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SUBJECT: Computer Studies             


  1. The period when stones and rocks were used as fools is the ______ (a) electronic age (b) stone age (c) middle age
  2. The importance of technology is to ______ (a) produce food (b) manufacture computers (c) improve lives
  3. Turbines and combustion engines are features of the _______ (a) industrial age (b) electronic age (c) computer age
  4. Primitive technology is a feature of the following except _______ (a) bronze age (b) computer age (c) iron age
  5. The information age is known as ________ (a) availability of information (b) availability of books (c) all of the above
  6. The present age is the ______ (a) electronic age (b) computer age (c) middle age
  7. ICT is a tool for all the following except (a) transportation of a modern society (b) development (c) none of the above
  8. ICT means ______ (a) Information Communication Technology (b) Information and Communication Technology (c) Information to Communication Technology
  9. ICT and computers are related because (a) they work together (b) they are pre-modern machine (c) none of the above
  10. ICT gadgets includes the following except (a) Torch (b) computer (c) satellite
  11. InfoTech is the shortened form of _________ (a) information and communication tool (b) information tools (c) information technology
  12. Data  A                What is A (a) Efficiency (b) processing (c) sorting
  13. The result of processed data is called ________ (a) information (b) process data (c) input
  14. To ensure error – free information, data should be properly __________ (a) converted (b) verified (c) painted
  15. Which of these is not an electronic means of transmitting information? (a) newspaper (b) television (c) satellite
  16. Which of these is not a non-electronic means of transmitting information? (a) journals (b) television (c) magazine
  17. Early counting devices do not include ______ (a) computers (b) cowries (c) fingers and toes
  18. Which of the following is a characteristics feature of first generation computers. (a) presence of cacuum tubes (b) Presence of microchips (a) none of the above
  19. The integrated circuit is a major characteristics of ________ (a) fourth generation computers (b) third generation (c) second generation.
  20. Which of the following is characteristic feature of second generation (a) presence of vacuum tubes (b) transistors (c) presence of micro-chips
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SECTION B – Answer any 4 Question

1a.     List five early counting devices.

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  1. List three mechanical counting device and their uses.

2a.     Define information transmission.

  1. List three methods of transmitting information

3a.     Define data and information

  1. What are sources of data

4a.     What is the link between computer and ICT

  1. List 5 ICT gadgets

5a.     What is technology?

  1. State the features of the following Age stone age and computer age.

6a.     List the data processing steps

  1. Mention the three ways by when information can be classified.


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