22 Tips And Techniques To Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings


I joined the Amazon affiliate family (also known as Amazon associates) on January 14, 2020. Ofcourse I’m new to the game, but to be honest, I started my research on Amazon affiliate marketing since September 2019. I read so many blog posts, and watched several YouTube videos on Amazon affiliate marketing and also how to boost Amazon affiliate earnings.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

To be honest, I’ve been hearing about Amazon affiliate marketing, but I never had so much interest in it. Not until I had some issues with my AdSense, that was when I started seeking for other monetizing alternative, all thanks to a good friend of mine, who advised i should venture into Affiliate marketing, (Amazon associates) to be precise.

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I thought to myself, why don’t I give it a try, I mean, no harm in trial right? Then I gave my shot. I joined the Amazon associates program, and applied the techniques which I’ve learnt from my research, from Amazon affiliate gurus and professionals, which I’m going to state in this article.

While doing my research on Amazon affiliate and how to boost Amazon affiliate earning, I noticed that 50% Amazon Affiliate marketers failed on their first attempt, (due to some mistakes and errors) and i want to be excluded. I never wanted to fail. I mean, Who wants to fail?

This prompted me to take my time with my research and avoid rushing. And today, i can gladly say, I’m gradually reaping the fruit of my labour, although, I’m not currently at the level i want to be, but I’m getting there.

So, if you’re an Amazon associates member wanting to boost your earnings or you’re struggling to make sales, then your solution is here. In this very article, I’m going to detail out my techniques and tips to help you boost your Amazon Affiliate earnings and cash out, just like other Affiliate marketers does.🙂.

1. Create Good & Quality Contents.

What distinguishes a blog from others? “Quality Content“.
I know you must have came across a saying which says “Content is king” definitely that’s right.
When you write a good content regarding a product which you want to promote, this will help boost amazon affiliate earnings.

Boost Amazon Affiliate earnings

While writing your content ensure it’s attention-grabbing and in-depth, with well detailed explanation, information and description about the products you want to promote. This will give your readers the satisfaction they deserve which will prompt them to make a purchase through your link. And when that happens, you earn your commission.

2. Ensure Proper SEO Techniques Are Utilized.

Don’t forget SEO Techniques.
While writting your contents ensure you apply proper SEO techniques, such as ensuring your keyword (which you want to rank for) are present in your URL, first paragraph of your content, in your images, in description box and are inserted and flows naturally in your content.

Boost Amazon Affiliate earnings

This will encourage your article ranking and visibility to search engines. Remember more traffic, more sales. When your article is exposed, the more you target potential buyers. Avoid Blackhat SEO techniques to avoid getting your site blacklisted by search engines

3. Create Ultimate Customer Buyers Guide.

Boost Amazon Affiliate earnings

Your readers wants to be properly guided on what to buy and how to buy. They see you as a professional, which makes them look upto you for guidance and instructions. Therefore creating a customer guide on products you promote will help keep your readers well informed on what to look out for, before purchasing a product, and also help them take possible precautions before purchasing an item.

4. Create Product Comparison Tables.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Creating product comparison tables helps your readers know which product is right or suitable for them. It also helps them make the right decision regarding to their need and wants. You can simply build a product comparison table by using WordPress plugin called “TablePress“.

This plugin lets you create the comparison tables on a page of your site within a few minutes.

5. Create Call-To-Action Button.

65% of affiliate marketers fails to practice this technique. Remember, your readers likes to be told what to do. Applying “Call to action” technique will definitely help boost amazon affiliate earnings.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

At the end of your post, take the time to let the readers know they can get more in-depth customer reviews, description find out the pricing, or make their purchase by clicking on the link placed at the end of your content.

6. Instead Of anchor Links, Use Buttons.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Instead of using anchor text links to drive your readers to Amazon site to make a purchase, use buttons instead. This is because buttons are more eye-catching and action prompting to click. This will help boost your earnings. You can use plugins like Forget about short code buttons or MaxButtons to create beautiful buttons.

By using buttons, I mean.

