10 Best Payroll Software in Nigeria for small Business 2021

10 Best Payroll Software In Nigeria For Small Business

Finances are one of the essential considerations for the success of any organization. Although most financial considerations are exclusively internal, salary payment is one of the most necessary activities that should be given full attention.

Payroll is one of the largest single expense for most businesses, so proper and efficient management of business payroll is important.

The essence of payroll systems is to be able to calculate employee deductions before direct deposits are made or paychecks issued. It’s a complex task to want to do payroll manually in some cases it’s impossible because of several deductions such as tax, allowances, etc. The best way to go about this is to makes use of a payroll software to automate the process, this way you can do your payroll as quickly as possible and accurately too.

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Top Payroll Software in Nigeria

All startup companies are unique, so before choosing a payroll software business owners should consider essential factors such as the business size, available budget, and most especially the security and customer support of the payroll software provider.

1. Payday NG

This software makes the tasks of Human Resource stress-free. paydayNG Payroll software assists owners and managers of small businesses to execute tax-related activities, payroll, and deductions.

It can also be used to monitor all financial activities of employees in the organization.

One of the outstanding features of PayDayNG is its role-based privilege system that allows for easy set up for employee authority and roles, also it provides a unique dashboard for every employee and manager and contains the data of the person.

2. Sage One Payroll

Since it was rolled out for public use in July 2017 has been one of the best payroll software for small businesses.

This payroll software consistently merges with its general accounting functionality to give start-up and small business owners a full business solution.

Sage is a cloud-hosted solution, so it is available for use at every time of the day from any device. With this smart online payroll software, business owners can easily calculate the net salaries of employees, calculate the exact wages of pay-as-your-earn staff, it allows the business owner to see their profits and deductions.

It can also be automated to make payments like Life Insurance, Pensions, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and the National Housing Fund (NHF) of all registered employees.


TAMS is a biometric solution that is based on the cloud for easy access, this Payroll software has a bouquet of human resource management services.

TAMS is versatile and provides several user-friendly options for program configuration to meet your business need.

The user can set up an unlimited number of deductions and designate frequency and taxability for each deduction.

This software is compatible with almost all types of employee benefits, contributions, and loan plans.

Since TAMS is cloud-based software, all employees can use their username and password to easily sign into the system.

Irrespective of the device they are using, web pages that they have unrestricted access to will be made available to for self-service functions.

4. Primepayroll

This is a cloud-based human resource administration and payroll software for startup and small businesses.

Irrespective of how small a business is, business owners face human resource and payroll tasks in the daily management of their business organization.

Additionally, the basic cost of buying and setting up regular payroll systems along with the necessary infrastructure setup can be financially daunting and not encouraging.

PrimePayroll can handle the human resources management and payroll, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to grown your business.

This payroll software is efficient, easy to use, and secure with zero upfront cost. This software is always accessible from any location provided; there is internet-enabled devices.

5. TalentBase

TalentBase is one of the best payroll platforms for African startup businesses. This financial solution software assists business owners and managers to easily add wages, bonuses, and other contractual deductions to the platform.

You can also make direct payments to your employee bank accounts from your bank account. In addition to the payroll function of TalentBase, one of the most outstanding features of this software is its tax automation for easy calculation and payment of your Pay-as-You-Earn employees, the management of expenses for all employees and management of employee leave.

6. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most popular feature-packed payroll software in the world right now, this it owes to it’s numerous features such data migration, all through the year bookeeping. The payroll software also have other impressive features that aids simple accounting tasks such as mileage tracking, generating receipts and organising invoices, also you can completely integrate the software with QuickBooks POS system.

7. Zenefits

Zenefits remains one of the most feature-rich payroll systems in 2021, It comes packed with all of the basic features you’d expect to see in a modern-ay payroll software solution. It comes in very reasonable pricing and package, you also you also get 2 weeks free trial to get to see some the features before eventually paying for the real thing.

8. Gusto

Gusto is arguably the best payroll software today, and had been reviewed as one of the best payroll software by top business experts in the world. The payroll software is very diverse and intuitive that users can take total control of their payroll administration. The software is cloud-based making it possible to use the software across platforms be it on mobile, PC or tablet from anywhere, employees are given lifetime access to their payroll records making it possible for them to access ast records even after they left the company. Other impressive features of the software is the ability to integrate the software with time tracking tools such as when I work and T-sheet.


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