Civic Education Exam Question For Primary School Students

Social Studies Exam Question

Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for primary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Civic Education Exam Question For Primary School Students.

SUBJECT: Civic Education 


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INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

  1. Beliefs and ideas that are regards as the right of doing things are called ____ (a) school (b) values of religion
  2. Values can also be regarded as  ____ behaviours that we possess. (a) bad (b) positive (c) negation
  3. A good citizen must be ___ to his country (a) disloyal (b) bad                   (c) loyal
  4. People are to show ___ attributed to work. (a) right               (b) wrong  (c) rough
  5. The body of people sharing a spirit of unity is called a ___ (a) nation (b) a unity (c) society.
  6. People of a nation has common territory (a) True (b) false
  7. People understand each other using ___ (a) fight (b) laugh (c) common language.
  8. A good child ought to be __ (a) loyal (b) disloyal (c) wicked.
  9. Which of these is known as the lingua franca in Nigeria? (a) Yoruba  language (b) English language (c) Igbo language
  10. It is good for us to have a __ nation (a) weak (b) strong   (c) fail


  1. Mention 5 reason for building a nation.
  2. Mention 5 characteristics of a nation

3a.   What is civic values

  1. What is a nation.
  2. Mention 5 example of civic values


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