6 Best VPN for Nigeria [Free & Premium]

6 Best VPN for Nigeria [Free & Premium]

This is a time the authorities are raising different policies around trying to censor the internet, in Nigeria, the freedom you have online is reducing every other day as the government continues to find means to clamp down the internet and social media.

In a world with internet surveillance being on the increase having a VPN is the only way to hide who you are online, where you are and as well hide what you’re up to online from prying eyes.

What the government or other security agencies can try to censor the activities of people online. so you should a Nigerian and stay in Nigeria and you’re looking for a way to be able to use the internet without censorship then this guide is written for you. one of the ways you can avoid such censorship is through the use of a VPN.

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VPN anti-censorship internet platforms that users can employ to access a website that are censored or blocked in their geographical location for example if eventually some websites are blocked from access in Nigeria by the government or any other authority you can try VPN gain access to such website and make use of them, with the peace of mind without the government or any other concerned authority finding out about what you doing.

Also a VPN gives you the luxury of protection from any form of online monitoring. You can potentially stay safe from the dreadedness of the internet while keeping your devices and documents private, safe, and secure.

While some people use VPN for purely business reasons some use it to gain access to dating websites and other social networking platforms that otherwise would not accept or allow users from Nigeria.

Take for an example, dating websites such as plenty of fish (PoF) is not accepting users from Nigeria due to the number of reported scam from the African Nation, however, if you think you don’t deserve to be censored this way due to the undoings of others then a VPN can come in handy to gain access to such website.

The saddening thing is, there are plenty of websites they are excluding Nigeria from the list of countries they offer their services. Another instance is a good number of e-commerce websites that are particular of not accepting sales from Nigeria and other African countries due to the high Scam alert from the region.

While all hopes is not lost in using these services the only way there is through the use of VPN this way you can boycott some of these internet restrictions, the VPN works in a way that it masks your IP address and change it to one of the countries (international IP addresses) that are acceptable on such website or online service.

For example, a user from Nigeria with a local IP from the country cannot access online subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix US which offers premium content, more user-friendly, and better-incentivized features than Netflix Nigeria. To use such service while in Nigeria you will need to use the service of a reliable premium VPN provider, such as some of the ones we’ll be recommending on this page in the next lines below.

In most cases, you’re allowed to make a choice of countries and states, because interestingly some websites also form restrictions to web users based on State.

VPN simply stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN). There is more to using VPNs than just keeping safe online. There are lots of good VPN service providers, too many of them that you may get confused about which one to subscribe to.

In order to help alleviate such confusion, we have put together a guide like this one for you. In this article we highlight the best VPN services in Nigeria band also offer some information that can help you stay safe and secure online while leaving in Nigeria.

Before I list out the best VPNs in Nigeria, I will explain shed more light on some reasons why someone who lives in Nigeria should use a VPN service.

How to use VPN services in Nigeria

Now that you have seen the different providers of VPN services in Nigeria it is time for you to make a pick on which is ideal for you depending on their number of features that appeals to you.

Proceed by signing up with your choice of VPN then have the software installed on all of your devices including mobile devices. usually, most of the VPN providers have different software across multiple platforms for example you can have a decent VPN service run on your Windows PC as well as on your iOS devices or Mac OS and as well as on your Android devices with a single subscription.

Launch the VPN software on your device and select your preferred country or locations. in some cases, some VPN providers recommend a particular country location for you.

Free VPN?

Top VPNs always come a little bit pricier and most of the time you’re not sure if it’s worth it throwing such huge bucks per year on such services. Owing to this we will be listing out some free VPNs you can try out at the moment if you feel unready to spend money on premium VPN service.

At this point you have to be extra careful when you’re making a pick of free VPN to use, you want to be sure your free VPN, is safe and secure as expected. Most free VPN carries malware that can pose a lot of security threats and also add a lot of inconvenience to you.

The companies running such free VPN software often ad advertising malware so they generate more revenue from their users. For example, VPN Master is a typical example of such a free VPN.

Some reports have it that VPN master carries more than 8 different malware which is something you should be worried about. Also, Free VPN service providers most of the time collect the data of their users and market it off to advertisement agencies looking for such data.

For example, PsiphonVPN clearly stated in their Policy something related to this, even though many users that use the free VPN don’t care more about this probably because they are not aware of how much they are risking with their personal data.

One of the reasons anyone would think of using a VPN in the first place is to make sure that their privacy is secured, so it’s really not anything near interesting when VPN uses malware to generate revenues at the expense of their users or collect their data and sell it off. So you really want to be careful when it comes to free VPN.

Aside from these shortfalls we have pinpointed, free VPN just doesn’t perform great, they are annoyingly slow in data transfer, the apps are usually bombarded with ads and the amount of data you have access to is very limited.  This is not to make you discouraged as you can still find a few free VPN services that respect the privacy of their users and still offer safety promises.

The main reason free VPN don’t deliver great performance is that most times, the agencies that run this software do so on miniature budgets, so you can’t expect to get anything better yourself.

What’s in a VPN?

