Chipper Cash Investment Review –Is Chipper Cash Legit Or A Scam?

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Chipper Cash is basically a kind of mobile banking facility established in 2018 by the duo of Maijid Moujaled and Serunjogi. As a banking facility, Chipper Cash provides its users with a safe and secure avenue for fund transfer, bill payment and airtime purchase.
In this article, you’ll learn more about Chipper Cash, including how to register with it and make money through its referral programme.

Is Chipper Cash Legit?

Chipper Cash App Review: Scam Or Legit Fintech » Mitrobe Network
This is a question that may have bothered you but you have nothing to worry about considering that some Chipper Cash users have given positive reviews about the platform. Moreover, it’s been confirmed that linking your BVN (Bank Verification Number) with Chipper Cash (as required for transactional purposes) is safe.

How Chipper Cash Works

Chipper Cash works through the Chipper Cash app which lets you perform various transactions such as making bill payments, buying airtime and sending/receiving money to/from people across Africa.
If you’re in dire search of a reliable app for transferring funds to or receiving funds from people within Africa, you can rest assured that your search ends with Chipper Cash. Besides its primary transactional functionality, Chipper Cash paves the way for users to make money through its referral programme. Quite interestingly, you’ll find out more about this referral programme later in this article.

How to Register with Chipper Cash

A Quick Guide to Using Chipper Cash in Nigeria - Dignited
Registering with Chipper Cash comes at a free-of-charge basis unlike smart contract platforms (such as Forsage and Million Money) which require you to pay a certain registration fee. But before you’re able to register with Chipper Cash, you should have the following requisites: a functional phone number, a BVN (for account verification) and an email address.
Provided that you have the requisites listed above, you may comply with the instructions below in order to register with Chipper Cash:


  • With the download and installation complete, open the app and provide your email address or phone number for your Chipper Cash registration
  • For you to proceed with the registration, you’ll receive either a 6-digit code on your smartphone (provided that you submitted your phone number) or a confirmation link in your email (provided that you submitted your email address)
  • Subsequently, input the necessary personal details (full name and others) in the registration form
  • Then, specify your preferred 4-digit PIN –Note that this is the PIN you’ll provide each time you intend to secure access (by logging) into your Chipper Cash account
  • After that, you’ll be required to verify your Chipper Cash account by linking your BVN and attaching your selfie picture –Note that this verification is highly required as it will guarantee you access to all of Chipper Cash’s features
  • To do the latter, select the profile section and toggle downwards to tap the verify Subsequently, take a selfie (as required) and supply your BVN
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How You Can Make Money with Chipper Cash

Although Chipper Cash is basically for day-to-day transactional purposes such as sending/receiving funds, purchasing airtime and paying bills, the platform further offers you the chance to make money from referrals.
Broadly, the Chipper Cash referral programme is free to use and you can be sure of making thousands of naira daily depending on the number of persons you’re able to refer to the platform. While this must have excited you, adding to your excitement is the fact that Chipper Cash will pay both you and your referral #250 each time you refer a person.
In other words, you and the person you’re referring will each get a bonus of #250 once the person signs up (on Chipper Cash) and verifies their account.


As noted earlier, a number of Chipper Cash users have given positive reviews about the platform and it’s safe to link your BVN with your Chipper Cash account. Therefore, we strongly believe you have had an honest review of what Chipper Cash is all about.

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