  • Check Amazon For Best Price
  • Buy Now On Amazon
  • Click Here To Buy On Amazon
  • Shop Now On Amazon

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Personally i use, “Check Amazon For Best Price“. And to be honest with you it converts more, because it makes my readers clicks through my button links to check the price of the product and possibly make a purchase. But you can use what ever works fine for your audience.

Some Tips To Spare.

I have found out that using the button “buy now from Amazon” doesn’t really convert that good.

Rather the best approach to use is “Check Amazon for best price” or “Check Amazon for latest price

Why is this?

When the user sees “buy now on Amazon” he or she may not click on the link, irrespective of if he or she is in a buying mood or not.

But when you use the button approach “Check Amazon for best price” or “Check Amazon for lastest price” the user will definitely click the link to check the latest price and by doing so, you have successfully led to the installation of Amazon’s-affiliate-tracking cookies into his/her browser (which expires in 24hrs time) and if he/she doesn’t end of buying through your link and goes direct to Amazon to shop you’ll also get your commission per products successful purchased.

Why? Simply because your Amazon-affiliate-tracking cookies was installed in your user’s browser.

7. Don’t Forget The “Best”, “Top” & “Review” Keyword.

Potential Buyers normally search using the keyword “Best”, “Top” or “Review”.
Example, Best phones with 6gig memory space. Top 5 Sweat jackets, or Review on iPhone 11 pro. This is called “buyers intent”.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

These are keywords that serious buyers who already have their wallet out searches on google. Now you want to target those users who have their wallet out, and are eagerly waiting for you to tell them what to purchase. And easy way to do this is, target keyword with “Best,” “Top” & “Reviews”. Just like the examples given above.

8. Create A Detailed & Informative Tutorial Content.

Apart from creating “best”, “Top” and product reviews content. Creating a well detailed and informative tutorial content will also help boost your Amazon affiliate earnings. By this i mean, creating tutorial contents with detailed guide which will be useful to your audience, while you include products which they will use and benefit from in your content.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Example:How to properly shave off your beard“. You know fully well that tools and products such as razor shavers, shaving brush, shaving cream, shaving oil, facial cleanser, and after shave, will be needed while shaving a beard, what you should do is add links to these products while writting your content, which will direct your readers to Amazon site to make a purchase.

This will create a convenient shopping experience for your readers and they’ll be happy to make a purchase because you’ve satisfied their taste of curiosity by giving an insight with their demands.
This will significantly boost sales and increase your earnings. You can as well break down the tutorial guide with pictures which will make the content more explanatory and understandable.
I personally use this technique and believe me when I say it converts well.

10. Use Product Images.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

While writing on a product, ensure to use product images. Don’t just type the product name without adding images. Adding product image to your contents will entice your readers and create good users experience. Don’t forget to insert your affiliate links in product images too because users sometimes clicks on product image on your site.

11. Write A “Best seller List”.

Another way to boost amazon affiliate earning is by writing on “best seller” products. Ofcourse everyone wants nothing but the best, and when Amazon has categorized some products as best sellers it means the product sells fast because of its quality.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

To tap into this juice, and make some sales, all you have to do is find best selling products in your niche, by going to your Amazon affiliate dashboard and search for “best selling products“. Normally best selling products has high reviews and star ratings by customers and also have a badge indicating as “Best seller”

Write on these products and promote them, Most times, a small 100-200 word blurb on each is more than enough to introduce your readers to the product, and summarize the benefits.

12. Promote A Mix Of “Cheap Products” & “High Ticket Products”.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

When promoting products on your blog, don’t only go for high ticket products (expensive products), not everyone can afford to purchase it. Make a mix of high ticket products and cheap products, this will give those with low budget a choice to make.

Lower priced items tends to sell alot more and the more you keep making sales the more you earn, although the commission rate maybe little. But its definitely better than nothing. Think about it, if you’re at a 6% commission level, and you sell a $20 product. You’re going to get paid $1.20. Not bad, if you can sell hundreds of that product daily.


On the other hand, its also a good approach to promote high ticket product, considering the fact if you should make a sale, you’ll earn a high commission.

Now think about a scenario where you’re selling a $1,000 product at the same 6% commission level. You’re going to make $60 commission, and you only need to pull that off once, or twice a day, to hit a substantial income from your affiliate site.

