In today’s guide, our point of consideration is the list of the best non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria today and their prices. We shall be basing our research on two of the best online wine retailers in Nigeria; drinks. ng and Winehousenigeria .com.

Nigerians are very friendly people and they love to party, who doesn’t? This explains why the demand for wine keeps rising every year in the country. Basically, Nigerians love to take wines, mostly alcoholic, but there’s a large number of people in Nigeria that don’t like to take alcoholic wine, probably for personal reasons or faith-based decisions, either way, wines are everywhere in Nigeria.

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Our attention goes majorly to non-alcoholic wines, since there are not too many good ones, or maybe not as popular as the alcoholic wines.

It’s why we decide to make a list of some of the best non-alcoholic wines you can order on the shelves in major stores and supermarkets in Nigeria.

Alcohol-Free Wine in Nigeria

In public functions and Events, non-alcoholic wines are made available for guests who may not like to take alcoholic wines. In the next few lines below, we will highlight some of these wines, and give you some more information such as prices fruit contents of the wine, makers and more.

1. Chamdor

Made from the highest quality grapes, Chamdor is 100% alcohol-free quality wine with premium taste, it’s smooth, refreshing owing to its flavour and aromas from grapes and other tropical fruits. Chamdor is Currently rated as one of the best selling non-alcoholic wines in Nigeria today, Your guest will love this one.

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Chamdor Wine Price starts from N15,000 per 12 bottles in Nigeria.

2. J & W wine

J & W wine is a reliable wine alternative for non-drinkers, it’s referred to as one of the oldest available non-alcoholic wines in the country. It comes in different varieties, at affordable prices, and delivers overall great quality. It contains some irresistible classic flavours from tropical fruits, you will love the lightness and the fact that it’s significantly sweetened.

J & W wine sparkling premium red grape wine  Price starts from N20,000 per 12 bottles in Nigeria.

3. Bosca Toselli

Toselli is another alcohol-remove authentic sparkling wine, if you’re looking for something bubbly interesting, and dry as a non-drinker, the Italian-made Bosca is a great choice. So sit back and enjoy the hidden and soothing flavour of this wine.

Bosca Toselli Spumante non-alcoholic wine Price starts from N17,000 per 12 bottles.

Macneill’s is bubbling and properly aerated 100% alcohol-free red grape wine. A great substitute if you need a red bottle that’s alcohol-free, suitable for all events and get-together.

Macnelli’s sparkling red grape wine price starts from N16,000 per 12 bottles.

5. Eva wine

Eva is one of the most popular non-alcoholic sparkling grape wines available in Nigeria. The Spanish-manufactured wine is regarded as having no alcohol and purely made from red grapefruit with no sugar, sweetener or preservative added.

Eva sparkling sweet apple wine’s Price starts from N14,000 per 12 bottles in Nigeria.

6. Don Morris

An alcohol-free wine with a pleasant aroma, sweet flavour in a sparkling crisp finish. Don Morris is made of red grape juice concentrate with no sugar and preservative agents.

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If you want an unapologetic drink experience without getting intoxicated, this is definitely a great choice for non-drinkers.

Don Morris comes in tens of varieties with the least expensive Don King starting at N22,000 per 12 bottles.

7. Pure Heaven

Pure heaven is a great choice for big Winos, it’s a premium alcohol-free sparkling grape juice wine concentrate. It’s a great option to share with your non-drinking friends on any event or occasion.

8. Toma wine

One of the greatest picks, if you’re looking for a wine with 0% alcohol, is Toma wine. The sparking red grape wine comes in two main varieties namely Toma premium and Toma classic with slightly different price tags.

It tastes great when chilled and that makes it a solid choice for your occasion and events.

9. Rendezvouz wine

This is another satisfying 0% alcohol wine suitable for all types of celebrations. It’s crisp, fruity, and tastes better when left to chill a little. The Rendezvouz wine is available in different flavours.

10. Festillant Ice, Rose.

Festillant wine is a bright and refreshing choice when the situation calls for sparkling wine without alcohol. You don’t have to miss out on everyone’s favorite summer sip as a non-drinker with the Festillant Ice or Rose you’re occasion can be a memorable one.


As far as sparkling wine is concerned in Nigeria J & Wine and Chamdor takes the cake.

That’s our list of best non-alcoholic wines available in Nigeria today, we really do hope you’re able to find wine(s) that you keep coming for years.

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