Canada business visas are issued to applicants who go to Canada for short-term business activities. However, some Canada Business Visa Requirements need to be met before a visa is handed.

The most important of these requirements demands that applicants prove that their intention is to enter Canada only temporarily as this is different from the permanent Canada investor Visa.

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Some of these activities that meet the Canada Business Visa Requirements include:

  • negotiating and signing contracts,
  • participating in exhibitions or conferences,
  • short-term training,
  • negotiating business with suppliers or customers.

If business immigration to Canada is what you seek, then consider some of the other Canada business visa types.

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 Canada Business Visa Requirements

Original Passport1. There is at least 6 months of validity after the itinerary ends;


2. If a passport has been reissued, provide the original passport;

3. At least 2 blank visa pages, excluding remarks pages;

4. The issued passport must have a signature

Original photo2 35×45mm color photos with white background taken in the last 6 months are necessary Canada Business Visa Requirements
Copy of ID cardProvide a copy of the front and back of the ID card
Account book1. The original household registration book where you are located;
2. The collective household registration provides the original collective household registration page or the original household registration certificate that is still valid until the time of departure.
Marriage certificate1. If married, provide the original marriage certificate;


2. If divorced, provide the original divorce certificate or divorce judgment.

Proof of fundsBank card statement: A copy of the payroll card statement, bank card statement, or passbook issued by the bank for the past six months, with in and out records.


An important Canada Business Visa Requirement, the statement must be able to show the cardholder’s name and card number (the more the deposit balance, the better, and it must be stamped by the bank).

Original bank deposit certificate (at least 50,000/person, frozen for 3 months).

Proof of employment1. Provide a dispatch letter printed on a letterhead with the unit’s accurate name, address, and telephone number, stamped with the company’s official seal, and signed and titled by the person in charge.


2. The dispatch letter includes:

  • the applicant’s position in the company,
  • monthly salary,
  • working hours at the current work unit,
  • purpose of this trip,
  • travel date,
  • description of who bears the cost and guarantee that the applicant will retain his position after returning home.
Business licenseProvide a copy of the copy of the business license within the validity period, and affix the official seal (for non-enterprise units, the organization code certificate can be used instead).
Company informationCanada business visa requires a bank statement issued by the company with at least three months of in and out records, and the statement must be stamped by the bank counter.
Business invitation1. The original invitation letter in English or in the official language of the visa application country (it needs to be printed on the company’s letterhead with the name of the inviting company, contact number, address, fax, e-mail address and website address, and the position and signature of the person in charge of the inviting company ). This is arguably the most important Canada business visa requirement.


2. The content includes: the applicant’s personal information: name, passport number, company name, position, number of days of stay, purpose, payment party, itinerary, guarantee to return to China, indicate the contact information of the inviting company, and the person in charge’s signature Affix the official seal;

3. Booth map and a copy of the payment certificate (if you want to participate in the exhibition and rent a booth, you must provide it).

Proof of assetsThe following property certificates, to boost your chances of fully meeting the Canada business visa requirements, provide as many as possible to facilitate the issuance:


1. The original real estate certificate;

2. The car purchase invoice or the copy of the motor vehicle registration certificate or the vehicle driving certificate;

3. Other fund certificates such as stock delivery notes.

Personal Information FormFill in our company’s personal information form completely, truthfully and meet the Business visa Canada cost


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