireless Display. This software establish a wireless connection between your Android and your television, transforming the larger screen into a mirror of your handheld device.

To carry out this option, simply access Settings on your device, then click on More. In the ‘Cast’ option, select the television device to connect. A more easier route is by searching the term ‘Cast’ on your settings application and you will be navigated directly to this tab.

This method is quite popular as most smart TVs support this feature. However, if your television is one devoid of it, you can circumnavigate this obstacle by getting a chromecast or a Roku device. Both of these tools allow a wireless projection from your Android to your television screen.

To activate, click on a rectangular icon that will be displayed at the top of the screen and select chromecast, this will launch the mirror effect.

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After the connection process is complete, you now have to ensure a full enjoyment of your cinema experience.

To do this pin your video on full screen landscape and switch on the ‘do not disturb’ option, which can be found via a search on settings. This step is necessary to prevent notification pop ups, all of which will not only interrupt playback but might distort the audio feedback, hereby ruining the experience, especially if you have a guest.

So there it is, with these three steps, it is very easy to connect your android phone to your television without hassle.

Now, enjoy!



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