Car Battery Prices in Nigeria

Car batteries are usually given the least attention by car owners, and yet they are one of the most vital part of any car, it is the heartbeat that powers the whole engine.

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Car batteries are one of the most vital parts of a vehicle. A battery acts as the “heart” of the
vehicle that powers it, even if your drive runs on gas.

It is just impossible to ignite your car without a battery. You need to understand that modern cars are designed in a way to multitask, meaning that different aspects of your car needs to function seamless and synergetically, from tasks like igniting the engine to powering the in-car AC and computing devices. If having a good ride is good, so is having a good battery.

So there is much importance placed on having a good battery to run your car.  Many focus on tasks like oil replacement checks, air filtering and general maintenance activities the only way to take proper care of their car, leaving out the health rate of their car batteries.

If you want a smooth running car free from potential troubles then a good car battery is desirable. Several distress calls and road side emergencies are due to bad or failed batteries and much more several cars breakdown unexpectedly because of weakened or dead batteries.

When a battery appears to be too old for multitasking and powering your car system it wrecks more havoc on the car.

If you have been faced with the horror of a failing car battery then you will understand what disappointment, inconvenience, harassment, risk and shame that it brings.

I have had an experience with a reckless cabist who paid little attention to his car battery, he was about to cross a busy highway, suddenly the battery went out, this nearly caused a bad scenario, bad enough it would have been posted all over the pages of of  newspaper the next day.

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The reason for saying all of this is to let you know that having a good battery is also part of a safe precaution for every driver and car owner.

The essence of this guide to help you understand that your car needs a good battery to run smoothly and help you choose the best car batteries for your car given different types of budgets.

You will also find out the best time you need to do replacement on your car and get to know some good tips to help you optimize your car battery and make it last longer.

How to know when to replace your car battery

Just before i move on to the car battery prices in Nigeria, I want to inform you a little bit on how to know when your battery is faulty and needed to be changed.

1. Warning Light in the dashboard

Modern cars are specially built with several features, Most cars are designed to have a couple of warning light to instruct and alert users.
Your care may have a car battery warning light that looks like a battery icon. If you see anything related thing in your car be sure to have your car battery or general wiring system checked.

2. Slow  Crank in Engine

The need power to ignite your car is supplied by the battery, a bad battery will cause slow engine crank or make click sounds that is unusual, these red signals means that the battery is not in good shape to power your car.
Once this is noticed have your car battery checked and have in mind to get a replacement battery.

3. Swollen Battery Case

A car battery is basically a chemical reaction contained in a box. As with any chemical reaction, sometimes things can go wrong.
When a car battery is exposed to excessive amounts of heat or cold, the flat sides of the battery case may swell or bulge. If for example the battery sits in a vehicle that is not driven for some time in the winter, the battery will discharge and may freeze.
Freezing and swelling from excess heat often result in an electrically “dead” battery that cannot be recovered and will require replacement.

4. Old Age

Everything age, so also car batteries. Car specialist s advised that you change your car battery within a period of 3 years and maximum 5 years.
The average lifespan of your car battery depends on a number of factors like how many deep discharges your battery have had, the temperature exposures overtime, does your battery always go through full charge cycles and more.
The best and quickest way to find how old is your battery if you are not sure the age of the battery then you can look up on the battery case or body to find the manufacturer inscriptions.
5. Weird odour or Smell coming from your battery
Perceiving weird odour or smell from your car battery is as a result of frozen or overcharging, or perhaps when it is shorted inside and the case is venting gas.
The smell that comes from it is like that of rotten tomatoes or rotten egg, once is detected in your battery placement, you might want to have the battery checked and have in mind to get a replacement as soon as possible, so the sulfuric acid emitted can eat up the battery seat and spread to affect other parts of the engine.

40AH to 90AH Battery Price in Nigeria

HANKOOK battery prices in Nigeria

 12v/100ah Car Battery
₦ 34,100

Hardex 62Ah Battery

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Solite 62Ah Battery

Rocket battery (80 amp) dry charge

Atlas Battery (75 Amp) Dry Charge

Atlas Battery (68 Amp) Dry Charge

Atlas Battery (62 Amp) Dry Charge

EverStart Sealed Calcium MF Battery- 80AH

EverStart Sealed Calcium MF Battery- 90AH

Solite 80Ah Dry Cell Batttery

Abro Volt 90Ah Battery

Abro Volt Battery (68 Amp) Dry Charge

Diamond 75AH Battery

Honshu 62Ah Battery

Solite 75AH Battery

Abro Volt Battery (62 Amp) Dry Charge

EverStart Sealed Calcium MF Battery- 45AH High

EverStart Sealed Calcium MF Battery- 62AH

Honshu 65Ah Battery

Honshu 90Ah Battery

Honshu 75Ah Battery

Diamond 40Ah Dry Cell Battery

Solite 90Ah Battery

Just Energy 75AH Battery

Gales 75Ah Battery

100AH – 120AH Battery Price in Nigeria

EverStart 12V 100AH SEALED CALCIUM MF BATTERY (Made In Korea)

Rocket Battery (100 Amp) Dry Charge

Mercury Elite 100|12V/100AH AMPS Battery

Atlas Battery (100 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Jet Battery (100 Amp) Dry Charge

Honshu 100Ah Battery

Solite 100Ah Battery

Diamond 100Ah Battery

Atlas Battery (120 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Jet Battery (120 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Volt Battery (120 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Volt Battery (100 Amp) Dry Charge

Rocket Battery (120 Amp) Dry Charge

150AH to 200AH Battery in Nigeria

Atlas Battery (200 Amp) Dry Charge

Everstart 150Ah Battery

Rocket Battery (200 Amp) Dry Charge

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Rocket Battery (150 Amp) Dry Charge

Atlas Battery (150 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Volt Battery (150 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Jet Battery (150 Amp) Dry Charge

Abro Volt Battery (200amp) Dry Charge

Abro Jet Battery (200 Amp) Dry Charge

Please note that, Car Battery Prices in Nigeria  may be different across outlets in Nationwide. This is just to give you a clue on what is obtainable in the market to you get informed properly on what you need and the price. had earlier written on Samsung TV Prices in Nigeria in 2019.

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