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There are millions of blog on the web own by millions of bloggers worldwide. And not all the bloggers will be successful with their blogging career; some will give up eventually, as well abandon their blog due to some difficulties such as:

Here is where Blogging Book comes to stay.

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What is Blogging Book?

The blogging book is a classic guide to learning the fundamentals of blogging. A book that provides all the essentials, tools, resources needed to start, grow and earn from a blog.

Inside blogging book you will learn everything about blogging such as:

Blogging book is the best book about blogging that every blogger needs to read to start, grow and monetize a blog today.

Why Blogging Book

There are different types of books about blogging on the web such as:

  • Content Inc (Teaches you how to develop an excellent plan for growing you audience and connecting with the right readers.
  • Epic Blog (Teaches how one can build a blog
  • Content that converts (teaches how to write long and engaging contents.
  • And lots more at Amazon Kindle

But, there is no book in the blogging history that has provided A-Z information about blogging starting from creating to finish. So, blogging book deserve a shout-out.

Features of blogging book

Blogging Book is composed of 16 chapters. Here are the features/chapters that are contain in blogging book.

Chapter 1. Introduction to blogging.

Blogging book start by giving a precise story of how blogs came about, and how it has turn to be a business for an individual and companies.

So, as one becoming a blogger there is need to know how blogging has eventually evolved overtime.

Chapter 2. What is Blogging

On the second chapter of blogging book, it explains what blogging is, and provided a concise history of blogging and the types of blogs that are present on the web today.

Chapter 3. Blogging platforms


In this chapter in blogging book, you will learn the different types of blogging platforms. A blogging platform is a software you use to create a blog and publish content.

It is a type of content management system ( CMS). There are a handful of blogging platforms available online which offer a set of blogging tools and services.

After reading blogging book chapter 3 you will be able to know the best blogging platform that will be suitable for you and how to create your blog within a few minutes.

Chapter 4. Blogging essentials

This is a list of things to think about first before you are ready to start blogging. Inside blogging book chapter 4, you will be able to know what are needed in the highest prority (like hosting, domain name, template, mailing list, social accounts and lots more) to starting profitable blog.

Chapter 5. creating a blogging strategy

Ater reading the chapter 5 of blogging book you will learn how to create a perfect blogging strategy that will fit your need. One of the most important prerequisites for successful blogging is planning.

If you approach blogging with a detailed strategy, this will help guide your articles and activities when creating, managing and promoting your blog. With blogging strategy, you design a plan of where you want blogging to take you.

Regardless, if you do blogging as a hobby, or you want to discover ways how to make blogging into a full-time job, creating a blogging strategy will help you reaching your goals and figuring out the right actions that will help you get there.

Chapter 6.  Integrating blogging into a business Strategy

Successful bloggers

If you already have an online business or a website, this is a chapter that will show you how and why you should implement blogging into your business strategy.

Business blogging is a strategy used in online marketing where the goal is to use blogging to improve your online business.

In this case, a blog becomes an online marketing tool for a company that uses it to support it business growth. A good example is Neilpatel who uses this strategy to get more clients for his business.

Chapter 7. The benefits of blogging

Blogging Book: The killer guide to make money blogging 1

Blogging book clears the fact why people often wonder if blogging is a necessary part of online business. Does it really make such a difference for a business or an individual to have or not to have a blog?.

The main reason why blogging is highly recommended is the fact that is brings so many benefits for both individuals and companies.

Also, numerous statistics and industry reports keep confirming the fact that companies that blog see a lot of benefits from this activity, regardless if they generate leads, increase traffic, or boost sales.

Chapter 8. Blogging outreach and guest blogging

successful blogs

Inside chapter 8 in blogging book you will learn what is blogger outreach and guest blogging. Among many strategies to help bloggers succeed, bloggers outreach and guest blogging are strategies that have shown great potential and enabled many blogs to expand their reach, traffic, revenue tremendously.

Chapter 9. Vlogging  

Blogging tools

Blogging book also goes the extra miles to explain what vlogging is and how to be successful as a vlog blogger. 

You may want to ask why is vlogging included in blogging book. The short answer is everyone is witnessing the remarkable growth of video on the internet.

Just to illustrate the omnipresence of video, it is reported that 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook everyday. Whereas Youtube reports 1billion hours of videos are watched daily.

Chapter 10. Making a living through blogging

blogging tools for beginners

From a hobby popularized during the early 2000s to one of the most desirable careers of the 2010s, blogging has opened up so many opportunities for people to earn money online. Today, a lot of blogs are created with the primary aim of making money online.

The opportunities depends on the types of blog, the language to write in and the audience you are targeting.

However, with the help of Blogging book you will be able to uncover the various monetization strategies on how you can make a living through blogger as contained in chapter 9.

Chapter 11. Tips to help you run a successful blog

Blogging tools

Motivation is what we use to live our various life. Blogging book also comes with motivation for bloggers to inspire them attain success. Some bloggers give up when they face obstacles or might get discouraged by a slow start.

To make sure you stay motivated and you continue optimizing your blog like successful bloggers do. Get a copy of Blogging Book.

Chapter 12. Mistakes to avoid when blogging

Blogging mistakes

There are no secrets, with blogging book you will uncover those mistakes you are to avoid, if you want to make success in the blogging career.

There are a lot of mistakes you can do that will desire you blog to fail even before you get any chance of succeeding. So, with blogging book you will be able to detect those mistakes before it is too late.

Chapter 13. The most popular tools for bloggers.

Blogging tools

Bloggers need variety of tools if they want to turn blogging into a profitable career and blogging book comes with a handful of the best tools used by bloggers and how to use and implement this tools.

After reading blogging book chapter 13, you will discover that not all blogging tools are necessary for every blogger, nor will every one find them useful, but you will be able to determine the best tool that fits your type of blog.

Chapter 14 Blogging as a part of online marketing

It has been mentioned on several occasions that blogging is part of online marketing. Essentially, it is a strategy that is closely linked to many other segments that together makes what we know as online marketing i.e., the promotion of a brand or business using online resources, SEO, media.

Regardless if you are blogging as a company or an individual, regardless your type of blog, popularity, blogging should be always be connected with other segments of online promotion.

Inside blogging book chapter 14 you will be able to complement each other multiple ways of online marketing, allowing you an opportunity to make the most out of all of them such as:

  • Content optimization
  • Content distribution
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Blogging and social media marketing
  • Diversify content share on social networks
  • Improve content distribution
  • Increase visibility
  • Get traffic
  • Blogging and lead generation
  • Blogging to improve your business

Chapter 15. Blogging Glossary

In this chapter of blogging book you will learn the blogging terms A-Z used in blogging and the definition of those terms.

Chapter 16. Questionnaire

This is awesome, blogging books comes with questionnaire(a form containing a list of questions; a means of gathering information for a survey.
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Blogging books

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