How to buy phones, gadgets in Lagos on installments

How To Buy Phones, Gadgets In Lagos On Installments

The trend of buying electronics and other gadgets and paying in small bits is the main thing now.

You can buy gadgets such as air conditioner, Television sets, smartphones, and lots more and spread the payment is easier instalment.

There is a popular saying that the whole world is going digital, meaning every business transaction, relationship, conferences, and buying, selling of goods and services, and every other human activity all have a place on the internet.

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According to NCC (Nigeria communication cooperation), it was reported that as of 2017 over 91 million Nigerians are internet users, that’s a high percentage when you consider the fact that the country has a population density of about 184million commuters.

Hence there is a necessity for you if you don’t want to be left behind or swept away by the changing tidal waves from the industrial age to digital age, to come to terms with the conditions offered by the digital age which is having a smartphone either An Android or iOS device that has internet connectivity.

But you and I can both agree that truly there are very Attractive smartphones with Great specifications but sold at very high prices in the mobile sales market. So getting smartphones would be very difficult especially in Nigeria where all her smartphones are either imported from Asian countries or from the united state of America.

You don’t need to worry because in this article I would be sharing with you how to get smartphones on loan especially in Lagos state, the epicenter of Nigeria economy, you would learn how to own a Mobile phone without breaking the bank.

Where to buy phones/Gadgets and Pay monthly

Buying a mobile phone on a loan is also tag as “buy now and pay later”.
There are Various phone sales companies that offer such services and I would list and write about them and how to buy on loan from them.

Mobile phone sales companies that offer “buy now and pay later” services.

This various company allows you to buy a phone and pay installmentally across a specific time frame.


A smartphone sales company, that has a presence both in Lagos and Abuja.
Their loan plan is only available for willing customers who reside in Lagos or Abuja.
Their plan is only available for phones from #50,000 upwards hence if you are buying below #50,000 you would have to make full payment for collecting the phone.

You can app through their online store which is or from those various stores in Lagos.

Jumia Flex: Buy now, pay later

Jumia Nigeria buy now and pay later is also called “jumia flex: buy now and pay small small”

This plan is only available for customers residing in Lagos, it also offers the option of upgrading your current device into a higher and better one.

Their payment method involves a 3month or 6month installmental payment with an initial deposit for the phone or electronic gadgets you desire to purchase.

Jumia buy now and pay small requirements are:

Valid means of ID
either national ID card, voters card, driver’s license, or international passport.
any of the above will get the job done.

Bank verification number (BVN)
If you don’t know your BVN, you can simply use the USSD code of the financial institution you are banking with and select the option for checking of BVN.
For example, the USSD code for GT bank is *737# and for access is *901#.

  • your bank financial statement for the last 6 months

It must be in a PDF format.

Please note that all these requirements from Jumia flex are not to make it difficult to purchase the device but for the company to know you are truly a citizen of Nigeria and that you would be a to pay the installment payment before the end of the speculated date.

Steps to buy gadgets with Jumia Flex

The steps are very easy

1) With your Mobile phone visit “

2) Select the phone you want

3) fill all the necessary information on the application form

4) you would be contacted by a jumia agent via call on how to make The initial payment.

5) After the initial payment, you would be contacted to come to pick up your phone from their experience center situated in the yaba metropolitan area.

Easybuy Phones

With the recent advent and influx of smartphones into the Nigerian market, there has been an ever-increasing high demand for a variety of these devices for personal and business use on a daily basis. While these devices come in different specifications and grades, it is a widely-known fact that getting the best, could come along with empty or hole-filled pockets, breakage of saving boxes, and a handful of monetary issues that may arise. In Nigerian terms, you fit broke.

I was once in a situation where I really wanted this Samsung phone I knew deep down I couldn’t afford. Next thing this friend of mine bought 2 of them. How? I was a little confused. After all, I earned three times what he did at the time, and so, I asked how he went about it curiously.

He said and I quote: “Guy, na Easybuy I use run am o!” After a few dedicated hours of researching on Easybuy, I decided to give it a go and now, fast-forward to the present day, I have purchased my dream smartphone and I totally love it.

What many potential smartphone buyers don’t know is that a few initiatives have been set up for the single purpose of tackling the issue of not purchasing smartphone devices because of the seemingly hefty price tags that they may carry. These initiatives offer a service where you can purchase devices by paying in installments.

It’s genuinely more convenient when you pay for that device you’ve wished for in bits without breaking the bank or stretching your pockets. One of such initiatives that provide this service is Easybuy (Remember Easybuy from the conversation with my friend?).

Easybuy is a mobile phone sales company that offers the buy now and pay later service, where you will only have to make a 30% initial payment and later make the full payment.

They also offer a 3month or 6month installment payment plan with an interest rate of 6% per month.
You can buy phones from top brands from easy buy.

-valid ID Card
-Bank verification num
– Details of your ATM Card.

You would also be required to tell them how you intend to pay the installment payment.

Steps to Apply for Easybuy Mobile Loan

Easybuy has arranged procedures to be taken and adhered to before and during partaking in their offer. However, these steps may prove to be rather tedious and time-consuming. This will be excused by the time you consider that they have to be wary to avoid fraudulent persons and bad debts. The procedures for participating in Easybuy loans are as follows:

Find an Easybuy Agent: Easybuy functions in a manner whereby their agents help customers register into the platform. These agents are usually found in and around stores where smartphone devices are sold and can be distinguished by their appearance (shirts projecting the Easybuy platform logo).

Select the device to be purchased: The next step is to select your desired smartphone. You may have already made your choice but due to the variety of available smartphones on offer, your choice may be subject to change. Whichever way, you can take your time picking a device.

Register: After picking a device, you are to register with the Easybuy agent. During the registration phase, the Easybuy agents would require you to provide details such as your full name, Bank verification Number (BVN), debit card information (to activate monthly automatic debiting), and a valid means of identification to name a few. It is at this phase you’ll be required to finalize and confirm the initial 30% of the total cost price and thereafter select the repayment tenure you are comfortable with (3/6 months).

The final step is to provide the contacts of 4 individuals to stand as collateral for you. You may be required to send them a call & speak to them to confirm your identity.

Pay the initial deposit fee: On completion of the previous procedure, you are to pay the initial 30% amount. The Easybuy agent would assist you as payment is to be made to the nearby smartphone store linked to Easybuy.

Login to the Easybuy mobile app: Once you have made the initial payment, you are to download and sign in to the Easybuy mobile app. The mobile app can be found in mobile app stores. When you have it downloaded and are logged in, you are to set up your repayment method by adding a debit card to perform auto-debits when monthly repayments are due. You may choose to pay before then if you wish to.

There you have it. Those are the main procedures for participating in the Easybuy platform.

How to buy a Phone on Credit from

Slot Nigeria is the most preferred place to purchase a smartphone on loan by most people because slot Nigeria is one of the largest and oldest phone sale company in Nigeria coupled with the fact that they have over 50 sales stores within 18 states of the federation.

They also offer a 3month and 6month installment payment plan.


1) Visit any of the slot stores preferably the one close to you.

2) Select The smartphone you want
I would advise you to read the specifications of any phone you want to purchase and don’t just be carried away by the beauty.

3) fill the Application form with the necessary documents you took along, which are ID card, BVN number, and bank details.

You would also be required to tell them your means of paying the installment payment.

Your Application form would be processed within 24hours and when approved, you would be asked to come purchase your phone with the initial payment attached to it.


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