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The computer is very vital for our day to day activities especially if we work in an organization or carry out tasks that need to be completed with a computer. In our previous post we listed some of the best MacBooks to buy in 2020, and using this guide we’re going to highlight the top 10 computer safety tips that will assist you in keeping your computer as well as your data safe and secure.

Top 10 Computer Safety Tips and Precaution

Use an Anti-Virus Software

Computer Safety Tips
Anti-virus software is known to be the top and finest protection against the worst type of computer harms and viruses. In most cases, viruses are transferred through email and internet downloads, while few viruses are transferred through the network, and others are transferred through USB disk drives.
Making use of Anti-virus software is one of the best computer safety tips to use to ensure your computer is free from viruses and other malware that may damage your system. However, it is important to know that since hackers are creating new viruses every day, you always need to make use of the anti-virus software.

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Always Watch What You Download

Downloading is one of the simplest ways for hackers to gain access to your computer system. Majorities of malware on the internet hide in Applications, and whenever you download them, you are automatically downloading either malware or virus which is capable of harming your computer system. Some applications which if you download, you stand a risk of downloading virus can be listed as new screen savers and new chat applications. Also, some of these viruses contain adverts and they give out important information to hackers.

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Do not Trust Emails

All emails that contain attachments are not as pure as you think. In fact, some of the emails that contain attachments are infected with a virus. However, that should not hinder you from downloading the attachment in emails sent from friends and family members. If you have any doubts about any email attachment, it is best advised that you do not download it so that you will not have any regret when your computer system begins to malfunction.

Study and Examine Your Computer

If you notice anything suspicious about your computer system and you have doubts that your computer system is not performing as it should, then you should check. When a particular issues arises in your computer system, the problems you will experience will be noticeable, and so you have to be smart about checking to know the root cause of the problem. Examining your computer system weekly or daily is regarded as the best computer safety tips by computer gurus.

Restrict Administrative Access

In an office or a house where a lot of people share computers, there is a huge chance you might be the victim of a virus because anyone can have access to your computer and install a program that has a virus. Restricting administrative access is one of the trusted computer safety tips you should adopt. It is also best advised that you create one administrator account for every of the computer system and give each of the users their non-administrator account. Make use of the administrator account only if you want to install an application or alter the settings.

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Backup Your Data Regularly

To keep your computer system safe and secure, it is important to backup your computer system. There is no safer way to keep your documents safe and secure than backing up your computer system regularly. In case of any virus attack, you will not be at a loss because you have backed up your computer system and the files and documents in it. Many people back up important documents in their place of work and their homes.

Watch the Kids

Have you thought of the problems your kids will cause if they get hold of your computer system? The consequences can almost be unbearable to you and your computer system. You may even go as far as spending a huge sum of money to repair your computer system. So why not take on one of the most simple computer safety tips of watching your children and keeping them away from your computer system.

Encrypt Sensitive Files

Apart from trying all you can to prevent the virus, there is still every chance than one way or the other, your files or documents might get into the hands of hackers and dangerous malware. To prevent this, you will have to use the computer safety tips of encrypting your sensitive files to keep them safe and secure.


Installing a firewall will guard your computer system against virus attacks, only if you turn it on around the control panel. Installing a firewall is good in terms of computer safety tips to protect your computer system against viruses or malware attacks.

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Use Different Passwords For Different Webpages

Most hackers have come to know that a lot of people make use of the same password for different sites you have an account with. This is bad because it puts you at a risk of getting your account or computer hacked. Adopt the particular computer safety tips and keep your account and computer system safe and secure.

There are many ways to keep your computer secure while you work or rest but we have narrowed it down to the top ten listed in this article, because if you can follow these suggestions on our Top 10 computer Safety Tips and Precautions, you’re sure to keep your computer system as well as your documents out of harms way.

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