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Bitwala is a German crypto exchange considered distinct from the other cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. As a player with unique features in the crypto industry, Bitwala provides a tripartite platform integrating a trading service, a crypto wallet (for Bitcoin and Ethereum) and a regular bank account.

Essentially, Bitwala is believed to have attained lofty heights in its service offering particularly with the recent benefit of interest earnings (on Bitcoin accounts) pegged at an annual rate of 3.95%.

By and large, Bitwala has been described as an all-inclusive German bank account combining Fiat and cryptocurrencies and in this article, you’re bound to learn more about Bitwala including how you can register with the Berlin company.

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Bitwala’s Bank Account

Bitwala offers an all-inclusive bank account which integrates Fiat and cryptocurrencies, making it easy for users to execute daily transactions both via the desktop and while on the go. With the aid of this Bitwala-provided bank account, you’re able to trade your BTCs for the equivalent amount in euros so that you can make payments for certain purposes.

Moreover, you have the enviable opportunity to directly sell and purchase Bitcoin through Bitwala. This is to say that after making payment from your checking account for the Bitcoin purchased, you’ll subsequently receive the corresponding amount of Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet. In the instance that you’re selling Bitcoin, Bitwala will take off the Bitcoin amount from your wallet so that your credit account receives the corresponding amount in EUR.

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Bitwala’s Crypto Wallet


The Bitwala crypto wallet is compatible with both Ethereum and Bitcoin, hence facilitating the sending, transmission and storage of ETH and BTC. Also, using the Bitwala crypto wallet guarantees you the ease of exchanging cryptos for Fiat or Fiat for cryptos as the case may be. Importantly, the Bitwala crypto wallet lets you exercise unrestricted control over your backup phrase and your private keys.


Bitwala’s Debit Card

The Bitwala debit card, a kind of Mastercard, simulates a common debit card and is usable for free cash withdrawals from any ATM in the world. In addition to its unrestricted usability across all places of the world with Mastercard support, the Bitwala debit card can be used for contactless payment and it comes with 3D Secure which gives the assurance of added security during online shopping. For being a kind of Mastercard, Bitwala’s debit card is well suited for travellers as they’re able to use it almost anywhere in the world.


Bitwala and Tax Reporting

Bitwala is considered highly useful particularly for a number of its added features including tax reporting. Simply put, Bitwala is in partnership with CryptoTax so that Bitwala users can easily fetch ready-to-use records concerned with the tax authorities of their transactions. Therefore, with just a couple of clicks, you can rest assured of obtaining a customized record of the tax charges for your crypto purchases and sales.


Getting Registered with Bitwala

Registering with Bitwala involves creating a Bitwala account and before you’re deemed eligible for this, you must have met the following conditions:

  • Being a resident of any of EU territories
  • Possessing a document for evidence of address
  • Being over 18 years old and possessing an authentic passport or ID card
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Bitwala’s registration occurs in two phases and provided that you fulfill all the conditions outlined earlier, you can proceed to the first phase which involves opening a bank account. Subsequently, you’ll undergo the second phase which involves identity verification via a video call with a Bitwala partner.



It’s beyond doubt that Bitwala is a highly usable crypto trading avenue for people (such as Europeans) who specialize in EUR-specific crypto transactions and who’re hell bent on a trading medium suitable for both Fiat and cryptocurrencies.

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