10 Best Invoicing Software for Businesses in Nigeria 2021

Best Invoicing Software For Businesses In Nigeria

What are the best Invoicing software solutions in Nigeria for budding businesses? All business either startup or well-established that wants to grow needs the service of an experienced accountant to assist the business owner with some crucial business tasks such as billing, inventory, invoicing, and other accounting-based tasks.

Technology has reached even the most straightforward business processes, like issuing an invoice. That’s precisely what a billing program is made to do.

Hiring accounting personnel comes with some heavy cost for small businesses that are why most businesses prefer using online invoicing software to handle their accounting and invoicing tasks.

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The best solution for entrepreneurs to cut down on their cost is to o for a solution like Online invoicing software, it is easier to handle things and it is cost-effective for the entrepreneur or sole proprietor, especially the entrepreneur who does not have standard accounting and book management skills.

Advantages of Using Online Invoicing Software

  • It is efficient and very simple to handle
  • It automates things to save you time
  • It enhances the brand identity of the business
  • Online invoicing is more secure and transparent
  • It is affordable for the small business owner
  • It offers realtime access to all business transactions.
  • Payments and transaction are facilitated a lot faster than the regular invoicing method
  • With cloud storage, your business information is safe and accessible always

So if you run a startup or you are a budding entrepreneur or freelancer looking for a lot more cheaper solution to handle your business and accounting operations, you have come to the right page.

We have done the heavy lifting for you by reviewing which are some of the best online invoicing software that you can integrate perfectly and seamlessly into your business operations.

Before choosing any billing software, you should ensure that the program provider can provide personalized technical attention 24/7


This is one of the few online invoicing software that has no hidden charges, no annoying pop-up adverts, and it is 100% free to use.

RealiaBills can be used on any type of business to create a customizable, professional, unlimited, and personalized invoice in just seconds.

Businesses can use ReliaBills invoicing software to receive instant payment from clients through your website or via the phone, you can also send due payment reminders to your customers, card error notifications etc.

It also has a client interface that allows your customers to check payment history, manage their information, automate payment, view invoices and lots more.


This app is built with complete invoicing and billing software to serve as a business tool for entrepreneurs to receive payments from clients without much stress. The tool helps you to have a clearer understanding of your income as well as expenses.

Almost everything can be tracked, much more you can also integrate the tool into other business solutions like payment and payroll made available by the software providers at WaveApps.

It’s also a cloud-based invoicing system that makes it possible to automate things like recurring billing so you can avoid spending time trying to manage the whole invoicing process. The tool basically takes away the pain of accounting and invoicing for a growing business.

The tool does smartly leverages simple and friendly user interface with smart business solutions that automatically sums up your invoices into your financial tracking.


This is the top online invoicing software in Nigeria for small businesses and large businesses as well. InvoiceNg is the most used software because it can be suitable for startups and entrepreneurs.

It has proven to be the one of the very best online invoicing solution due to its numerous features, it has the fundamental financial basics to give the best experience to both the business owner and their customers.

It is really easy to use so having wide financial expertise is not required to efficiently use this invoicing software.

One of its noteworthy features is the possibility to collaborate with other users, there’s also collaboration for third-party users like contractors.

More Features of Invoice NG

  • superfast payment
  • Transactions can be initiated automatically
  • Client reminder about due dates and deadlines
  • Helps you grow your revenue
  • Easier business financing
  • Easy integration with your business app or website
  • Simplified client billing
  • A smart way to cut more deals
  • Free customizable and eye-catching invoice templates
  • Multi-channel invoicing system, Email, SMS etc
  • No more waiting for a cheque


Sage One is one of the most-used accounting software globally, there are no fewer than 3 million firms using the solution to run their businesses. In some countries, the accounting software is known as Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

In addition to basic accounting functions, Sage One also functions with other different billing and invoicing applications. It’s easily the top choice of any list with an easy-to-use design at cost-effective rates.


Zoho invoicing software to make invoices online, it also gives you the possibility to control the products and services offered by the company.

In addition, we will be able to manage the relationships with our customers and suppliers in one place in a simple way and also seamlessly integrates with other Zoho apps and services like email and marketing tools.

There is the option to create quotations, invoices and all kinds of documents related to the management of the business.

The software is made easy for use especially for freelancers and independent professionals. It allows you to keep complete control of your expenses, sales, revenue, customers, suppliers … and create professional invoices easily.


The cloud-based invoice-making software is focused on meeting the billing and accounting needs of small businesses and freelancers and has been an option for more than 100,000 businesses across the globe.

With an extremely simple operation, Debitoor will save you a lot of time in the creation of invoices thanks to its customizable templates.

In addition, you can access the system with your mobile to be able to control all the movements of the company and create invoices instantly without the need to use a computer.

It allows you to easily manage the billing of SMEs: invoices, collections, transfers, products, sales, and purchases. It also generates complete reports that you can export to PDF, XLS and ODS formats.


Create simple and effective invoices for professional purposes easily, receive payments and track invoices using the new Flutterwave invoicing service.

The service is very cost-effective and also runs on transparent pricing. For all businesses in different regions, Flutterwave offers simple, affordable, transparent pricing and diverse payment methods to suit your business no matter the location.


FreshBooks is one of the top cloud-based accounting platforms for small scale businesses, sole proprietors and freelancers. FreshBooks’ invoicing feature allows you to generate professional invoices in just a few seconds. For those who still see g – billing as a thing, FreshBooks can help you generate a professional invoice in a just few minutes.

Freshbook is available in three different plans, for example, the Lite is for $15 per month, The plus plan for $25 per month and the premium with the most feature for $50 per month.

FreshBooks also comes with the automated reminder feature that helps remind your clients and customers about their invoice, it is also possible to set up recurring invoices on the accounting app.

Many users have found Freshbook stand out from other accounting software of its kind due to its effective customer support. Other interesting features are accepting credit cards, tracking expenses, and billing schedules.


Xero is an online alternative invoicing solution to QuickBooks founded in 2006. It features a stylish, extremely simple-to-use functionality and came complete with billing and payroll, payment processing, tracking, schedule tracking features. Xero can also be integrated with other third-party apps such as Salesforce, Shopify, and Base CRM.


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