Chipper Cash is an app-based service that allows users to perform cross-border transactions including payments and fund transfers. The app is greatly admired for its guarantee of zero transaction fees while still helping users perform cross-border transactions between supported African countries.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Chipper Cash including how to open a Chipper Cash account and verify the account. Particularly, you’ll find out more useful information about how Chipper Cash works as well as some interesting facts about the app.

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Steps for Creating a Chipper Cash Account

Download Chipper Cash App APK for Money Transfer Across Africa

  • Visit your phone’s app store, Apple Store (on iOS phones) and Google Play (on Android phones)
  • Locate the search widget and input the words “Chipper Cash App”
  • Choose “chipper cash app” from the search result that emerges
  • After downloading and installing the app, launch it and click the option “Open free account”
  • Following that, you should provide your details (email address and phone number) as required
  • Provide your name (first name and last name) the exact way it is seen in your identity credentials
  • Input your birthday as required
  • Subsequently, you’ll select your preferred and unique ChipperTag (Note that the ChipperTag is essential for receiving funds)
  • At this point, Chipper Cash will send you a message confirming your successful registration. Meanwhile, your Chipper wallet will have your country’s currency as its default currency
  • Lastly and for security purpose, you’ll be required to provide a 4-digit PIN

Provided that you have duly followed all the instructions above, you can rest assured that your Chipper Cash app account is ready.

How to Verify Your Chipper Cash Account

Major African Remittance App ChipperCash Adds Bitcoin - BlockNewsAfrica

Verifying your Chipper Cash account is an essential step towards having full access to Chipper Cash features. The requirements for verifying your Chipper Cash account are as follows: national ID, a short video of yourself and your passport.

Note: Without the necessary verification, your Chipper Cash account may not be able to perform tasks such as sending/receiving funds and cashing in or out.

How to Withdraw Fund from Your Chipper Cash Account

The withdrawn fund might take about two working days to reflect in your bank account but in the case of your mobile wallet account, the fund should reflect after a couple of minutes.

Does Chipper Cash Charge Any Transaction Fee?

At the time of writing this post, Chipper Cash does not charge any transaction fee. This means that with Chipper Cash, you can perform both local and international transactions at no cost. Frankly, Chipper Cash users are guaranteed zero transaction fees for bill payments, item purchase and fund transfer provided that such users are in Chipper Cash-supported African countries. You’ll find a list of Chipper Cash-supported African countries later in this post.

Notably however, Chipper Cash claims it holds the right to implement a service fee in the future. The company promises to inform customers as well as give them a grace period prior to the implementation.

Some people claim Chipper Cash probably attracts hidden fees as a way of making profit from its services. This claim doesn’t ring true simply because Chipper Cash makes money from its C2B payment solution.

What Are the Chipper Cash-Supported African Countries?

It is noteworthy that Chipper Cash is supported only in select African countries. As of the time this post was written, the African countries where Chipper Cash is supported are as follows:

Steps for Linking a Mobile Money Account to Chipper Cash

  • Log in to your Chipper Cash app account
  • Navigate to the Profile page of the account
  • Select the Linked accounts option

Top Interesting Facts You Should Know about Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash Allows You to Send Money to Those Not Using the App

It is very true that Chipper Cash lets you transfer money to a beneficiary who isn’t using the app. What happens here is that Chipper Cash notifies the beneficiary via a text message indicating that he/she has received money from you. Viewing the message, the beneficiary will find details of the transferred amount as well as the download link for the Chipper Cash app.

The beneficiary will then have to download the Chipper Cash app and open an account. While signing up for the account, it’s necessary for the beneficiary to use the exact phone number through which he/she received the text message confirming the received fund.

After creating the account, he/she can log in to it and view his/her Chipper wallet in order to see the received fund.

Chipper Cash Lets You Link Various Mobile Money Accounts

One of the beneficial features of Chipper Cash is its compatibility with various mobile money services, specifically those in Chipper Cash-supported African countries. With this compatibility in place, it is very convenient for Chipper Cash users to connect their mobile money accounts with Chipper Cash and transfer/receive funds between Chipper Cash and the various money accounts.

Some of the mobile money accounts you can link to your Chipper Cash account are Mpesa, MTN and Airtel Money. Notably, the steps for linking your Chipper Cash account to any of the supported mobile money accounts were provided earlier in this post.

Chipper Cash Offers a Referral Programme

The referral programme offered by Chipper Cash is a cool opportunity for you to earn side income. For each referral you generate as a Nigerian user of the app, you’ll earn #250. If you’re interested in tapping into this opportunity, simply log in to your Chipper Cash app and click the in-app Earn tab. Under the tab, you should select the option ‘Share Link –Earn Money’. Subsequently, you’ll be required to specify the channel (you’d like to share your referral link on) as well as the person (you’d like to share the link with).

Interestingly, Chipper Cash rewards both you and your referral with a referral bonus but before that can work, the following conditions must have been fulfilled:

  • Your referral (the person you’re bringing to Chipper Cash) opens a Chipper Cash account via your referral link. While the referral is expected to open the account using his/her phone number, he/she also has to verify the account and load cash into it
  • Following the above, the referral is expected to make a minimum payment to another user of Chipper cash. The minimum payment in this regard is #250 or its equivalents (depending on the country’s currency) such as GBP 5, UGX 4800, R16, TZS 2000 and GHS 5.


We strongly believe that this post has satisfied your information need on Chipper Cash App. Expectedly, you have found out all the things you were willing to know about the app.

If you’re hell bent on a reliable and cost-free solution to your cross-border transfer issue, Chipper Cash app could be your best bet. Meanwhile, you have to be certain that Chipper Cash is supported in your African country.

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