How to Check Due Date, balance for DSTV, GOTV


DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes are the 3 major pay-TV in Africa, popular in South, East and Western African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Togo, Mozambique, Rwanda, Namibia, Congo and more.

Find out how to check due date on  DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes. The process is simple and takes no time.


Finding out the due date of your DSTV subscription is super easy, DSTV has made it super-easy for its users to be able to see when their TV subscriptions will expire. This is of great importance so that you can plan your pay TV subscription with your budget to avoid being cut off suddenly.

Knowing about your due date will help you to know how much you have remaining pn your sub and as well prepare ahead for the next subscription renewal.

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In the next few lines, I will show you the simple steps to check your DSTV due date. Let me start by telling you that, there are 3 methods that you can use to check your DSTV due date. You can Check it through:

  • SMS
  • DSTV Mobile App
  • Via DSTV Website


Checking your DSTV subscription due date through SMS is the simplest and apparently fastest method to get this done. All you need to do is:

  1. Pick up your Cell phone or mobile and open up the messaging app to send an SMS
  2. The next thing is to type in the message box ‘DD’ then the first ten digits of your DStv smart card number
  3. Then proceed by sending the SMS to 30333
  4. In a short while, you will receive a response via SMS inbox showing your DSTV Due date.

Mobile App

This is another fast way to check your DSTV due date, although the method requires that you have a smartphone like Android Phone and internet connection. Then follow this process:

  1. Proceed to Google Play store to download the DSTV app on your mobile, if you don’t already have it
  2. Once the app is downloaded, launch it and select your country on the list,
  3. Next, use the phone number use submitted when buying your DSTV and your DSTV Smart card number to login into the customer’s personal account area.
  4. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your customer ID number, DStv account balance and DStv due date.

Via Website

Finally, you can check DSTV due date online on DSTV website. This process also requires that you are connected to the internet on a PC or mobile phone that can surf the internet.

  1. Open up a browser on your PC or Android or iOS phone
  2. Visit the DSTV Website at
  3. Use your name/phone number and your DSTV smart card number to login to your customer dashboard
  4. once logged in click on the ‘Account’ menu to see your remaining DSTV balance and the next due date.

We hope the above methods come in handy to check your DSTV due date in good time.

Check Due Date on GOTV

Checking your GOTV expiration date is a lot simple, you can find out in just a few clicks away. It is possible to check GOTV due date in two ways, via SMS, and via the GOTV self-service portal.

Check GOTV expiry date via SMS

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone to send a message
  2. Type “Balance” followed by IUC number and send as SMS to 4688.
  3. You will receive a follow-up response via SMS on your GOTV due Date and account balance.


Text DD then your decoder IUC No to 4688.

Check GOTV due date Online

You can check your GOTV due date via the GOTV self-service portal online. All you need is just an internet-enabled mobile or PC.

  1. Proceed to GOTV website at
  2. Login with your unique phone number/Surname  and your GOTV IUC number
  3. Locate the eazy self-service on the menu
  4. Then scroll to view my account to see your GOTV due date.


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