BioReigns Reviews- Honest and Complete Reviews about this CBD MLM.

In this article, we will be looking at a thorough review of BioReigns. We will talk about what BioReigns is all about, we will also discuss the possiblity of BioReigns being  a scam or truly legitimate, and we will talk about the merits and demerits of doing business with BioReigns. Let’s get started.
What is BioReigns about? BioReigns - Home
BioReigns is a MLM marketing company that deals mainly in CBD-based products mainly in the Health and Wellness category. In the MLM industry, a new niche has just been gaining recognition and that is the CBD niche.
So, if you are a CBD enthusiast, then BioReigns is for you. BioReigns is a great way for CBD enthusiasts to make money or earn income passively. BioReigns was founded by Bryan Reed and Jojo Dominic Contino. And BioReigns is best for people who can go about marketing their CBD products to the public confidently and in a legal setting.
What do we mean by CBD? CBD stands for Cannabidiol. And Cannabidiol is just the scientific name for the medicinal parts of Cannabis (Marijuana) or Hemp. But this medicinal part does not have any psychoactive properties.
The Cannabidiol industry (CBD) has been evolving over the years and a lot of testing is carried out to ascertain its efficiency. There is also the CBD oil. This oil has so many health benefits that people can gain from.
Is BioReigns legit or fake? BioReigns is not fake in anyway. The MLM is actually very legitimate and it is not a Ponzi scheme. But many of their customers have confessed that, you won’t be earning much from BioReigns. The MLM has low income potential, so that is the only set-back to this MLM. Asides from that, BioReigns is very real.
Does BioReigns have a website? Yes, BioReigns has a website live on the internet that you can always access at anytime on www.bioreigns.com where you can get more information about their products. The website was launched in February 2018 although the BioReigns company itself did not launch until September 2019.
What are some BioReigns Products? BioReigns - Home Even at the fact that BioReigns just recently launched and is still somewhat new in the industry, BioReigns has a good number of CBD products available for you. All of the CBD products are manufactured in USA.
So, some of the products they have include; – CBD Daily: This is one of their most popular products and it is a water-soluble complex made from Hemp and is sold at around $70 for its 30ml bottle.
– CBD Daily Full Spectrum: This is a variety of the CBD Daily which we mentioned above, and it is sold for around $70 for its 30ml bottle. And its Extra Strength Version is sold at around $90 as of now.
– Limitless: This is another product you can get from BioReigns and is listed among the products on their website. Limitless are CBD capsules that costs around $70 and each one has 60 capsules.
– CBD Lean: This particular product was made to effectively help the consumer maximize his body’s ability to burn calories. It is sold at a retail price of $90 presently and it comes in a 30ml bottle pack.
Pet Tincture: This brand of CBD product is water-soluble and they are CBD tinctures that are sold at a retail price of $50 for each 30ml bottle. This tincture is perfect for pets. – BioReigns Relief Cream: This is another CBD product that is a pain-relief cream for easing pain. It comes in a 100ml bottle and costs $50 for each. – Relief Lotion: This lotion is infused with many herbal extracts like Horse Chestnut extract, Calendula extract, Arnica extract, and a number of body enriching essential oils.
There are many more products that are sold by BioReigns and you can visit their website to see a full list of the products. Many of these products are also available on Amazon but are rather costly.
Things To Know About BioReigns. – Product Manufacturing. The very fact that BioReigns products are manufactured in the USA is a very important factor. On the BioReigns website, the company claims that their products are manufactured in America.
This is a very good thing because if you are buying their products, you need to ascertain if they meet  a set  standards and required quality. In the USA, the FDA are in charge of making sure that all beauty and ingestible products are safe.
The same goes for CBD products too. The products must meet recommended standards and pass required tests in order to be certified as safe for the general public.
– A setback of BioReigns. One thing that BioReigns does not provide is the details of how the extraction of CBD raw materials is carried out. It is a bit necessary for any company that deals in CBD products to let consumers know where they get their supply of hemp from. It is common practice to be open about this in the CBD industry. This is because many CBD companies want the public to know that they are getting their hemp supply from legal and quality places.
– Testing Process. As for testing of BioReigns products, they claim that their products are tested by EVIO Labs. EVIO Labs are well known and trusted and are also the ones that test CTFO products as well. And on BioReigns’ documentation page on their website, the test certificates and accreditation numbers are there for the public. As of the time this article was written, BioReigns is not a member of the USA’s Hemp Authority. This is the union that helps to govern companies that deal in Hemp.
– Do BioReigns products work? BioReigns has said on their website that their products will work wonders for the body and your health. They also have a number of videos on the internet where they talk about the benefits of their products to the body.
But as of now, the only CBD product that is certified by USA FDA is Epidiolex which is a drug that is used for treating seizures. This drug has gone through rigorous testing procedures and standards but it is the only CBD drug approved by the US FDA.
How Can You Make Money with BioReigns? There are two basic ways through which you can make money with BioReigns.
They are: – Through the commissions you make from selling their retail products – Through the commissions made residually through hiring a team. Visit their website at www.bioreigns.com for more information about their activation packages to start making money.

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