Basically, a good VPN must be able to deliver to users:

  • Privacy
  • Super – Secured
  • Very reliable
  • Unlimited data
  • Full-functional
  • Stable
  • User-friendly
  • Super-fast
  • Torrenting
  • Streaming
  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Pricing
  • First-hand support

Best Free VPN

Vpn For Home Security, Vpn For Android

Just for you, we will be listing the best Free VPNs you can use in 2021. This list may not be the most perfect, but all of the VPNs here are have been tested by us and they are all good enough for basic functionality, though they mostly come with limitations in data, speed, data transfer, and server locations available to use.

  • ProtonVPN

Some impressive features of the Proton VPN include; It is rated as one of the best free VPN in terms of security, According to reports it runs on military-grade encryption has no data cap, and a reliable kill switch.

You can make use of the VPN across most platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. It’s a reliable free VPN choice when it comes to privacy and security concerns when using free VPN.

There are some shortfalls, for example, you cannot torrent with the ProtonVPN, and also streaming with it, is kind of very slow, no extra security features like those available on paid versions, limited server locations to pick from, and you are only allowed on device on your ProtonVPN account.

If you feel you need more features you can upgrade your VPN to premium at $3.29/month and have access to all the interesting and user-friendly premium features such as  800 server locations in over 50 countries, unblock major subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix USA, super fast for streaming and torrenting, extra security features and more.

  • AtlasVPN

Atlas is another free VPN service that is defining the best free VPN for torrenting and streaming online and offering security and privacy basics, it may interest you to know that P2P is also allowed and the VPN service delivers acceptable functionality for streaming HD videos, the more you can do with Atlas VPN is unlock Netflix Netherlands and the USA and I think that is a whole handful of feature for any free VPN.

The Atlas VPN also thrives on military-grade encryption of AES 256-bit and other reliable security protocols. Altas VPN is available on iOS, Android, and recent Window application.

However, it may not be as strong as the ProtonVPN. You can upgrade to the paid version to enjoy more features for a little less than $12 per month.

  • Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is a Canadian-based VPN service provider.

Reports have it that Windscribe has received more than 30 law enforcement data requests but had nothing to give, when it comes to privacy and security, it’s possibly the best to turn to in 2021. The free version comes with premium security features such as:

  • Kill Switch
  • Stealth Mode
  • Use mobile as Wi-Fi hotspot and
  • Ad Blocking
  • Leak protection
  • TIme Zoning Spoofing
  • Multi-hop

Certainly, Wao! It’s the most impressive features I’ve seen in a free VPN. Interestingly you can use the service across multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Kodi.

However, on the free version, you can sometimes experience unreliable connectivity, you can torrent with a limited data cap of 10GB monthly. So, if you are in Nigeria and you are looking for a free and reliable free VPN to make use of, here is it, I have been using it for months myself and it delivers great.

Avoid these Free VPNs

  • HolaVPN
  • TurboVPN
  • BetterNet

Best VPNs for Windows

You can no more rely on the windows security features owing to the number of data breach reports per year on the Windows OS. A good VPN is a brilliant way to strengthen your privacy and security when using the internet. It hides your device IP and further encrypts your network traffic against a breach.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a premium VPN with lots of interesting security features and a low price point starting at NGN800 per month, it is one of the cheapest VPN in 2021.

Moreover, Surfshark allows connecting unlimited devices simultaneously, which means you can have your mobile phone, Windows PC all secured and connects privately to the internet. The VPN is not only very fast it is also an impressive choice for streaming and torrenting.

It also has a camouflage mode making it possible to make use of the VPN in internet-censored countries like China and Iran.

The best VPN service provider in 2021 goes to NordVPN, it is super-fast, keeps a no-logs policy so users can be rest assured of full anonymity when using the service.

NordVPN also thrives on advanced security protocols such as double VPN from more than 5600 servers, overall, it is the best VPN service for Windows PC starting at around NGN1500 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee*.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a premium VPN with lots of interesting security features and a low price point starting at NGN800 per month, it is one of the cheapest VPN in 2021.

Moreover, Surfshark allows connecting unlimited devices simultaneously, which means you can have your mobile phone, Windows PC all secured and connects privately to the internet. The VPN is not only very fast it is also an impressive choice for streaming and torrenting.

It also has a camouflage mode making it possible to make use of the VPN in internet-censored countries like China and Iran.


VyprVPN is a feature-packed VPN software for Windows PC that provides plenty of security features. It thrives on the custom-made blocking technology Chameleon Protocol and can be used in Countries like Iran and China where Internet usage is largely censored and partly restricted.

You can stream and torrent, however, you can have your account nulled if you’re reported for copyright infringement, it starts at $2.5 per month but with no anonymous payment option, you’re only allowed to pay with Paypal or Credit card.


If you are looking for a VPN that has a Nigerian server, then most of the VPN services listed here can offer you a Nigerian IP Address to browse the internet privately from any part of the world.

What are some VPN that gives free data in Nigeria?

Windscribe is what I currently use in Nigeria mainly to surf the web, you have 10GB free monthly data, the app runs well, and allows you to use IP addresses from multiple locations.

What is the best VPN for Facebook in Nigeria?

All of the VPN we recommend on this page will work just well for using Facebook account privately.


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