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Yahoo! That is no doubt one of the most popular brands today and in world history. Yahoo Mail, its greatest offering has been with us since the 20th century, late 90s to be more specific. It is in its entirety an email (online-based mail for starters) service that focuses primarily on handling, sending, and receiving emails between its users.

Yahoo Mail began at a time where people needed to take the relatively tedious process of locating and utilizing postal offices in order to send and receive mails to and from their loved ones, colleagues and associates.

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One dominant demerit to this is the long durations that sent mails to take prior to reaching their targets. You may not know this but sometimes mails could take well over a year before reaching the required persons.

Then came along Yahoo Mail which offered users the platform to send/receive emails (formerly mails) instantly and the rest, as we know, is history. Yahoo Mail has experienced exponential growth and is so popular, there are 227.8 million monthly users and a whopping 26 billion emails sent daily!

Due to the ever-increasing figures, the developers at Yahoo Mail release updates and features periodically to help maintain the efficiency and high standards of the email service. While these updates improve the service as a while sincerely, one of their more recent security updates hasn’t gone down too well with users. Of the new developments that have caused stirs and grumblings among dedicated users of the email service, these two stand out:

  • Users with dynamic IP addresses get logged out for no reason.
  • Repeated security captcha validation even when on the same network.

These issues have prompted users to look out for solutions like proxies as a means of bypassing all the problems associated with the new security updates.

So if you have faced or are facing similar problems, you are in the right place at the right time. Today we’ll be touching on some of the best Yahoo Mail Proxy Servers.

Before using proxies

I know you’re eager to get to the main subject. Just hear me out and digest the coming information. Before making use of proxy servers, it’s important to know that there are certain actions that must be taken before you can effectively utilize them. These actions are browser-specific and I’ll be outlining how you can prepare Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers for mail proxies.

Setting up Google Chrome

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Choose a proxy.
  3. Click on the browser Menu.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Choose Advanced.
  6. Under System, click Open Proxy Settings.
  7. Click LAN Setting and a dialogue will appear.
  8. Click Proxy Server.
  9. Enter the port number and address of the proxy you intend using (We’ll discuss some proxies shortly).
  10. Click OK and you’re done.

Setting up Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the Firefox browser.
  2. Choose a proxy.
  3. Click on the browser Menu.
  4. Click on Options.
  5. Choose Network Proxy.
  6. Click on Settings.
  7. Enter the port number and address of the proposed proxy.
  8. Mark the Use this proxy server checkbox for all protocols seen.
  9. Click on OK. That’s it

Now that we’ve gotten the mandatory preparations done and out of the way, let’s get to the proxies.

Best Yahoo Mail Proxies

  1. US proxy: This is a free proxy that is tailored to access websites exclusive to the United States and in the long run, Yahoo Mail. Users of this proxy have access to public proxy. One great feature about this proxy server is that it updates itself every 10 minutes. However, should you need a faster, better, more efficient and stable connections with access to more than 70 private proxies, you might want to consider the premium version called My IP Hide. This comes with a subscription fee to be paid monthly, yearly or every 6 months. Below is a summary of the subscription plans:
  • $8.52 for a 1-month plan.
  • $41.88 for a 6-month plan (paid $6.98/month).
  • $67.56 for a 12-month plan (paid $5.63/month).
  • K Proxy: This is a reliable proxy server that grants access to private countries in many countries right off the bat. The free proxy also grants access to the public proxy. Like the US proxy, you are given an option for faster, better, more efficient and stable connections albeit on subscribing to their premium plans and the go for:
  • $5/month for 10 days.
  • $10/month for 30 days.
  • $30/month for 180 days.
  • Zalmos Web Proxy: Arguably the king of free servers, Zalmos web proxy provides users access to a host of private proxies all at absolutely zero cost. It is a great choice for users looking for a quick fix and aren’t keen on speed or stability. Alongside the Yahoo Mail proxy, Zalmos web proxy also gives proxy lists to a whole lot of other websites.
  • Proxy Docker: This is yet another proxy server that supplies free proxy lists for many countries. This proxy grants users access to public proxy and gets updated every minute (now would you look at that!). Proxy Docker resumes the tradition of servers offering premium plans for generally better experiences. The pricing looks like this:
  • $9.9 for the monthly plan.
  • $24.9 for the 3-month plan.
  • $44.9 for the 6-month plan.
  • $79.9 for the yearly plan.

Alternative to Proxy Servers – VPN

Ever heard of a Virtual Private Network (popularly referred to as VPN)? If you haven’t, they are networks that primarily focus on providing users with access to private proxy servers in different locations worldwide. While these shares similarities with proxy servers, the main difference is that VPNs save you the stress of copying and pasting proxy settings to your browsers. You just get a VPN tool, launch, and use. It can’t get easier than that. Some trusted and reliable VPNs are:

  • CyberVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • IP Vanish
  • Express VPN

Final Remarks

With all the methods highlighted above, you no longer have to face issues logging into and using Yahoo Mail with ease. All the security features/inconveniences can now be bypassed easily. After all, you aren’t a robot trying to use their platform (or are you… :0). Have fun using Yahoo Mail without hassles from now on. Peace.

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