Best Websites To Watch Anime Series Online

Have you ever tried searching for an anime movie or series and couldn’t find it in your favorite anime streaming sites? This is because they’re currently over 13000 anime series out there, and it’s quite difficult for a single streaming site to have it all.

Sometimes it could be that the anime you’re looking for can’t normally be accessed and/or published by the so-called popular streaming sites you’re currently using doesn’t have access to it because of one copyright issue or the other.

Sites to Stream Anime in 2021

I have put togther a list of anime streaming sites that are you can use to search for that favorite anime you want to watch. Some of these sites need a subscription, while others are free, some even allow downloading too.

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Netflix Anime Videos


No prices for guessing why Netflix comes first in my list. Netflix is the biggest streaming website out there. Although the company was founded in 1997, they added streaming services in 2007, over the years, they have been able to host a lot of anime series including original series like seven deadly sins. Standard streaming plans costs $12.99 and you get to add subtitles too.


  1. HULU

Hulu is streaming service based in the US, majority of its shares are owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-customer & International. By IMDb standards, it has the highest number of quality shows than any other streaming service out there.

It’s subscription plans are quite cheaper than Netflix, and they have some free trial packages you can try if it’ll be what you want.




This is a fairly popular website among anime lovers. It’s good you can actually use the website to watch anime for free, but if you’re not a premium subscriber, you should expect a lot of ads. Just like Hulu, they also have free trial packages to test if it’s the best option for you.

Another thing to let you know before using this site is that it requires Adobe Flash Player for streaming videos, so if you don’t have that installed on your PC, you should get it before using the site. It’s got other cool stuff like manga, news and forums to link up with other anime lovers.




This is another safe website that has a bunch of anime series to choose from. However, it’s infamous for it’s annoying ads popping up everywhere.

Then again if a website is going to be free, Anime someone has got to pay for those videos, so I really don’t have a problem skipping a couple of ads before I watch an episode.



This is also a free website for watching anime. The website also has cool add-ons like anime soundtracks and manga. Unlike Crunchyroll or KissAnime, the ads displayed isn’t that much so it’s manageable.


  1. TWIST

This is an awesome site to use! It’s not only free, it has zero ads and the interface is very simple and neat. There’s a chat and comment section by the side when you log in, you can choose to filter the people who you get messages from and all other things.

I feel the only downside is that they don’t have a page for manga, so I have to always go elsewhere to find the manga of a series.




The main reason this site gets my recommendation is because of its user interface. The dark layout and grid view is excellent.

Unlike Twist, you can see preview images of the anime you’re about to click and watch. You can sort the way videos are displayed with criteria like; title, score rating, type or status (completed or ongoing).

The website covers over 42 different genres, so if you’re looking for sites to try out new genres, be sure to add this to your list.


  1. 4ANIME

At first, when I learned about this website from a friend, I thought it was just a clone of 9anime, I was wrong. Unlike 9anime, this is totally free of ads both in the desktop and mobile versions of the website.

The only slight problem you might get with using this website is the fact that you might not find older animes, it focuses on posting new animes. Unlike some of the others I’ve mentioned before, you can search for animes using genre combinations.



AK as they like to call it is a fast ads-free and HD anime website. Well, the ads-free part is subject to change, when the target for monthly donation is looking like what’s not achievable, they run a bunch of ads on the site to sort things out.

They didn’t lie about the “fast” part it though,  they upload to their site as soon as there is news of an official release of an episode is out.


  1. SAIKO


This particular site is amazing! It’s really clean with organized grid homepage categories like recent episodes, trending anime, all-time trending anime, recently added, random episodes (showing four episodes to pick from at a time), and some other cool categories.

You can search for animes using genre, it’s got a chat feed and forum do you can log in to connect with other viewers. I should also add, they’re super fast when it comes to ads, it’s free, and there are no ads

Most of the streaming sites I’ve listed out are free to use, but I said earlier, someone has got to pay for those videos one way or the other so if you have something to spare, always donate, these guys work round the satisfy our anime cravings.

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