Therefore, If there are highly priced products available in your niche, get to writing about them. I even suggest you get to purchase the product as to enable you write an in-depth review about it.

To sum it up, while promoting products on your site, ensure its mixed with high and low priced products. This will enable those with either low or high budget, make a purchase through your links.

13. Build Your Email List.

In the pursuit or aim to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings you definitely need to build your email list. Infact as a serious affiliate marketer, building an email list should be your major priority. Remember your site is just like your online business, you wouldn’t want to loose potential customers right? Then why not keep them and make them come back for more by making them subscribe to your mailing list?.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Email marketing has been the No 1 strategic plan for successful affiliate marketers. They have their own loyal customers at their possession who has already subscribed to their mailing list and will definitely come back for more each time they receive their mails.

Having an email list is a true asset for your business. You have complete control of your email list.

  • It isn’t affected by algorithm changes.
  • It isn’t affected by policy changes.
  • It’s yours and it’s the ultimate asset.

Growing an email list should be a priority for EVERY business.

If you don’t have a newsletter set up on your blog, then you’re leaving huge money on the table.
So, therefore, set up an email list today. You can use the most simple and popularly known MailChimp to create your newsletter.

14. Promote Products On Holidays, Promos & “Large Shopping Periods”.

There are some certain times of the year where there is likely going to be more sales and shopping than normal. Mostly festival periods, and black friday. And that’s a great opportunity to promote products for your audiences and make more sales.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Let’s take black Friday as an example, normally on this period products prices are slashed than the usual (50% off). Leaving an eye popping price which definitely will attract thousands of online shoppers. This will be a good opportunity and an advantage to you as an Amazon associates member to promote products related to their niche and make more sales than usual.

15. Create A Post Guide On “How To Use A Product”.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

60% of affiliate marketers review products without actually using them, or having then in their possession. Why don’t you step a bit further and get the product so as to create an in-depth review regarding the product. By teaching your readers how to correctly use the product, and other detailed information they need to know.

You can do this by:

  • Purchase the product, then review it, later offering it as a giveaway to your readers.
  • Reach out to a seller on Amazon, and work out a deal in exchange for free products.
  • Ask a seller on Amazon for in-depth photos in exchange for sending traffic their way.
  • Go to your local department store and take in-person photos of the product.
  • Or, ask one of your friends or family members if they own it.

By doing this, it will make you stand out differently, build more connection and trustworthiness with your reader. And not making you look “spammy” or a hungry blogger that’s just trying to make a quick cash.

16. Tap Into Other Website’s Readers.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings


Guest posting on other people’s websites gives your Associates affiliate sites two distinct advantages.

  1. First, you gain authoritative links that help you rank better in the search engines.
  2. Second, you tap into an existing audience who are already interested in purchasing the types of products that you’re promoting.

In return these two makes you make more conversation and boost amazon affiliate earnings.

All you have to do is send out your first email.

To get started, search Google for “niche blog”, where you replace “niche” with your keywords, or your niche topic. Then gather a list of 100-200 blogs.

Once you have a list built, start going through each site until you find either a contact form, an email address that you can mail to, or a social media profile that the owner of the blog seems to be active on. Make an outreach by sending a mail stating your interest for guest posting.

17. Silo Your Contents And Create Sales Funnel.

Silo is a way of creating a sales channel or funnel to boost Amazon affiliate earnings.

You can setup what is known as a “funnel” and organize your content in a way that visitors are “funneled” down into the pages of your site that make you the most money.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

You can simply do this by monitoring, and analyzing your existing traffic to know which post makes the highest sales. Then you channel posts with low sales to posts with high traffic and high sales. This can easily be done by inserting a link inside of the low earning posts, letting readers know that they can find more information about products that may fill their need by clicking through to other posts on your site.
Note: Ensure you’re linking to related posts. This is SEO friendly and will create more good users experience

18. Give Choices (But Don’t Give Too Many).

It’s ok to provide your audience with numerous product choice which suits their needs, but sometimes you don’t have to overdo it. From my own experience i noticed that writing on a single product or about 2-3 products coverts more, than stuffing multiple products in your content.

Why is this?

