How to buy airtime from Fidelity bank

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity bank has mechanisms that have made it comfortable and convenient for people to buy airtime and credit on their mobile phones.

Are you looking for how to buy airtime or credit from Fidelity bank? If yes, then look no further because we have a guide that will give you the full details of how to purchase airtime to your phone from your Fidelity bank account.

The Fidelity bank Nigeria prides itself as one of the best banks in Nigeria, having been established in 1988.

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The bank provides it’s users with very good and hospitable user experience, it is rumored that it is very difficult to find a fidelity bank user having another account with other banks.

Fidelity Bank also provides it’s users the opportunity to buy airtime and data directly from their bank account by just dialing the USSD code at the comfort of their phone and home.

So If you are a Fidelity customer and you don’t know how to buy airtime from your bank account, this article on how to buy airtime and data from fidelity bank account is exactly what you need.

Before you can buy airtime from Fidelity Bank, here is what you need to know;

  • First, you must be an account holder with Fidelity Bank. If you don’t have an account, visit the nearest bank branch in your location and open an account.
  • Secondly, you need to have a phone. It could be an Andriod phone, Apple iOS smartphone, Java, Symbian or Nokia torchlight. These phones can perform and do the Fidelity mobile banking services.
  • You can buy airtime to MTN, Airtime, Glo and 9Mobile (Etisalat) networks.
  • You can use the service at any time of the day (24/7).
  • The maximum amount of airtime you can buy in a day is N20,000.

Purchase Airtime with Fidelity Bank Internet Banking

If you have a smartphone, you are advised to get the Fidelity bank mobile app. If you already have the Fidelity bank app, log in with your details. Then, click on the Mobile Top-up service to purchase airtime.

Enter the amount you wish to purchase and the phone number you want to recharge. Next, confirm the transaction by entering your PIN.

Ensure that you have a data or good internet connection to use this method. If not, you are advised to use the second method below.

Purchase Airtime with Fidelity mobile banking USSD code

You can also buy airtime using the Fidelity Bank USSD code. Proceed by dialing 770#. To recharge your phone, dial *770Amount#. For instance, dial 770500#.

If you want to recharge the phones of a 3rd party, simply dial 770phone numberAmount#. For instance, dial 7700803136009500#.

To buy airtime for yourself

  1. Simply dial 770amount# on the number connected to your fidelity bank account.

Let’s say you want to buy Airtime worth 5000 naira, what you should do is to simply dial 7705000# on the number connected to your account and send.

To buy airtime for others

  1. Simply dial 770recipientnumber*amount# and send

To buy data

Simply follow the procedure I have provided above on how to buy airtime from your account.
After the purchase of airtime, you can convert the airtime to data.

What to know about the fidelity recharge code

  1. It is available to all fidelity bank account holder
  2. To be able to effectively use the service, ensure that your phone number is registered with the bank
  3. It is available 24/7
  4. Service is opened to all mobile network in Nigeria
  5. You can carry out transaction within and outside the country
  6. The service is applicable to all mobile phones
  7. Data connection is not needed

To enjoy more services on your fidelity bank account, simply dial *770# and a list of options that you can pick from will be displayed to you, thanks for reading.


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