Biography Of Frodd –Former Big Brother Naija Housemate,Education and Lifstyle


Biography Of Frodd –Former Big Brother Naija Housemate

Frodd, born in Anambra state, Eastern Nigeria, is one of the widely admired participants at the 2019 edition of the reality TV show BBNaija. Emerging as the second runner-up at the show, Frodd has taken the advantage of his BBNaija appearance to shoot into limelight. Besides being a model, Frodd expands his professional life as an entrepreneur cum investment consultant.

Frodd, who goes by the birth name Chukwuemeka Okoye, is a native of Anambra state and is widely admired for his role at 2019 BBNaija popularly tagged Pepper Dem Gang.

He’s fondly remembered for his BBNaija love intrigues with Esther, a fellow housemate at BBNaija 2019. Despite that Esther turned down Frodd’s advances initially, Frodd didn’t give up on her but instead, he became more emotionally inclined towards her. In the end, Esther fell in love with Frodd after having discerned that he was truly madly in love with her.

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In the course of 2019 BBNaija, Frodd claimed he wouldn’t quit the reality TV show for anything, not even owning millions of dollars. He said he would continue participating in the show owing to the belief that no amount of money could buy the experience the show availed him of.

Biography Of Frodd –Former Big Brother Naija Housemate,Education and Lifstyle


Not much is known about the actual primary and secondary schools Chukwuemeka Okoye attended and the course he studied at the tertiary level. Nevertheless, the former BBNaija housemate had all of his basic, secondary and tertiary education in his state of origin, precisely Anambra. Upon the completion of his secondary education, he proceeded to Anambra State University, Awka, from which he acquired a BSc.


Frodd claims to maintain a lifestyle which blends humility, determination and gentility. While maintaining his dislikes for gossiping and pride, Frodd further revealed that he is averse to hurting fellow humans and always tries to mend his past mistakes particularly those relating to his business life.

Courtesy of his business-oriented nature, Frodd pins his belief on determination, humility and hard work as he maintains that these are the ingredients for one to succeed in life. Some of the other striking attributes worthy of admiration in Frodd are handsomeness, skillfulness and creativity.

Also, Frodd is described as a keen lover of his mother. He’s known for being emotionally inclined towards his mother and has regarded footing his mother’s hospital bill as the turning point in his life. In fact, the former BBNaija housemate once made the pledge to pay his mother back for always being his backbone in times of difficulty. In his description of his mother, he says she’s “a wonderful woman” whom he’ll always be ready to go any length in pleasing.

As a lover of fun, Frodd combines a number of hobbies which include meeting new friends, cooking food and traveling about. Besides his passionate disposition towards BBNaija and the way things are done on the reality show, Frodd is a lover of challenging fun and this is likely one of the things that prompted him into the TV show. Although he eventually emerged as the second runner-up, Frodd claimed to be a fashion lover and would like to expand his fashion brand as well as establish an NGO for single mothers through BBNaija prize money.

Net Worth

Not much his known about Frodd’s assets and the likes but the popular one-time BBNaija housemate is rumoured to be worth $100,000.

BBNaija Frodd’s Short Profile

Frodd BBNaija Biography and Net Worth - Austine Media

Full Name: Chukwuemeka Okoye

Nationality: Nigerian

Birth Date: February 4, 1991

State of Origin: Anambra

Place of Birth: Anambra state

Occupation: Entrepreneur and Investment Consultant


We believe this post has provided you with everything you’ve been seeking to know about BBNaija’s Frodd. While Frodd is widely regarded as a humble and easy-going BBNaija superstar, one of the striking attributes in him is his emotional inclination towards family.

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