Providing multiple choices (example 7-10 products) will put your readers in a state of confusion on which product to choose from, which they may end up not purchasing any product at all.

Increase amazon affiliate earnings

But above all, writing on a single product converts more sales, or try to limit your product choices to 2-5, you can as well distinguish them with their pros and cons. This will enable your readers know the product which exactly suits their needs.

19. Remove Other Ads Monetizing Method.

If your site is loaded with different forms of monetizing ads, then you’re definitely loosing money. Infact to be honest with you, a real affiliate marketer does his possible best to get his visitors full attention within his blog, communicating with them through his content and email list and at the end convince them to buy their promoted products to earn them their commission.

Increase amazon affiliate earnings

Including other forms of monetization to your site will be a distraction to your readers and may reduce the total number of clicks to your marchant site. In this case the automated ads you have on your site such as AdSense, mediavine, propeller etc is actually costing you money, because the cheap clicks you’re generating could be sent over to Amazon, generating you a substantially higher commission.

20. Tap From Social Media Traffic To Boost Sales.

Leverage social media to get your Affiliate posts exposed to large audeinces and boost your sales. Social Media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc are the best means of promotion.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Utilizing this strategy requires a little creativity on your part, because, most times, you aren’t going to be able to find a group or a page that’s strictly related to the types of products you’re promoting on Amazon, but by running Advertisement you’ll definitely cover more people.

Facebook and Twitter will help you reach thousands of people through Advertising which is definitely a good approach to increasing your Affiliate earnings. I personally promote my Affiliate posts using Facebook and the conversion rate is awesome. Here’s how to run a Facebook ads.

21. Use LongTail Keywords.

You should know that you’re not the first person to start up whatever Amazon Affiliate niche you’re on now. There are already top blogs with higher authority who are already in the game. These top blogs mostly uses short head keywords to rank their article. As a blogger who is new to the game, using same short head keyword is almost impossible to outrank them. This can also get your contents lost in search engine.

Example: Instead of going for short head keywords like “10 Best life jackets“, go for Longtail keywords like “10 Best life jackets under $50” or “10 Best life jackets for safe swimming

So, it’s a good approach to use Longtail keyword, this will help you rank higher and get your articles visible to users in search engines.

22. Be Honest & Transparent To Your Readers.

If you’re looking to build a solid trust and reputability with your readers then you have to be 100% honest and transparent.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

People don’t like to be decieved. They want to be told the truth, and your readers looks up to you for that. To build this trust with your readers then you have to be free of deceit and be sincere with them.

Disclose your Affiliate identity. Let them know that you’re an affiliate marketer and you will earn a small commission if they make a purchase through your Affiliate links.

In the case of writing about a product, you should open up and tell them everything they need to know about the product, including its Pros and Cons (advantage and disadvantage).

No product is perfect, there must be a downside of a product. By revealing this to your readers, you’re not only building a solid trust and reputability for your brand but also building a long term relationship with your readers which makes your brand or business stand out amongst others.

Wrapping It Up.

I have put all these techniques meantioned above into practice and believe me when i say I’m already seeing a positive result.

Before joining Amazon associates, i thought I’ll hardly make a sale. But the first month (January) I joined Amazon affiliates, I made 7 sales. (Without Advertising). This is nearly impossible because you have to build trust and reliance with your readers. But I was able to make my first 7 sales using the above meantioned techniques.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

Sincerely speaking I was happy and at the same time surprised, because I was able to make more than 3 sales before 6 months (which is a must do before being qualified to become a full Amazon associates member).

On February I made 19 sales. I kept pushing. I know its a gradual process, no short cut to success.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings

On March 19, 2020, I made 45 sales. That’s huge for a newbie like me😁. But definitely I know this is just the starting point. With hardwork and consistency, I’ll definitely get there.

Boost amazon affiliate earnings


With consistency, perseverance and resilience and of course using the methods mentioned above my Amazon afiliate revenue commission has grew massively. Below is what my earnings for the month of September, 2020 looks like.

Boost Amazon affiliate earning

Now, It’s Your Turn.

Now. It’s time to get to work. Use these above meantioned techniques to your advantage to boost your Amazon Affiliate earnings and become a successful Affiliate marketer.


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