7 Essential Blogging Attitudes that makes a Successful Blog


I don’t know who need to hear this,

To every journey to success there’s always a roadmap or an attitude or trait attached to It.

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Like If you want to be Wealthy, you must work your ass up, invest or either way come from a wealthy family.

Same goes to blogging, there are certain blogging attitudes you must possess as a blogger before you can secure a successful blogging journey.

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The secret, you ask?


And what are these essential blogging attitudes?

Essentially blogging attitudes

There are so many on the countdown, like you know to be successful in blogging you must be consistent and stay positive.

But then, out of all the numerous blogging attitudes, we are going to look at the 7 best/essential blogging attitudes that will determine how successful a blogger can become.

7 Essential Blogging attitudes

  1. Passionate
  2. Planning
  3. Honest
  4. Consistency
  5. Lucrative
  6. Invest
  7. Patience

Being Passionate

Being Passionate about blogging is the number one blogging attitude a blogger should possess.

Out of 99.9% of successful bloggers says.

At first I started blogging out of passion not knowing I can make a living out of it.


So what does it takes to be passionate about blogging?

It takes just the willingness to start a blog about what entices you, something that is link to your desire or want.

When you have that strong feeling towards what you are blogging about (your blog niche) your blog visitors will smell it off and also confine with your blog, and you make more money.

But, if you blog about a topic or you find yourself in a blogging niche you are not passionate or knowledgeable about, it won’t take long before your visitors will figure out.

And they will depart from your blog, like why on earth will they love what your articles when you the author don’t love it.

Proper Planning

If you fail to plan that means you are indirectly planning to fail. Starting a blog without proper planning is like going to a farm without a cutlass, Hoe or any other working materials.

It so dumb, there isn’t any event that goes solely okay without proper planing. So planing is a must have blogging attitude to become successful in blogging.

From the Day #1 of creating your blog, you must have setup a roadmap, that will determine how to drive traffic to your blog, how to make money off your blog.

So start planning today, if you have failed to plan.

Being Honest

How to start an IT Consulting Business

It pays to be honest. And when it comes to blogging, it is among the best blogging attitude a blogger must have if he/she wants to secure a successful blogging career or business precisely.

99% of bloggers make money blogging through affiliate programs.

So this is where Honesty comes to play.

Successful bloggers don’t lie in the process of promoting affiliate offers, just to make money.

This is because they might still make money but at the end they will loose followers, trust when people learn the truth about the false offer they promote.

So being honest about offers you promote will help you build your blog fast, and also you achieve success.


Start a business

It doesn’t matter if you blog per-time or full-time. What matters is how consistent you are.

Do you have a blogging calender?
Do you even stick to it?

You can never succeed in blogging if you keep on procrastinating.

Like my friend Jay,

when he started is blog newly, he was brave to setup a blogging calender for himself.

And on the calender he was suppose to publish 1 blog post weekly, and he kept to it.

Sooner, due to challenges he couldn’t keep to his blogging calender.

He kept saying, I will publish it maybe tomorrow and this attitude went on and on and now Jays got tired of blogging due to frustration.

Don’t be like my friend Jay.

Be Lucrative

How to s

Being lucrative is the best blogging attitude you will ever need to run a blog successful.

What it entails is being able to learn new things, manufacture mind blowing ideas that people will love.

Lucrative as a blogging attitude will help you save money on paycheck.

Here is why.

Blogging comprises of several skills, and it obvious you can’t master all, and that why you need the number 6 best blogging attitude which is Investment. So you can hire a service of a professional.

But, when you are able to learn new things effectively, with time you will acquire several essential blogging skills, and then you won’t need to hire a professional to do a particular job for you over again.

Just because you have learnt how to DIY (do it yourself) .


To be a successful blogger you must have the attitude of an investor.

I know you may ponder, what do I need to invest on.

Apart from your hosting and domain fees, to secure a successful blogging career you must invest in several paid tools, taking a premium course or hiring a service of a professional (might be a SEO expert).

I remember I said you should be lucrative, (scroll back to no. 5 best blogging attitudes). But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to seek for professional services.

You must need to invest in one thing or the other especially SEO.

I just hope you know what SEO means cause if you stop doing it or You never tried doing it at all.

According to searchengineland.com this is what will happen to your blog if you stop doing SEO


You can’t be a Jack of all trades, that’s not possible.

So that’s why you have to invest either on paid blogging toolkit, service of a freelancer or a SEO expert.

Being Patience

I am sure you are familiar with this quote.

Patience is virtue.


Well, it is my favorite quote and it barely escapes my lips.

You need to be patience if you really want to be a successful blogger.

You have to understand the fact that blogging is a part-time/full-time life business and not a get rich scheme.

You definitely know you can make a lot of money through blogging, but it’s not going to happen overnight.

Making money from a blog is tied up to a number of factors like,

And you can’t just start a blog today, and achieve all this factors immediately, it is just impossible.

You can spend money to buy a hosting and domain, set up your brand new blog and still you won’t be able to make money after 1 month, 5 month, 9 months or even 1 year time.

So are you just going to quit? I hope not.

If you breeze through the blogging journey of most successful bloggers you will get to discover that it took some months, years, or so to discover how to make money from their blog.

The moral lesson is to be patience, we all live in our different time zone.


I am grateful to share these essential blogging attitudes that makes a successful blogging business.

These are blogging attitudes you can’t do without, so just like a no brainer, start practicing them, and never give up on blogging.



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  1. Being a blogger has been my side dream. It was more fun considering the fact that you can make money from it. What’s more fun than doing what you love and making money from it.

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