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Forsage is a reliable and trustworthy investment scheme and one way to prove this is the fact that it adopts a decentralized system. Simply put, there are no admins (or specific individuals) responsible for regulating the investment scheme.
Moreover, Forsage adopts an open-source coding style, ensuring that you can take advantage of your coding skills to read the code and find out how Forsage operates.
While the information above should help you answer any questions regarding the legit status of Forsage, rest assured that you’ll find out more information about Forsage in this article.

How Is Forsage Operated?

Forsage is operated in a similar way to the pyramidal operational structure of counterpart investment schemes. This means that to become a Forsage member, you’ll be charged a fee (around 0.5 ETH) and the fee will be used in funneling up the pyramidal structure. In the course of your membership, you’ll have to draw a number of people into the smart contract platform. Such people will be regarded as your referrals and having them is your best bet at recovering your initial investment.

Earning on Forsage Smart Contract Platform

Earning on Forsage smart contract platform comes in two ways; you need either of spillovers and overflows to earn on the platform. While overflows are described as the bonuses earned through uplines with completely filled slots, spillovers refer to the bonuses realized through downlines and uplines who have failed to “upgrade”. Notably, “upgrade” means attaining a higher rank level on the Forsage smart contract platform.
What’s Forsage compensation pattern like?
Forsage Review: Ethereum based cash gifting scheme
Forsage adopts matrix cycler positions and after buying 0.05 ETH, a Forsage affiliate can use any of 3×1 and 2×2 matrix cycler tiers. For the 2×2 matrix cycler tier, there are two positions at the initial level while the subsequent level has four positions. In the second place, the 3×1 matrix cycler tier, often considered easy, comes with three positions meant to be occupied.
On Forsage, cycles get commissions and to trigger a cycle commission, all the positions in a specific matrix have to be occupied (by recruiting affiliates directly or indirectly).
Entry into both the 3×1 and 2×2 matrix cycler tiers is 0.025 ETH of the initial buy in “0.05ETH”. While the 3×1 matrix tier generates gifting payments in the sum of 0.05 ETH, the 2×2 matrix tier generates gifting payments of 0.075 ETH.

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Easy Steps to Become a Forsage Smart Contract Member

  • Click the link here to download the Trust Wallet app
  • After downloading and installing the app, launch it
  • Tap the icon indicating create new wallet
  • Tap the underlying check box
  • Then, tap the continue button
  • Note down the 12 phrase that comes up subsequently
  • Tap the next button
  • At this juncture, you’ll have to re-arrange the 12 phrase
  • With that done, tap the next button and your wallet is created

After creating your wallet, you’ll have to fund the wallet with 0.055 ETH (alternatively $15 of Ethereum). Note that Forsage registration fee may vary between 0.065 and 0.7 ETH.
Endeavor to use your Visa Credit card or MasterCard (as the case may be) in buying the stated Ethereum amount from the in-wallet New Trust Wallet.

  • Upon funding your wallet as explained above, navigate to the DAPPS section of your Trust Wallet app. This DAPPS section is alternatively displayed as Browser (on iPhones)
  • Subsequently, you’ll find out your Forsage referral link
  • Copy the link and paste it in the address bar of your phone’s browser
  • Loading the link will take you to the Forsage website
  • Tap the green button that appears so that you land on the Forsage registration page
  • Tap the register button so that you can complete the registration process
  • Provided that you have paid as required, you’ll be made a Forsage member automatically
  • To view your member number and see your referral link, you should click the back arrow icon (this is the button indicating a return to the previous page) –Note that this referral link is what you’ll share to anyone you wish to refer to the Forsage smart contract platform


We hope this article has exposed you to everything you wish to know about Forsage including whether the smart contract platform is a legit investment scheme. Meanwhile, note that although you can earn on Forsage without referring people, having referrals guarantees you higher chances of earning.


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