Heritage Bank

Yes! You can recharge your mobile straight up from your Heritage bank account, be it for data or airtime credit.

Almost all banks in Nigeria have adopted the use of USSD code, been that the method has simplified banking and made things a lot easier and faster than ever.

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There is more to what you can do with the Heritage bank USSD code such as transferring cash to other accounts of other banks, checking your account balance and lots more.

Why would you want to buy credit or airtime via your bank account when there are vendors where you can get top up? Sometimes, you don’t get to see topup from vendors, or having network challenges using other outlets, you can turn to your banker to get your mobile recharged, you don’t have to go stranded on getting recharge on your mobile, that’s why it’s key if you know how to do things comfortably yourself.

But today’s guide bothers on how you can recharge your Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and MTN networks from your Heritage bank account.

How to buy Airtime

Here is the simple step to follow to buy airtime or data on Heritage bank::

  1. Make sure you have some balance on your account, at least up to 100 naira
  2. Open the mobile dialer on your mobile, Then dial 322030AMOUNT TO RECHARGE#, that means
    dial *322030*500#, you will then be credited with 500 Naira, provided you have up to that in your bank account.

To can send credit Airtime to other phone numbers other than yours follow the steps below::

Dial : 322030*Person’s phone number *amount#

This time, you just need to specify the recipient’s phone number.

How to transfer cash on Heritage Bank using USSD code

If you want to transfer cash to other accounts from your Heritage bank, here is the code to use:


How to buy data

At the time of writing this account, the feature is not yet available, here is the list of what you can do on the app:

  • You can recharge your phone
  • You can recharge family and friends phone
  • You can manage your cards
  • You can reset your PIN
  • You can check your bank balance
  • You can open an account
  • You can make merchant payments
  • You can transfer funds
  • You can pay bills
  • You can make card-less withdrawals
  • You can make LCC You toll Payments

How to pay Utility bills with Heritage bank USSD code

To can pay bills here is the code to use::

322030*BILLER ID *AMOUNT#, below are the codes of some available billers on the bank’s code:

  • Swift 4G Subscription (Swift 4G) 1033
  • GoTV 1088
  • DSTV 1099
  • DSTV Box Office 1098
  • Startimes 1077
  • LCC toll payments 1066

I hope you find this guide useful.

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