C. R. K Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free C. R. K Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students.

SUBJECT:      C. R. K                  CLASS: JSS 1

  1. Who is God? (a) master (b) supreme being (c) God
  2. When we talk about “attribute” we means (a) attire (b) tribute (c) characteristic
  3. The following are God’s attribute except (a) God is love and Holy (b) God is Omnipotent and omniscient
  4. God is the sovereign creator
  5. God wants you to know Him as the supreme being (a) true (b) false (c) not sure
  6. Knowing God’s attributes and their meanings helps us know God better (a) false (b) true (c) maybe
  7. God created the earth in __________ days (a) 7 (b) 4 (c) 6
  8. In the __________ day, God created the heavenly bodies (a) fifth (b) fourth (c) second
  9. In the sixth day, God created ___________ and _______ (a) land animals and man (b) sea animals and birds (c) land and vegetation
  10. God created light in the __________ day (a) second day (b) third day (c) first day
  11. The sole owner and ruler this world is? (a) man (b) God (c) president.
  12. God creating the earth in an orderly manner tells us what about God (a) He is a God of rule (b) He is a God of order (c) He is a God that does thing one by one
  13. The first human marriage God created was (a) marriage between Aadam and Eeve (b) marriage between Adaam and Eeve (c) marriage between Adam and Eve
  14. God created human being to be together as ________ (a) husband and wife (b) playmate (c) intimate friends
  15. We must accept God’s rule over our life (a) not always (b) always (c) sometimes
  16. All of these are wrong uses of sex except (a) homosexuality (b) lesbianism (c) sex in marriage
  17. Teenage pregnancy is a result of wrong use of sex (a) true (b) false (c) not always.
  18. Things made by God are called _________ while things made by man are called _________ (a) creations and inventions (b) natural and manmade (c) real and artificial
  19. The first act of disobedience was in the (a) Heaven (b) Garden of Eden (c) Centre of the Garden
  20. Disobedience came into the world through (a) Cain and Abel (b) Adam and Eve (c) Esau and Jacob
  21. Disobedience brought all of these except (a) blessings (b) garnishment (c) death
  22. We must reconcile with our offenders (a) true (b) false (c) not every thing
  23. When we do wrong we must _________ and ask for _______ (a) sorry and repent (b) repent and forgiveness (c) repentance and forgiveness
  24. I must say “I am sorry” when I offend someone (a) all the time (b) whenever I offend (c) often
  25. All these are the ways of reconciling with offenders except (a) embracing (b) shaking hands (c) looking at offenders
  26. Peace, unity, progress and co-operation are the ________ of reconciliation (a) benefits (b) reasons (c) no idea

SECTION B – Answer any three (3) below

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1a.     What is disobedience?

  1. Mention 5 consequencies of disobedience

2a.     What is an attribute?

  1. Mention six attributes of God and explain any three attributes mentioned.

3a.     What is marriage?

  1. Mention three function of marriage
  2. What is procreation?

4a.     State three wrong use of sex

  1. Mention four effects of teenage pregnancy as peculiar

5a.     What is reconciliation?

  1. State five ways of reconciling with others
  2. Why must forgive our offenders?


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