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Welcome to mitrobe Network Exam questions section or corner for secondary school students. In todays episode, I will be dropping Chemistry Exam Questions and Answers for SS1. These Chemistry questions and answers were pulled from our exam questions master list (Chemistry questions for SS 1); Compiled to serve as a reference material to help teachers draw up test and exam questions faster, easier and more conveniently.

It will also aid students particularly in class 1 to asses their level of exam preparation in Chemistry . For complete answers to this questions, kindly contact me directly.

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Chemistry Exam Questions for SS1 Class| Examination, 2020/2021 Session



Instructions: Answer all questions

  1. Chemistry can be applied in the following fields EXCEPT A. Agriculture Oil and gas  C. Politics  D. Metallurgy
  2. Separation of mixtures of solids with various sizes can be done A. Magnetic separation B. Coarsing C. Sublimation   D. Sieving
  3. Which of the following is an example of a chemical change? A. Dissolution of salt in water B. Rusting of iron C. Melting of ice D. Separating of mixture by distillation
  4. These are basic particles from which matter could be made EXCEPT A. Salt B. Atoms C. Ions   D. Molecules
  5. A molecule of neon is A. Diatomic Ionic  C. Triatomic  D. Minoatomic
  6. Which of these requires crystallization most? A. Drug making Cement making  C. Paint making  D. Perfume making
  7. Which one is the odd-one out? A. Air Urine  C. Brass  D. Sand
  8. Chemical hypothesis is different from chemical law that A. Hypothesis is not reasonable explanation to observation made while law is reasonable Hypothesis is a reasonable explanation to observations while law is a statement from a scientist   C. Hypothesis is a reasonable explanation to observations while law is a statement which confirms the hypothesis after extensive tests  D. None of the above
  9. Separating funnel is used for separating a mixture of A. Liquids with different boiling points  Liquids with sediment  C. Liquids with different colour  D. Liquids that are immiscible
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