Yes there are packers, relocators and mover companies in Nigeria.

If you are Organizing a move soon and you are looking for reliable moving companies in any part of Nigeria; be it Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja or any other states in the country. There are professional moving companies that will give you a stress-free relocation, may inter or intrastate.

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Before you check out the moving companies, there are a few tips I want to give you especially those who will be using the packer companies for the first time.

1. The fact remains that, at one point in time our lives, we need to deal with relocation, I am not trying to scare you, but definitely it is not simple if you’ve never done it.

That’s why we recommend that you use companies that specialises in packing and moving properties for people. You may be wondering at this point how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

It is not a big deal finding the Ideal moving company that will suit your relocating need, if you can follow the simple rules and ideas giving here.

I can’t overemphasis that you need to hire the right company, in the course relocating or packing, you don’t want to deal with the extra headache of worrying about the preservation of your properties, Finding the right agency to entrust your move to means saving a good amount of stress, both physically and mentally.

The first golden rule that you will absolutely have to follow in your research, is to contact a removal agency and get some quotes, and talk about what are your main needs.

This way you can start to get an idea of what you like and what you prefer to avoid.

But what are the attitudes you should possibly be wary of?

Despite the fact that the moving business is a budding sector in Nigeria, it constantly growing every day and there are many new faces coming into the moving business in Nigeria. This brings the idea that you need to patiently find the company that will be able to satisfactorily attend to your packing needs.

You will need to first map out a list of items to be moved before concluding on any contract, It is when the moving company have a fairly accurate list of things to transfer will traders be able to assess the actual volumes to be moved and bring you a truly realistic estimate/quote.

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Quotes made unclear and without answering all your questions are to be discarded, as well as those in which not all the services that will be offered to you are specified. You may, in fact, face higher spending precisely because of the items not included in the budget, so be sure to get your needs right and at the same time the solutions being offered.

Never trust only a price too low. It could be due to the absence of some important features. It is essential that you best compare the services offered.

For example, are the paperwork for the removal agency responsible for and are included in the price? Or
what are the guaranteed packaging or the means available to the company to get the job done? Are the services offered complete or partial? You should know that in the case of a partial movement, you will only be provided with the necessary equipment to move.

Many times at a particularly low price do not correspond many services of which, perhaps, you may have the need. In the budget phase, therefore, be very clear in specifying what are your needs and do not leave out any details.
It’s a good idea to ask yourself all the questions you want to ask, and when you’re done, you’ll need to have clear ideas.

Why you should use a moving company in Nigeria?

For a very organized and less stressful relocation, another golden rule is to avoid last-minute solutions. You should start making quotes and contacting the removal agency at least one month before the actual date the move should be made.

In fact, if you start the search two months in advance it would be even better. You’ll have more time, you can comfortably compare quotes and avoid overstressing.

Not to mention the fact that many times, booking benefits well in advance can get a substantial discount on the standard price.
Once you have narrowed the circle of the companies considered, the advice is to verify that they are registered entities and can be reliable so you don’t fall into wrong hands and loose your hard-earned properties.

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Check that your companies are covered by insurance and that the most fragile items you have will be able to travel inside special containers to avoid accidental breakage. It is good that you make sure that the company has it.

Of course, the quote must also include the use of an aerial platform so that it can easily reach even the apartments on the upper floors.

After the choice that seems most correct to you, you will move from the quote to the actual contract.
A really serious moving company is particularly keen on this point, which is essential to confirm everything specified at the time of the quote.

conclusion of the move, all in goodwill with the best companies

Once you are sure about your choices of the packing company that seemed most appropriate to your needs, you can ease up as all the work will be done without you even realizing it.

You simply have to leave the apartment (or the house) to clear and enter, on a predetermined day, in the new apartment. Inside you will find all your furniture and the items for which you have prepared the move, placed exactly where you asked in the preliminary phase…

To recap, what are the absolutely essential aspects that you will have to take into account when choosing the ideal removal agency in Nigeria?

It is very important that you entrust the work to a serious and reliable company and you can realize this in full simply during the budget phase.

This document represents the most important phase of the entire move. It must contain as many details as possible and must be compiled in a clear and simple way.

Don’t forget to let you specify the actual timing of the work. They can go from a couple of hours (in case the move is to be made within the same city) to several days or weeks (in case it is international or intercontinental removals).

Assembly and dismantling of the furniture, then, are normally the responsibility of the agency. In some cases, however, the discourse does not apply, especially when it comes to complex furniture or the kitchen.

Since the removal agency needs more expertise, it is necessary for the removal agency to have the staff capable of taking on this task. This information will also be included in the budget as it could affect the final cost.

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One last piece of advice is to not trust word of mouth with family and friends right away. Removals are important operations and very often take a different turn from subject to subject even using the same company. The best way to avoid inconvenience, as we have told you several times, is the quote..

Requesting to see the Truck or Carriage to move your Properties is also not a bad idea. After all customers’ always right…

Bluehedge Relocators is located at Suite 205/232, Block H, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC Lekki, Lagos. Their phone numbers are 0817 776 6123, 0817 776 6124, 0817 776 6125. You can put a call through to them for a stress-free relocation process.

Eficaz Movers is situated at No 31 Kusenla Road, Ikate, Eti Osa, Lagos Nigeria. Their phone numbers are 0810 885 7952, 0905 831 9965, 0708 207 5018. You can reach out to them for standard moving services.

Instant Pack is a packing and relocating service based in Lagos Nigeria, their office address is at No 12 Olubanru Street, Isashi Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. Their phone numbers are 0909 036 2513, 0808 839 2166. If you need expert moving and reliable packing teams you can put a call through to them, they can help with home and office moves.

Joe Etoniru Relocators have their office at Plot 30, Olawale Cole Onitiri Avenue, Lekki, Lagos. Their official phone numbers are 0808 216 3583, 0802 575 2187. Call them for cost-effective relocation and moving services anywhere within the country.

Kelx Movers can be found at Dopemu Garage, beside Dopemu Market, Dopemu, Agege, Lagos. Their phone numbers are 0806 224 9993, 0815 197 9997. They deal in both residential moving and corporate moving needs.

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