Branch Loan App Review. | Everything you need to know.

branch loan app review

Branch Loan App Review, How to login to your Branch account and apply for a loan 

Do you want to borrow some money to solve some personal or business problem and during the process of searching for the right platform to apply for a loan and you came across the Branch Laon app, and then you want to know everything about it?

Then read this article till the end because, in this Branch Loan App Review, we will be explaining everything you need to know about the Branch Laon app from the interest rate, how to apply for a loan, etc.

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It is very important that before you apply for a loan through any platform, you have to check out the requirements for the loan, that will be listed in this article.

What Is Branch Loan App? | Branch Loan App Review.

The Branch loan app is an app that enables anybody to get a loan as fast as possible by just providing some of the required documents and then applying for it.

The Branch app uses data science to ensure that millions of Nigerians have access to financial services.

You can apply for a loan on the Branch app either for personal or business purposes.

The App was the first to launch in 2015 but was available for Nigerians after two years of being launch.

 Branch Loan App Owners Information

Branch Loan app is a very trusted app because it is one of the many apps produced by Matt Flannery.

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How to get a loan from the Branch Loan app

Getting a loan from the Branch loan app is very easy and not complicated in any way, all you have to do is download the app from the Google play store for Andriod users.

At the time of writing this article, The Branch app is not available for iPhone users.

You can also visit the Branch website to download the app.

Sign up and provide the required document then wait for your loan to be processed and paid into your account.

How to Repay Branch Loan 




  1. Select ‘My Loan’
  2. Click on ‘Tap to pay
  3. Type in the amount of money you intend to payback
  4. Select your  payment method (bank or debit card)
  5. Click ‘continue’

Branch Loan Maximum Borrow Limit


Branch Loan Interest

The interest rate is based on the amount you borrow, the duration of payback, and the method you choose to repay back

How to Login to your Branch Loan App

Logging into your Branch Laon app is very simple, just follow the steps below


Branch Contact Information

For any reason, if you have to contact Branch, you can do that using the support email below or

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