Car Driving License

Car Driving License? Everything you need to know and how to apply and renew your license in Nigeria.

A car Driving License is one important document you have to obtain in Nigeria. You must understand the requirements and procedures involved in getting it as it will help you prepare better for the process.

In this article, you will get to know everything about the driver license, how to apply and renew your license in Nigeria.

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How much is Nigeria License 2021?

According to FRSC Nigeria, Nigeria license is N12, for 3 years or 15,000 NGN for 5 years.

What are the Requirements Needed to Process a Driver’s License in Nigeria?

Before you get a driver’s license in Nigeria, there are some mandatory documents you have to submit, and they are:

  • Birth certificate/Age declaration.
  • Learner’s permit.
  • National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Driving school certificate.
  • VIO Test certificate
  • Eye Test results from FRSC approved clinics.
  • Evidence of driver’s permit payment (bank teller/print out).

How to Apply for a Driver’s License in Nigeria

The step by step methods are:

  • Go online at the official website of the Federal Road Safety Corps and complete the driver’s license application form.
  • Goto the VIO for the driving test.
  • Pay the licence fee. You can either pay it online or at the Bank.
  • Go to the State BIR Office and confirm your payment.
  • Proceed to the FRSC Officer at the DLC for your biometric data capture.
  • Visit the DLC/MLA/VIO in your state and present your application form or temporary card gotten from the DLC office to pick up your original licence card

How to renew driver’s license in Nigeria?


Before we go into how to renew driver’s licenses in Nigeria, it is pertinent we understand why we must do and how we can do it. As most Nigerians have developed the habit of not renewing their driver’s license, to them they don’t see the need.

Why do you need to renew your driver’s license?

Driver’s license renewal is done after every five years, and four years in some cases, depending on the office you’re renewing it at.

The reasons why you need to renew your driver’s license include:

  • It serves as a means of identification. For it to remain valid, it has to be renewed at due time.
  • To avoid embracement from the FRSC corps as you will be charged N10,000 if you are caught driving within expired license.

You should go for the renewal like five months before your current license expires as it takes about three months to get your renewed document.

How many ways are there to renew your driver’s license?

There are two major ways in renewing your driving license; it can either be online or by physically visiting the FRSC office or license office.

The former is more stress-free and convenient that you can apply at the comfort of your home but sometimes the network can be frustrating. It is to this, most Nigerians prefer visiting the physical FRSC offices because it is seen to be more reliable.

For the online renewal application, you must have some basic criteria to process it, and they include:

  • Access to a laptop with data.
  • ATM cards to make the online payment
  • Proof that your driver’s license will expire within 30 days

The steps involved in the renewal process include:

  1. Visit the Federal Road Safety Corps’ website License Renewal tab
  2. Insert your accurate details which include the date of your birth and your license number.
  3. Click on the Search tab. If your license is validity still remains for more than 30 days, you won’t be allowed to proceed to driving license renewal form.
  4. If you proceed, select the appropriate Nigerian driver’s license.
  5. Make the payment for the renewal. The cost of renewing a driver’s license in Nigeria, including all the necessary charges is N6, 350 for a 3-year license N10,450 for a 5-year license.
  6. You can scroll down and carefully go through your biodata to check whether they are still valid. You can decide to update or correct any information as necessary.
  7. Go ahead to select your Processing Office where you will submit your documents and pick up your renewed license.
  8. Select to choose where to re-do your biometric capture, either at the office or not.
  9. Click on Submit when you have finished.
  10. It is advised you click on “preview” to check and go through your information for one more time before clicking on the finish.
  11. For the online payment, you can use an Interswitch, Visa or MasterCard it. After your payment is confirmed, the Driver’s License Application Acknowledgement Slip will be displayed on the screen and you proceed to print it out.
  12. Copy your Application ID and print out two copies of the slip
  13. Go back to the navigation menu of the web, choose Track DL Application status.
  14. Paste the Application ID and your date of birth and print out another two copies of the Payment Confirmation Slip.

This is hasn’t finished yet, as you must visit the FRSC physical office to complete the process.

After completing the online application, you take the printout to your chosen Processing office to complete the renewal process.

Below are the documents you must bring along:

  • Two Copies of Driver’s License Application Acknowledgement Slip
  • Two Copies of Payment Confirmation Slip
  • A photocopy of your current driver’s license together with the original one.
  • Two recent passport photographs.

Having compiled the above documents, you then follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. Present all the documents to the FRSC officer
  2. Go to the MVAA section (Motor Vehicle Administration Agency) to get your acknowledgement slip validated.
  3. You will be required to take a short written test (the first is the 10 simple questions related to traffic rules and regulations) at the VIS (Vehicle Inspection Service). You will be required to pay N2,200 for the test.
  4. After you are done you can go home and wait for their call. They will notify you when you can come to pick up the renewed license. It normally takes up to 3 months for the renewed license to be out.

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