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There are hundreds of scholarship schemes to which Nigerian graduates pursuing Masters’ degrees can apply. Whereas some of these scholarships reward winners with specific sums of money, several others offer to help the winners shoulder significant portions of their tuition fees.

It is worthy of note that some Masters’ scholarships qualify their winners for free academic programmes into specific institutions while certain others reward them with cash prizes with which they can enroll into the institutions of their choice. Helpfully, this article provides a list of the 10 top Masters’ scholarships for Nigerian graduates in 2020. Essentially, most of these scholarships are available to students pursuing degrees at BSc, Masters and PhD levels while only few of them are exclusively for enrolment into Masters-specific programmes.

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Voice Talent Online Scholarship (2020-2021)

This scholarship scheme challenges students pursuing Masters, BSc or PhD degrees to engage in a writing competition. While this scholarship was initiated in 2018, it requires applicants to submit blog posts (with the count of 300-600 words) on either of the two focus areas (i) Talking the Lingo: Why You Must Go Local for Global Success, and (ii) Robot vs. Human –Voice and Consumer Behaviour. Winners of this scholarship get a cash prize of $1000.

Essay Writing Scholarship for Student

This scholarship is available to students enrolling into Masters’, PhD or BSc programmes. Regarded as an all-inclusive scheme, it rewards winners with a cash prize worth $2500. Sustainiability Scholarship

This is a scholarship exclusively for students at Masters’ level. The scholarship organizers claim they are committed to encouraging students whose research and job placements can positively impact on the world in future. Winners of this scholarship get a sum of 5000 euros.

Richard E. Morley Industrial Automation Scholarship

With its reward in the form of 20% decrease on winners’ entire tuition fees, this scholarship is available to students at Masters’ and BSc levels. The conditions for eligibility, as spelt out by the organizers, are going beyond the proficiency benchmark for English language and being a beginner student of Master of Engineering (studying Industrial Automation) or BSc student (studying Industrial Automation Engineering).

IELTS Exam Fee Waiver Scholarship

This scholarship is known for receiving an estimate of 5 million applicants from over 100 countries. A fully funded scholarship, IELTS Exam Fee Waiver Scholarship encourages students at BSc, PhD and Masters’ levels to obtain IELTS certifications which should avail them more academic opportunities.

The Katoni Scholarship –Supporting Cultural Projects

Available to students at BSc, Masters and PhD levels, the Katoni scholarship is a yearly support scheme that rewards its winners with DKK 10,000. The scholarship is aimed at providing students with financial assistance pertaining to their internships, occupations or education in a cultural framework encompassing traditions, arts, fashion, language, communications, etc.

$1500 Annual Essay Writing Contest Scholarship

Considered another academic opportunity for students pursuing PhD, Masters or BSc degrees, this scholarship is an annual support scheme for students with the proficiency of essay writing. Under the auspices of, this scholarship rewards only two winners with cash prizes, wherein the 1st winner and the runner-up winner get $1000 and $500 respectively.

The Manchester Full-time MBA Scholarships

This involves a host of scholarships with cash prizes ranging from £10,000 to £44,000. Touting themselves as providers of merit-based scholarships, the organizers of this scholarship scheme render assistance to the “most talented MBA candidates”.

Scholarship for the Best Candidates –Kozminski University

Regarded as a form of academic support for students pursuing BSc or Masters degrees, this scholarship helps relevant applicants of Kozminski University with 56% of their semester tuition fees. As per eligibility, applicants are expected to obtain good results from three written subjects of their choice in the matriculation exam (matura).

Writing Contest Scholarship

This is a scholarship offering a reward in the form of a $2000 cash prize to its winner(s) who must have excelled in its writing competition. While the scholarship is available to students pursuing PhD, Masters or BSc degrees, its goals are encouraging students to enhance their writing proficiency and stimulating them to participate in examination success.


Notably, we have discussed only 10 top Masters’ scholarships available to Nigerian graduates in 2021. While there are many more scholarships of this kind, we can categorically affirm that the listed scholarships are valid as of 2021 and can be accessed by Nigerians pursuing Masters’ degrees.

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