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Prosper Otemuyiwa is a prominent Nigerian programmer who markets himself as Technology Advocate, Builder of Communities, Developer Advocate, Prolific Writer and Professional Trainer.

Driven by his ambition to leverage technology for problem solving, Prosper Otemuyiwa was motivated to take up reputable positions at different tech companies. His years of programming experience, coupled with excellent output, have unarguably earned him an enviable title as one of Nigeria’s best programmers.

By virtue of his programming skill, Prosper Otemuyiwa has earned huge recognition as a highly ranked PHP developer. In Github’s ranking published in 2016, Prosper claimed the second position on the top chart of the world’s leading PHP developers. While Github’s ranking revealed that Prosper outclassed Facebook in his ascendancy to the second position, this impressive feat happens to have earmarked the highest point in Prosper’s career.

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Prosper is widely acclaimed as the developer of a beginner-focused programming package known as the Laravel Hackaton Starter pack. The package has been described as an effective tool for programming amateurs to quickly hone their programming skills and become experts.

Prior to his rise into the limelight as one of Nigeria’s leading programmers, Prosper served under Andela as a technical trainer. He has also served under Auth0 as a technical writer.

In 2015, Prosper Otemuyiwa volunteered as a programming tutor at Grow with Nigeria where he organized a brief tutorial for a set of students. During the tutorial session, which lasted one hour, Prosper walked the students through such programming aspects as JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Remarking about the session, Prosper explained that it was intended to break down the complexity of software engineering to those (among the students) who might want to tread the path.


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Prosper Otemuyiwa was enrolled in Federal Government Academy (Centre for the Gifted & Talented) between 2002 and 2008 for his secondary education. In 2009, he proceeded to Babcock University for his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Prosper graduated from Babcock University in 2013.

Previous Professional Roles

Prosper, who is a co-founder of Eden Life Inc, is said to have held reputable positions in the past. Starting with Swapspace Systems where he served as Java Instructor between May 2012 and August 2012, hardworking Prosper would go on to hold notable positions in different companies including Anakle, E-Commerce Outsource Services, Udacity, Andela, Auth0, Google and Meteor Development Group.

Here is information about some of the companies Prosper has worked with:

  1. Andela

Andela is a worldwide tech company aimed at developing tech-inclined individuals into top-class developers. Not only does Andela build individuals into high-level developers but also, the company links global brands to these developers.

Basically, Andela zooms in on the African continent for individuals with “developer” instincts and then builds them into world-class developers who can perfectly work with Andela’s partners across the globe.

A good number of Andela-trained developers have gone ahead to serve as full-time team members of some Fortune 500 companies and acclaimed startup companies.

At Andela, Prosper served as a technical trainer between November 2014 and June 2016. During his time at the tech company, Prosper partnered with a group of experts working towards building the next generation of software engineers.

  1. Auth0

Auth0 bills itself as an “enterprise-grade” outfit with immense focus on removal of complex identity requirements that may be associated with APIs and applications. How Auth0 achieves this is by providing enterprises with an effective cloud solution that gets rid of friction pertaining to authentication.

In this regard, Auth0 proffers an enterprise-oriented and friction-less solution, hence incorporating convenience into the identity aspect of APIs and apps.

At Auth0, Prosper served as a technical writer producing the technical guides on how to use Auth0. He also engaged in the writing of relevant blog posts as well as conducting research into latest technologies.

  1. Google

Google is one of the world’s leading tech companies headquartered in the United States. It is a global developer of software solutions and it runs a developer-focused programme known as Google Developer Experts (GDEs). Google Developer Experts are tech gurus recognized for their proficiency in any of Google’s developer technologies. In appreciation of their vast experience and knowledge, Google Developer Experts are summoned to address the GDE community which already flourishes with mentors, experts and other influential minds in the developer world.

Google Developer Experts are availed the opportunity of delivering speeches at events both within and outside their countries. They (GDEs) are proudly independent developers with remarkable portfolios in their areas of specialization. GDEs are experts who have had a wealth of experience with Google technologies. Therefore, they are called upon to share such experience with global developer communities.

Prosper Otemuyiwa was a GDE member between September 2016 and June 2018. Remarkably, he belongs to the clique of few Nigerian programmers who happen to have made it to the reputable GDE community.

  1. Meteor Development Group

Meteor Development Group is a programming-inclined company with a good number of excellent products.

Touting itself as an open-source company with focus on GraphQL and JavaScript, Meteor Development Group is the proud developer of Meteor, Optics and Apollo. Meteor is described as the commonest full-stack framework to help adapt modern JavaScript for the creation of real-time applications. Optics, in the second place, is a GraphQL-dedicated APM tool and is suitable for keeping tabs on performance. Coming as another GraphQL-dedicated tool, Apollo is a combo of resources for developers to optimize their use of GraphQL.

At Meteor Development Group, Prosper served as Developer Advocate and partnered with a team of experts; product managers and engineers; in working out the best solutions for worldwide app developers to successfully utilize Apollo.


As shown in Prosper’s Linkedin profile, the proficient programmer is a member of several relevant groups including Andela Alumni –Official Group, TECHNOLOGY JOBS NETWORK -#1 IT Careers Group, Meteor, Laravel PHP Framework, SUPERCODERS, Technical Writer in Action, and Federal Government Academy Nigeria Alumni.

Career Awards

Prosper Otemuyiwa is the proud winner of some awards. He bagged most of the awards while at Babcock University. Below is a list of the programmer’s awards:

  1. First Runner Up, Computer Programming/Software Development (2011), awarded by Nigeria Computer Society
  2. Winner, Software Exhibition (2012), awarded by Babcock University
  3. Winner, Code Fest Competition (2013), awarded by Babcock University
  4. Programmer of the Year (2013), awarded by Babcock University


For the fact that Prosper Otemuyiwa’s profile speaks for its owner, there is no need stressing that Prosper is one of Nigeria’s top-class programmers. Over the years, the prominent programmer has not only taken up important technical roles but also contributed to the technological community as a creator of impactful solutions.

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