How To Change or Edit Profile On Truecaller

How To Block Ads On Treucaller App

As you might have known the Truecaller app is one of the most popular mobile applications on the Android platform in Nigeria. It is a useful application for finding details about spam calls and SMS. There are millions of users on the Truecaller app in Nigeria.

The app helps you to find out details about people who called you, you can see their name and their phone numbers provided their profiles have been enlisted on the App, this happens automatically in most of the cases as the app uses data on users details to sync profiles of callers.

If before now you have been looking for a way to find out some information about people who call you and your mobile, then I’ll suggest you install the Truecaller app instantly on your mobile.

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before I proceed in showing you how to edit your Truecaller profile. Let me explain a bit more about on Truecaller works.

If you are an Android user, you play the store app on your mobile phone, search for the Truecaller app and have it installed on your phone.

Message from time to time on your mobile phone, the app is majorly useful for detecting different types of spam calls that may want to take a share of your day on things that don’t really matter.

So in this guide, I want to show you how you can change your name a profile on the Truecaller app.


It can serve as an alternative app for messaging, call handler, and video calling.

The most popular function of the app is to help you find the phone number of people who call you easily, but it’s not without it’s own shortfalls.

If you have the app installed on your mobile, you can only get the name of the incoming caller only when you’re connected to a strong 4g or 3G network.


  1. Install the true caller app from Play Store up the app and click the menu on the left

  1. Click on the pen icon to quickly fill out your profile.

  2. You have the option of using Google or Facebook to quickly fill up your profile details

  3. You can as well enter or edit details manually before saving up your profile

  4. If you’d like to have a profile image on your Truecaller you can as well do that in the same space before saving the details.

There’s a disclaimer put by Truecaller on the edit profile page and that’s the fact that you’re responsible for any details you out on your profile.

If you have followed the guide practically, you should be able to make changes to your Truecaller profile.

If you don’t want people to misrepresent you on the app with the wrong information or name details, we recommend you take out time to edit your profile details accordingly.

Delisting yourself on Truecaller

in case you don’t want people to find your phone or contact details through the app. This also means that you delete the app entirely off your devices once you’ve removed your details from the Truecaller website.

Spam Call profiles

On Truecaller, Not all phone numbers you see that are tagged or marked as spam are actually spam, although in most of the cases they are usually spam. However, you may have to double-check on all incoming calls and be sure you’re not unnecessarily missing the right calls.

Your Privacy

If you’re a Truecaller user here comes the question of how your personal data is been guided or used.


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