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Bolt app– How to Download and Use the bolt app on Android phone

One of the fasted and growing taxi companies in Nigeria is bolt formally known as taxify. It is a worldwide company with over 3million customers in about 20 countries. Previously, we had reviewed Amazon website as one of the best site to buy and sell digital goods, you might consider checking it out!

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How to Become a Bolt Driver

For you to become a driver in the company you must meet certain requirements and have some valid documents.

Below are the requirements and documents:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Insurance
  • Smartphone with GPS
  • A 4 door, full functional AC that is not older than 13 years.
  • No criminal record

If you have the above requirements then you are good to sign up for an account, which does not take you more than 5minute to register.

Thereafter you will receive an update from email on upcoming training and date for document inspection.

After the inspection and every verification by any of the registering center, you will then move to the trading level.

However, the training usually takes between 1-3 days to get your account ready so that you can start making money.

Bolt was founded in 2013 in Estonia from a 19-year-old high school student named Markus villig, a taxi company connecting drivers and customers.

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Bolt is a taxi driving company that operates the bolt mobile application, which allows people to request a taxi from the comfort of their home with their smartphone.

The app is available for windows phone, iOS, and Android phones. To enjoy this wonderful opportunity visit the google play store, apple store or windows store depending on your phone type and download the app.

Let us now consider ways you can download and enjoy this app.

How to Download Bolt App as a Driver

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To drive on the Bolt platform, you will need to download the Bolt driver app on your smart device.

The Bolt driver app is free and available for Android and iOS devices. Follow the steps below to download your app.

Download for Android:

  • Download for Android (requires Android 4.1 or later):
  • Open Google Play on your device
  • Search for Bolt Driver
  • Tap on Install

Download for iOS (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; requires iOS 8.2 or later):

  • Open App Store on your device
  • Search for Bolt Driver
  • Tap on Get and then on Install
  • To access the Bolt driver app, a username and a prompt to create your password will be sent to you after you sign up. Please keep these credentials safe.

Note: It is highly advisable that you use a device that meets the recommended specifications.

How to Download Bolt App as a Customer

The bold app is more than just an app. As a customer, you will be connected to a taxi driver when once you make a request at an affordable price.

Depending on the type of smartphone you are using visit an app store, search for bolt and install the app.

Sign up for an account and an email will be sent to you with your username and password.

After that login and enjoy the following:

1. Request a Ride

In the app, you can request for a ride and choose a vehicle that meets your test and budget. Choose your location to request for a ride.

2. Ride

You can also monitor the location of your driver as he or she arrives on the map to pick you.

3. Pay & Rate

You can also rate your driver through the app and pay your fare automatically.

4. Reliable Rides

You’ll see your driver’s contact details and can rate them at the end of the trip. Your feedback helps the company keep the best drivers.

NOTE: No Cash, No Hassle. Pay in cash or add your credit card to the app and they’ll automatically charge it when you arrive.

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Convenient Business TripsYou can use Bolt for your personal or business trips. Switch the payment method at the tap of a button.

How to Join and make 400k weekly from Driving with Bolt

Bolt formally is known as taxify is one of the fastest-growing taxi driving company in Nigeria. With bolt, you can generate up to 400k per week driving part-time or full time.

You decide when to go to work, you are the boss of your own and best of all a good pay. In this article we will discuss all it takes to work with the company, starting from how to become a bolt driver, requirements, how to sign up and download the app, how to use the app to pick your first passenger and how you are being paid.

How to Download Bolt Driver App

To download the bolt drivers app which is available for both Android and iOS users visit the android play store, download the app and install it.

Login to your dashboard with your user name and password sent to you by email when your driver’s application was approved.

How to Use the Bolt App

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  • Swipe right to go online and set your driving radius
  • When you get a ride request, you will instantly see the pickup address, the distance to the passenger and the estimated time of arrival
  • Swipe right to accept the request – you have 20 seconds to do so
  • When you have reached the pickup point, swipe right to notify the passenger that you have arrived If your rider is not with you 4-5 minutes after reaching their pickup point, call them.
  • You can find the option to call the passenger when you click on the three stripes in the upper right corner.
  • If they don’t pick up, you can cancel the ride after 5 minutes. While this scenario of a rider not showing up is more the exception than the rule, your activity score won’t be affected if you mar “client did not show” as the reason for cancellation.
  • When you reach the set destination, swipe right to end the ride and wish your passenger a good day.
  • Politeness is key in keeping your riders happy and ratings high. You can read more about improving.
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How to Start Making your First 400k in a Week

Making up to 400k in a week actually depends on you. your pay actually depends on how active you are in the service and the distance you cover in a week. since 15% goes to the company and 85% to the driver. old time drivers with the money testify to this.

Short distance little money, long-distance much money. Customers pay for Taxify services in two ways – in cash or via card. Cash payments go directly to the driver while card payments reflect in your ending balance and are remitted at the start of each week.

If you are eligible to receive a payout, the funds send out during the first half of the week. Depending on your bank’s processing time, the funds should take between 1-2 business days to reflect in your account.

Finally, you can see that getting employment in bolt company is not a science rocket, is as simple and straight as shown above.

If you are interested to work with the company, visit their official website @ Or drop a comment if faced with any challenge.

Hope this post was helpful in one way or another. Cheers.

Bottom Line:

The above ways are the possible ways you can download and use the bolt app on your android phone and also make good money from driving bolt as bolt driver. Please drop your comments if there is any challenge, we are here to help or you can join our Facebook, WhatsApp, or forum group let’s discuss.

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